Thursday, August 27, 2015

Hitting the beach for a day of fun, with a packed picnic lunch and heading to Jolly Pasta for dinner later that night...

Two days after getting back from Guam, Thursday, August 13th, the kids and I cruised to Costco Chiba New Town to pick up a rotisserie chicken and some provolone cheese and dinner rolls, so we would have lunch stuff for the next day, when our family would be hitting the waterpark! Because it was during Obon, Costco was so extremely packed, it was near impossible to get around with your cart. It was like, we all were all packed like sardines in there! Also, it was 10:30am, the store just opened 30 minutes earlier and the roasted chickens were sold out! And new ones would not be ready for an hour, so we had to wait. So, I went and checked out at the register with this stuff. Yay, they finally restocked the pasta sauce, as you know, and I bought a pack a week or two earlier, but just in be safe, I bought another 3 pack. I threw all this in my car, since we had the time and then we had lunch to kill a bit more time. After we all had lunch, the kids and I then walked sans cart, through Costco again and we made a line to get a rotisserie chicken. We picked up our chicken and went and paid and went home. Next story.... I am fair and burn, so I am always very paranoid/worried about running out of sunscreen, If you've ever had a very painful sunburn, you'll understand why I am really worried about running out of sunscreen. Hahaha. : ) 

Since, I ever stepped foot in Japan, my mother in law and sister in law K, have always recommended me to use Shiseido Anessa. And I have always used it. However, back in February of this year, Costco Japan had a 2 pack of Allie by Kanebo for sale, a huge 2 pack at $10 bucks cheaper. And me being frugal and loving a good deal, I bought that. Because, they are the rival for Shiseido Anessa. Must be the same, right? Wrong! Since February, since I have used Allie, my face coloring has changed 1 shade darker and I have never switched foundations shades ever, but as you know, I had to, for the first time in July, while in Hawaii. And Noah's face also got a shade darker with using Allie, I noticed. Again, I have no scientific facts or anything, but the eyeballs don't lie and the fact I had to switch foundation shades is a huge sign. But considering we both got actually darker while using the Allie sunscreen. I think it doesn't work! Like, doesn't work at all, at all! Would never rec anyone to buy the Allie. I regret buying the Allie by Kanebo and for saving $10 bucks, it wasn't worth it! I am back to Anessa by Shisedo, for our family's faces. And, I buy a cheap one always for our bodies. Pictured to the right. 
August 14th, Friday, we are now at the beach. I had rubbed every one's face down with Anessa at the house before we left (both the kids and mine). Noboru doesn't want to use anything on his face still. Which is fine, I guess. And I brought 4 with us, to the beach for reapplication every couple hours. Branden won't burn, he's lucky, but I still have him wear it, at least once (he usually won't let me reapply it to him twice though). But Noah and I, are not so lucky, and will and can burn right up to a crisp. So we both really need sunscreen to be reapplied throughout the day. And for what it's worth, I still have about 1/4 of the last Allie tube of sunscreen but I didn't bring it to the beach because frankly...I highly doubt it would protect us from anything at all. A real useless sunscreen, that Allie one! The 2 on the left are for our bodies. The 2 on the right are for our faces. 
This picture was taken at 10:17am, Friday, August 14th. Our original plan was to head to the water park. We get free tickets from Noboru's work. However, when we arrived it was *so* full. Like mind blowing full! Definitely Obon crowds! Like we could see through the fence, there was no place to even pitch your tent. We were like...this is the inaka...this looks more like a waterpark in Tokyo though, with all the hoards of people! We know what, if we go to the waterpark, we'll probably have a miserable time, because there's no space. So we said...the beach is 2 minutes away, let's hit the beach instead. So, we went to the beach and it was dead! Not many people at all. 

Considering this was during Obon. This beach was dead. Barely any people and it was awesome! We made the right choice coming here. Versus being in a pool with so many folks, we'd be crammed like sardines. 

A wider picture. Yes, barely any people at all. How was the weather? It was hot! But it was gray overcast all day long. But didn't rain at all. 

This was my first time ever swimming at a Japanese beach before. First time for the kids too. Noboru hadn't been to a Japanese beach, since he was 14 years old, somewhere around there. It smells different then the beaches in Guam and Hawaii. Smells sort of like seaweed and the water is like way saltier. The sand is dark gray and not beautiful and white and fluffy like we see in Guam and Hawaii. But you know what? Who cares! We loved being at the beach in Japan! It was so fun! And we swam and played our hearts out! We chatted with folks near us! And at lunch we talked among ourselves and wondered...why on earth have we waited this long to go and play at a Japanese beach? Japanese beaches may not be gorgeous like Guam or Hawaiian beaches are...but they're just as fun! We will be going much more next year! Yeah...weird how sometimes...a full waterpark...means you discover something new...and really cool too! : ) 

The boys jumped and frolicked in the waves!

Look at that smile on Bran! 

We 4 played as a family all day long! We stayed until 3:30pm. Because we wanted to go home and shower before heading out to dinner. 

A happy family enjoying our summer! When life gives you lemons! When the water parks full, never fear...have a plan B and head to the beach and carry on, with the fun! It works for us, because we all have really super laid back attitudes and we can roll with pretty much anything! : )

The lifeguards called everyone to get out of the ocean for an hour, because they wanted to make sure nobody had drowned, so they did a check, this was at 12 noon. Which was fine, a perfect time for our picnic lunch! The lifeguards though had very interesting swim caps. To us, they looked more like the "Hot Dog on a Stick" hats, the girls wear, they were red and yellow stiped. And it was all tied under his neck area. The 4 of us were all checking out his interesting swimming cap. : ) 

Our cooler, with lunch inside. 

These are perfect size because sometimes while playing, you just might want a tiny snack, maybe not a full blown sandwich. So, you can eat as many as you need. And we had chips and custard cakes too. And I packed a good amount of drinks, as well. And tissues for anyone needing to wipe their hands or blow their nose.

And, of course, I know.... don't laugh but, I am a really... think ahead type of girl. And so I made sure I brought a clip for the chips, in case we needed one. Always be prepared, I say! : )

We ate and we chatted and we wondered how everyone at the waterpark was doing with.... about a billion people all crammed into the same waterpark. Meanwhile...we were all nicely spread out. And had tons of space and room here! : ) 
Area pic! Truly as you can see, this particular beach was so dead. This was a bit further down the road from the water park, the beach directly behind the waterpark had more people than this, but not too much...but we know this beach owned by the city and it's nice and very uncrowded. 

I'd say there were probably...if I were to take a guess...maybe 20 different families at the beach at the most! But we were, all so nicely spread out...the feeling was just really nice and we all had our own space. 

And after lunch and when everyone was allowed back in the ocean once again. Look at Noah and his very big happy smile! After lunch..every one's feeling all nice and full. And we're just wanting to have fun! 

Hi Bran...he was having a blast!

They would ride the waves in, on their inner tubes things. 

Look at those nice sized waves. Not too small, not too big. We didn't bring our boogie boards because we had no idea we would be hitting the beach! Hahaha. 

Bran, just riding the waves...and you can see 1 is about to carry him towards the beach.

You know you're loved... when a big wave hits you and your big brother catches your inner tube and stops/protects you from flipping upside down and taking a tumble! Aww. : )
Have a happy and amazing summer boys! That's my summer wish for you, every year!
After a full day at the beach, we all rinsed off the salt water off at the beach and we headed home. We unpacked our stuff. And I jumped in the shower first, because I take longest getting ready. And then the rest all took turns showering. I blow dried my hair and we hopped in the car and drove to our nearest Jolly Pasta, I didn't have a dot of makeup on and that's okay, I didn't need it and I was freshly showered and didn't want to put anything on my face. It's far-ish from where we live...but you know's summer and we had no place to go or to be. So we went for it! The drive was nice (about an hour). We arrived and we quickly ordered! We ordered 2 jalapeno pizzas, for us all to share. We all like spicy, in our family and they're not too overly hot anyways. And we all ordered pasta and a drink bar! 

Bran about to grab a slice of that delicious pizza. 

We all ordered the pasta with mozzarella cheese. It is so good. This was my meal.

Noah eating and enjoying his meal, listening to his brother talking! We just really enjoyed our meal. We talked all, about the fun we just had at the beach that day! About what a great summer it's been. Just light dinner conversation, nothing major. 

Noboru and Bran on that side of the table. Dinner was so delicious and the conversation was great. And the whole day at the beach and our picnic lunch! Friday, August 14th, was an amazing day! Such a fun day at the beach! : )