Friday, August 28, 2015

Going to the movies to see Jurassic World...

Going to the movies in Japan are expensive. Regular ticket prices are 1,800 yen (think around US $18 each person, at our nearest movie theater) students in elementary school and JHS and high school are just 1,000 yen, any day of the week though (which is still double the price of a Guam movie ticket, however this is Japan and so it is to be expected). However "members day" is every Tuesday and if you have a members card, which yes I do, you can get in for 1,100 yen (about $11 US) And on Wednesdays, it's ladies day, so it's just 1,100 yen for ladies that day too. So, you can go to the movies on cheaper days, but yes you really have to be smart in Japan which day you go, if you would like, to take your family to the movies. Noboru's work schedule was such that, he could not go with us. So, the kids and I decided to go Tuesday. And so Monday, the day beforehand. We went and bought our movie tickets, picked out which seat we'd like. And we went home. Comfortable knowing, we had the first showing of the next days... movie tickets purchased already and yes, the boys and I, were definitely hitting the movie the next day! Monday after supper, I popped some homemade popcorn on the stove, let it cool down some and then I packed it up, in this ziplock, pictured here. And I pulled out some chocolate bars, from the pantry. Put this stuff, in my big roomy Prada tote bag. And the next morning, we all got up nice and early and dressed and I drove us to the nearest movie theater, in the little city nearest us. : ) Jurassic World, here we come! : ) 
I have mentioned this once or twice before but, our specific nearest movie theater sells the worlds worst popcorn ever! As bad.. it could legit win a contest for world's worst popcorn. It's always so stale. As in days old. It's not even the slightest buttery in flavor or even lightly salted. Think along the lines of chewing on, "packing popcorn", something you'd pack a package with...and you'll know exactly what I mean. And the tiniest size is outrageously priced. I have been to other movie theaters in Japan...Ikspiari (popcorn is fine) Narita (again their popcorn is fine) would buy it from those places no problemo. But this specific not buy it. You'll be so upset about the taste. It's truly stale and tasteless. But again...we're not bad guys either and I do make sure to buy/purchase 2 large sodas and I also bought the boys a small caramel corn. So again, we are trying to buy something, I do understand they're trying to make a living too. But geeze louise, sell better popcorn, like the other places in Japan do. 

Oh funny thing! My fellow yakuin/PTA member from last year, who I called Mrs. Nice, because she is just honestly, so truly nice! She and her husband were in the movie theater that morning with us and we greeted each other and stuff. Her and her husband are both a pretty tall Japanese couple, they're both about 5 feet 10 inches tall easy, but again they're so genuinely nice, they always have really warm smiles on their faces. They have 2 very tall daughters, as well (7th grade and 9th grade). Anyway the boys and I went and found our seats and we sat down, for about 10 minutes waiting for the movie to start however.....just before they dimmed the lights, guess who walks into the English sound/audio with Japanese subtitles of Jurassic World, the same movie the kids and I were in...but Mrs. Nice and her husband. She waved at me again and I her.... and they sat in the row in front of us, but to the right. Not directly in front of us at all, but about 3 seats to the right of us but in the 1 row in front of us. How funny that we all must have had, the same exact idea about going to enjoy a movie on cheap movie day! : )  Anyway, Bran, Noah and myself all really enjoyed the movie Jurassic World, it was a really good movie, so glad we went and saw it! What a wonderful way, to spend one of our summer break days, by going to the movies! : )