Sunday, August 30, 2015

Getting the boys ready to go back to school...

Since we have been back from Hawaii, I have been trying to get the boys ready to go back to school, in small little bits and pieces. Versus having to do things, all in 1 fell swoop.  This picture here was, one of the last of the things, we did to make sure the boys were ready. This last Saturday, August 29th, we left the house, the 4 of us around 9am and at 10am we were in Chiba New Town already parked at the Sports Depot, to buy Noah a new pair of sneakers for school. We walked around the kids shoe section twice and we narrowed it down to 2 pairs we liked. So we had Noah try both of them on. 

The shiny plastic pair to our left is the Adidas pair and were 2,500 yen. And the pair to our right, is Asics and about $10 bucks more expensive. But they were just, way cuter on, then the other pair. 

Noboru, Bran and I voted for this pair! Noah agreed. The bright green Asics side logo. Just a very nice preppy shoe. And we picked a shoe in the next size up with a spare pinch of room to grow. Not too big a space granted, but enough for Noah's toes to be comfy and room to grow. : ) 

We thought these looked really cute on the display, but once on, they just looked cheap and really plastic-y. Sorry, gomen ne~ We all voted no, for this shoe. And so we put it back. Bye shoe...I am sure someone will like you and buy you, so fear not! : ) 

See, they are Asics, it says it on the little paper and they are brand new for the Fall and winter season 2015. Yeah..glad we went with this shoe, for sure. : ) 

We then had Noah try on both shoes, since we got rid of the other shoe. 

Noah liked them. And we did too. And we then went and checked out. This was the day of our housing community's summer festival, so we went and grabbed some lunch at Costco and since it was a weekend it was so packed, we ate our pizza slices in the car and we then drove back to our town for a backyard BBQ and then the summer festival later that night. But very happy knowing we had found and picked Noah's Fall sneakers. : ) 

Yep, the kids Asics division in Japan. 

Done and done! They now sit unworn and waiting in the genkan/entry way for September 1st for Noah to wear them to his first day of school. 
Every year Branden gets 2 new gym shirts and 1 new pair of shorts, to add to what, he already has. Branden's undokai is September 12th or something along those lines and Noah's, is the week after that. Names have been already sewn on his gym uniforms already and so Bran's ready!
New pair of inside shoes for Noah, I purchased these in July. In the size bigger then what he is wearing now. They're just like 300 yen, but I wanted to make sure Noah shows up to the first day of school with a brand new white pair. I just don't want either of the boys looking like raggamuffins. And they have both gotten fresh nice haircuts already too. Last Friday. 
These 2 pair of plaid pants came back last week fresh from the dry cleaners. But...but, the Fall/winter pair I had the length in those let out, by 3cm. The summer pair is the right length now and since Bran will be packing those away in about 3 weeks, it doesn't make sense or cents to have them lengthened too, because frankly...he might outgrow the length of those too, by next summer. So, the length in the summer pants was and is fine. But the Fall pair, I first took to the tailor in July, a day or two after we got back from Hawaii. The tailor is so fast, she had his Fall pants lengthened by the next day, so the next day, I had thrown 3 items of Bran's to the dry cleaners. These 2 pair of plaid pants, pictured got nicely dry cleaned. The dry cleaners take ages to get dry cleaned. They really take forever. So, it is so important to take them to the dry cleaners ASAP, when your JHS students goes on break. 

Not sure, if you can see, but this is 2 pair of plaid pants and 1 blazer. All JHS items for Branden.

I love the little coat of arms, on Branden's JHS blazer button. I'd have to say, out of all the JHS boys uniforms I've seen in Japan, I love our schools JHS's boys uniform best. They're really nice uniforms. : ) 

Three items freshly dry cleaned and one of the pair of pants lengthened at the tailor. But, it's safe to say, Branny Mc B is all ready for his second semester of school this year! New gym uniforms and fresh JHS uniform. He's ready! : ) 

Bran, needed new pens for school. And a new eraser. 

Bran uses mechanical pencils at school, however Noah uses regular pencils, so he needed some new pencil caps. These are pencil caps and if you live in Japan, you'll know or recognize these as a Japanese kids snack here in Japan. So Noah picked these pencil caps. : ) 

In America, you go to Target and buy a 20 pack of pencils that all look the same. Same with buying a huge pack of 30 pair of plain white socks. We're just simpler that way in the US. It's easier for us to do things in 1 fell swoop. Done and done. in Japan, kids want differently designed pencils, and same with the socks. In Japan, we buy socks with stars and maybe socks with squares or circles and in different varying colors to show...these socks are different and not the same pair I wore yesterday. It's hard to understand, if you don't live here. But, yep, Noah enjoyed picking out his different designs for his pencils. And he also picked up this eraser too. That way he can go back to school with new pencils, an eraser and new pencil caps. 

The kids and I bought these 2 weeks ago at the little drugstore in our town. : ) They all have name labels on them that I put on already, the pencils are sharpened and I made sure to pack both the boys pencils bags myself. Just so, I know, what's in there and what's not. I also had Noah sharpen a new red and blue pencil, kids in Japanese elementary schools new red/blue pencils. 

New glue, I always buy Noah a cute glue, but he was insisting to get this glue. He said all his classmates use this brand and he wants to use this brand too. Hey, no problem, I understand that. So, same glue as everyone else...check and check! : ) And I purchased a new gym hat for Noah but he won't be using it until the day of his sports day but, this way...I know it won't be sold out as undokai gets closer. They always sell out in our town, but this way, I bought it last week, so now we have one. : ) I have already tucked this away in Noah's school desk upstairs. 

Some hats you have to sew a name tag on...but this already has the name tag on there...which just makes my life easier. : ) 

I told the boys 2 weeks ago, please go through all your stuff and if you need any new notebook please tell me now or forever hold your peace. Again, in America we use all the same paper for every subject and class. However in Japan, you need a specific different notebook for each subject. How wide are the lines or squares, that type a thing. I also tell my boys even if it's half done, the notebook...let me know and we'll buy a spare NOW. Versus telling me at 7pm that you need a new notebook by the next day. kids have done that to me too. And considering our town drugstore closes at 7:30pm, @_@ and the grocery store doesn't carry stuff like this. just saves me the potential heart attack, to buy them in advance. Also 1 more interesting thing. See the 2 notebooks to the right, they're identical right? Yes they are. Here's the thing. Noah's teacher is very specific in that he wants that type of notebook with those set lines. However the only store in our actual town that sells school supplies does not...let me repeat does NOT carry that notebook. There are 40 kids in Noah's class or somewhere around there. If you should need a replacement you would have to get in your car and drive to the nearest city and buy it. It's only 90 yen for the notebook. But...getting it and tracking it down is the hard part. We did over summer break track said notebook down and knowing how hard it is to find it...I told Noah put 2 of those babies in the cart! We're not even taking the chance of running out of this sucker! Hahaha. I am quite sure, these 2 notebooks on the right will last until winter break. But have to be *really* careful with the notebooks here. It's not like America, where you just buy notebook paper college ruled or not. And every so often...on the weekend, on Sunday I will often ask the boys...if anyone needs a new school notebook, I can drive you to the store and you can pop inside the drugstore and grab what you need. I do that every so often too. But yep, I think we're all set for now. 

The notebook that's hard to find has lines, the one that our town drugstore sells, only sells the one with cubes/squares. @_@  I am sure it's giving other mom's/parents a hard time too. Anyway...the boys are all ready to start school tomorrow September 1st. We have been waking up at 7am the past week, to hopefully get us ready for tomorrow. Time-wise. But, in all honesty, I think we're all going to be so dead tired tomorrow. I will have to start waking up at 5:30am from tomorrow. Make lunch for Bran tomorrow, he needs a lunch (Noah gets out early tomorrow). However, they both need lunch the next day and so on. And while I have been good about waking up every morning the past 7 days at 7am, I am so not nearly ready, to start waking up at 5:30am. : ( I think it will take a week for us all to get used to the school schedule. And to get back into the swing of things.