Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Throwback Thursday...

Gee, I sure love Throwback Thursday. And I usually will put 2 pics on, 1 for each of the boys. But since I missed/skipped last week since we were in Hawaii, this weeks TBT, will be a tad extra long. This throwback, takes us back, to February 2007 and our family was off on the tiny tropical island of Saipan (near Guam) Our family has been to Saipan 2 or 3 times. While Guam is the bigger of the 2 islands. Guam is like the "gathering place" island, same as Oahu, versus the other islands, in HI. Same for the Marianas (where Guam and Saipan are located). Guam is the hustle and bustle and has many movie theaters, malls, it's definitely got a stronger American vibe. IHOP, Chili's. Frozen Yogurt, Cinnabon, Eggs N Things. Guam even has L&L Drive in (from Hawaii) There's tons to see and do. Where as Saipan has way fewer places to shop and not much else but beauty and relaxation to offer. And that can sometimes be a good thing. Saipan is perfect for relaxation and no shopping. Guam is where the action is. So when we do choose Saipan, it's with the understanding it will be strictly rest and relaxation. And that's what our family needed back in Feb 2007. : )  Noah was 1 year old and 7 months at the time. So he was just a little fella. : )  Branden was in yochien/kindy.  There's Noboru, papa walking the boys to spend the day in the many many fun pools the PIC (Pacific Islands Club) has to offer.
And another day, while on our way to the buffet for breakfast. We get the gold package while on Saipan and that provides us with breakfast, lunch and dinner at any of the many restaurants they have at the resort. They have a huge buffet, a pizza place, a steak house. Many good choices and a nice size conbini (convenience store) so you really don't need to ever leave the hotel. Although once or twice we did sight see. But the hotel there, is just too much fun to want to leave. : ) Noboru and Bran walking faster and while our toddling Noah was a tad slower, so I always walked sort of "book end" the kids. that way we kept a watchful eye on both kiddos. Not to worry dearest Noah, mama has her eyes on you. I've got your back, kiddo. : )

Noah's always been such a fantastic eater. With pancake bib, saying Breakfast Time. Yes, he was all ready for some breakfast action! Ready to try a few bites of waffle, a tiny silver dollar pancake, some crispy bacon, omelet on request/order, a half of hasbrown (we had them share one). In tiny portions yes, but we wanted him to sample different flavors, eat different fruits, some pastry. Gosh his hair was such a nice light brown color. And his eyebrows were like almost nonexistent. His eyebrows had the faintest outline of eyebrows but the hairs were like an almost blondish color. Noboru used to joke and kid and say...we should color in his eyebrows, hahaha. 
Branden was going to swimming school, however since he wasn't a super swimmer, since he was young, we wanted him in a life vest. Bran played all over and we played with him for days and days. He was the captain and we were his mateys. LOL. 

He went down the slides so many times, climbed on all the crabs and whatnot's daily. Went down the lazy river raft on inner tubes. Bran would crash fast to sleep every night because he played *so* super hard every day. Just too much fun. : ) 
My quiet one, my tender heart... I look at this picture and I remember this moment exactly...exactly. There was a kiddo about the same exact age as Noah and he was crying his head off, about 2 tables away and Noah didn't say anything, but he watched the other kiddo. I could see Noah's facial expression and eyes and he was really trying to figure that kid out. And at first, Noah was wondering if he should join and cry too? He didn't of course. We were waiting for our lunch. And we just spent many hours, since breakfast playing from pool to pool, from slide to slide, lazy river and after all that swimming we were so famished, we were so ready for lunch. So, Bran just sipped his soda and chatted non stop to Noboru and I and Noah just quietly chilled and checked out that very upset kiddo 2 tables away. Noah and that kid played in the toddler pool area, earlier so they were sorta toddler buds for that day, I think Noah was worried. Worried for his bud. Told ya, he's always been a worry wart. : )  Luckily Noah's fascination with the boy in distress... stopped as soon as our lunch arrived at our table.. then his attention diverted to our lunch and back to the happenings at our table. Aww, my little tender heart. : )

Noah and papa, chilling on the lazy river. : )
Family fun. We literally went on this probably 30 times each day, at least. It was just THAT fun.

Oh my precious angel baby. Look at that big smile on Noah's face. He would laugh and laugh. A total water baby, right from the start. Both of the boys, total water kids.  All we have ever wanted to do... is be able to provide our 2 boys with the best life we could give, with 2 solid parents and give them as many opportunities and love and our time... as we could give them. And just try and make some awesome memories together, year round. And I think we've done that, because they're good kids, real good kids. We must have done something, right. : )  Anyway that was this weeks Throwback Thursday, from our family, February 2007, in Saipan. : )