Thursday, July 16, 2015

Throwback Thursday...

This picture is date stamped, July 4th, 2007. Happy Birthday America! Anyway, the time this picture was taken was 1:54pm. So not quite 2 years old for Noah. But awfully close, since his birthday is July 7th. So an almost 2 year old Noah. Just enjoying Guam with his mama, daddy and big brother Branden. : )

My gorgeous and kind Noah.
And Branden's throwback actually has a date and time stamp, this time. May 13th, 2006 and the time was 9:13am. Place, Honolulu, Hawaii. Both the boys always grew up going to Hawaii and/or Guam, some of their earliest memories, is of them spending time there. And always grew up spending time at a beach. Water boys. Beachy boys. : )

Anyway, typhoon update. Nothing here yet. But today was super windy, all day today. A few sprinkles here or there. But no real rain, lasting over 5 minutes to speak of yet. Dinner tonight, buffalo wings (just took them out of the oven), cheesy baked potatoes, corn... (rice if anyone wants) and salads. I'm tired today. I want to get dinner done, dishes into the dishwasher, kids showered (neither kid has homework, thank the lord) and have an early night. : )