Monday, July 06, 2015

Team USA wins World Cup, defeating Japan 5-2...

This morning for us in Japan was the Women's World Cup 2015 between the USA versus Japan. A match our household has been looking forward to all weekend. Granted we much prefer American football, over soccer, any day. However, if it's an important match, we all want to watch. We have been lightly keeping up with, who had been loosing or winning matches. And on Friday we were all like...holy crap, Monday will be the final match between, the USA vs. Japan.  The boys being hafu. I want them to root for whichever team they want. I asked the boys, which team were they rooting for. Both said matter of factly, Team USA, of course. And that's fine.The match was this morning while the boys were at school, but Noboru and I watched it together. 
Good job team USA! 

Girl power...American girl power!
A well deserved win! So proud of you ladies!!!
Some of the most beautiful, and cheerful fans!
It's true, what my cup says. I am proud to be an American! I have had this coffee cup, since my university days. I made my morning coffee in this, right before we started to watch the soccer match, this morning! Anyway, I am sure Americans just like me all across the world are cheering for our ladies who won the Women's World Cup 2015! Amazing job ladies, congratulations! You made us so proud! : ) And if you are wondering who Noboru wanted to win. He really didn't care either way, since he's more into American football. However, he did say this (this morning). The American women soccer players are so beautiful, he mentioned most of the American team had long hair (just in buns or pony tails) and looked feminine to him... while he thinks, the Japanese women players all looked like men (he specifically said, flat bodies, no curves, and manly faces and he said something about manly haircuts, please don't shoot the messenger here), @_@ I didn't say that, I repeat, I did not say that... he did. @_@ Clearly we now know why, he ended up with an American wife here. So, did he mind team USA, won? I don't think he minded one bit. @_@ Anyway, congrats team USA. : )