Monday, July 06, 2015

Noah's observation day, The Fourth of July and a few other bits for good measure...

Alrighty, you guys, this is sort of a catch up, slash what we've been up to lately. Things I wanted to add here or there, but just didn't have the time to. So hopefully, I can get this up right here. A new mole has moved into the backyard. And Noboru's been trying to catch him this past week. If you remember Noboru has a mole trap and caught/killed the last mole that dared move into the backyard. Then you'll understand that this mole...for the sake of his safety, he really needs to skedaddle it... right out of our yard and take up residence elsewhere. Please is for your own good. : ) 
Every Monday there are sales at my cheap meat store. They also have cheap veggies too. Last Monday's specials were pictured here, melons from Ibaraki prefecture. Which, I took this picture in Ibaraki prefecture, since I live bordering Ibaraki and spend most of my day in Ibaraki unless of course, I am home. : ) These are cantaloupes and are 180 yen each. About $1.50 US right now with the exchange rate. Melons though are super cheap where we live anyways though, because melons are famous in Ibaraki and are quite plentiful for us. Usually the going rate for a big cantaloupe are 2 for 500 yen. That's the going rate, when not on sale. So, 180 yen for each whole big melon is quite the deal. I picked up 1 cantaloupe last Monday. 

Large size honey dew melons were also on sale, 298 yen. Usually these are 2 for 600 yen so not really a huge savings in my mind. But yep, where we live, groceries are super cheap. And vegetables and fruits super cheap as well. : )
I messed up here you guys and I'm sorry. I should have put the Costco pics *after* Noah's observation day pics. But, clearly I wasn't thinking when I put these pics up. I'm sorry. Noboru and I went to Costco last Friday. I wanted to pick up a rotisserie chicken for the boys and I, for the 4th of July. And ended up getting a few other things. Pasta sauce. Finally our Costco has pasta sauce. It's been out, for ages. Potatoes for mashed potatoes for the 4th of July. Frozen pizzas for an emergency meal or two. And Noboru wanted that Energizer electronic thing for his mini minivan. Some type of charging device. He loves it. : )

Special of the day at Costco. Dish soap.148 yen.

Decided, that was too good a deal to pass up. So picked one. 

White grape scented one.

After Costco, Noboru and I went to lunch at the Ohsho. It was pouring rain most of all last week and weekend.
Last Thursday July 2nd was Noah's observation day. This was the day before Costco. Noboru and I went in separate cars. Because #1 he's in the Father's Club and every summer observation day, the Father's Club dad's help all the 5th graders make scarecrows. They stuff the scarecrows, dress them. The kids love it and have so much fun and the Father's Club dad's love it too! Noboru has been doing this for years. So, Noboru had to be at the elementary school an hour before, I did, since he is a Father's Club dad and he had scarecrow duty that day. : ) Also, I know Noboru had to leave directly to work after observation day. So, that's reason 2, why we took separate cars. : ) Anyway, I arrived pretty early. Okay not too early, but about 10-15 minutes before I was supposed to be there. All kids in Noah's class are *really* big into arm wrestling right now and thumb wrestling right now. The teacher was arm wrestling a whole bunch of kids in the class, when I came into the class. And 2 little cutie patootie girls were arm wrestling one another. And so, as I entered, I saw that and so I joined in, right away, so I arm wrestled Noah. I knew beforehand I would let him win, but I did "try" to struggle a bit and stuff. He had 2 of his friends come to us and were cheering for Noah to gambatte! And defeat me on arm wrestling. Oh man...I had no one cheering for me. LOL. Hahaha. It's okay, I absolutely do not mind, it's all in fun. : )  So when he defeated me, they were cheering. I then arm wrestled 1 little boy and the girl who sat next to Noah, his desk partner. @_@ Yes, I let them both win. However...his desk mate beat me at thumb wrestling fair and square though! : ) Next thing you know, the class began and I stood up and stood at the back of the class as the other parents trickled in, one by one. : ) I really love the kids in Noah's class, all of them. I love how they always come and greet me and say hello. They're just very nice good kids! So many parents were there. Noboru arrived and came and stood next to me. It was nice to observe Noah's class with Noboru. What were the kids doing? The kids were deciding what their science experiment/project for this summer would be. Each child had to decide and put it in writing. 

Sorry, Noah, for taking such a bad picture. He has had the sniffles lately and so he was clearing his nose at the same time, I took this picture, he was sniffling, hahaha. Terrible picture, I know. But, I only snapped one. We took the boys for fresh new haircuts Monday after school so they'd both have nice clean haircuts. especially for Noah for observation day. : ) Just don't want either kiddo to look like a raggamuffin on observation day. : )
The Fourth of July! American Independence Day! Usually people BBQ. But it was raining buckets all Saturday and we knew by the weekly forecast it would be raining all weekend. Plus Noboru had work at 4pm anyway. So, while the kids and I still wanted to celebrate. We knew it would have to be inside the house given the weather. And's still a weekend and I'd like to relax on the weekends too. So, I thought a rotisserie chicken from Costco, bought the day before. Would be perfect, some mashed potatoes & gravy and some corn. Just a really easy simple meal. But really good. : )

Dessert for the Fourth of July. You know rocky road ice cream? We decided to make that except with pecans instead of walnuts (just what I had on hand). And we'd flavor ours with Nutella, so even yummier. The ice cream at Costco is 1900 yen. It's delicious and from America, but that's frankly too expensive. Then at Besia, there's a bigger container but it's not ice cream it's only 10% milk so it's called something else. But it's not called ice cream. And I was going to get that one. But, I really prefer actual real ice cream. Then I thought...duh! The grocery store in our town, sells super cheap real ice cream for 298 yen and it's delicious and it's real ice cream. How come this is so cheap? I don't know, because it's delicious and my store sells 3 different varieties/flavors of this brand, but we need the plain vanilla one, since we're making our own flavors. But it's perfect and the price is right up my alley. How did the ice cream come out? Amazeballs! And now the boys and I are planning to make peanut butter ice cream next. Maybe even peanut butter with grated chocolate, we'll see. And how much Nutella did we use, just a small spoonful was plenty for the amount of vanilla ice cream we had. That's why I bought the Nutella at Costco 2 weeks ago, we had been planning to make our own flavor of ice cream on the 4th of July. : )

We used 2 metal spoons to mix the Nutella in first then added the chopped nuts and marshmallows last and then we refroze the ice cream. The kids said...this was the best ice cream. We come we haven't done this before? But now...all summer long we'll be making all sorts of cool new flavors of ice creams. Especially since we can get a little tub of vanilla near our house for such a great price. Three cheers for this ice cream, it rocks and the price superly rocks. : ) 

We purchased this at a local DIY the other day. This is a anti mosquito coil. There are a whole bunch of coils inside. And you take 1 out, light it with the lighter and then place it inside and it will burn slowly and they say the scent will keep mosquitoes away. We don't have heaps of mosquitoes. But the ones that we do, all seem to attack Noboru and not us. We heard something in Japan a few years back that mosquitoes prefer O blood. Again we're not sure if this is true or if this is just an old wives tale..the Japan version. But in any case, Noboru does have O blood, as does Noah. And they seem to prefer Noboru the most out of the entire family. Second choice would be Noah for the mosquitoes. However...Noboru hates mosquitoes. He's so nervous when it comes to mosquitoes. That if 1 should come into the house, he seriously can't relax unless the mosquito has been caught. Granted, I don't like mosquitoes either... but he's like...superly anti mosquito. So, this mosquito thing... every day in July through all of summer will burn on our front porch. Noboru lights them daily, and in the evening too. So, he's on high mosquito alert... for this season again. Hahaha. As for me, my thoughts? I actually enjoy the scent of the old school original mosquito coils. I have smelled the rose and lavender ones, but...I prefer the original scent. It really reminds me of Japan in summer time. 
Gap was having a huge sale a few weeks back. And with Noah's birthday in mind. And given the price of this swimsuit. Noah's rashguard on the top in this pic, size 10, because he's 10 today. And his swim trunks in size medium, because Noah's so skinny. Again, I checked the size chart online and Noah's weight, would put Noah in the size small, 6-7 size. If you just considered how much he weighs. However his height is of a 9/10 year old. Again according to the Gap size chart, the average American little boy who is 10 is, 80-90 pounds. @_@ Is that right? My kids like half that. He's 26kg, like 56 freaking pounds (I'll have to weigh him again today, to double make sure). He is light as a feather. But he's average height. Not overly tall granted, but average height. There's no way Noah can fit in a pair of shorts for an 80-90 pound kid. They'd fall to the floor those swim shorts. So that's why I made sure he got a size medium. Actually Branden is only 110-115 pounds and he's an 8th grader. Again, I'll have to weigh the both of them again. But yeah, when I saw the weight measurements for a 10 year old on the Gap chart, I was like...what? @_@  I wish Gap started making swimwear in slim sizes, because not everybody has an overweight kid. They do make slim shorts in some styles, but not all and I would love it if they made slim swimwear too. 

Anyway, liked this Heather pink shirt for Noah. And the 30% off was perfect timing.

I thought this was cool. Like a cute little outfit for his birthday. Matching shorts and shoes. And navy top. I bought the shorts size 10 because with swim shorts he's moving around a lot, but not with regular shorts as much, hopefully. Also some mother left a review on the website and said..these ran small for her child. So, I hope these are a slimmer fit. 

When you get almost $35 in savings and free shipping. It's a good day!
He will love unwrapping this Gap swimsuit, this evening. 

The matching cool outfit. I hope the shorts fit, waist wise, since they're size 10 or hope they have that adjustable waistband. 

I also picked up the following day, while the sale was still going on... 3 shirts for myself and a pair of comfy house shorts. 
Noah's shirt. This plus a pair of jean shorts and his floral hibiscus type shoes. 

I've been seeing a lot of tops for the past few months with lace on them. I have resisted for quite a while. And then, I saw this one...a bit more conservative with lace just on the arm in a thin line. 

This one was my most favorite though called a shark bite tee. I love this. 

And this one too, I received. It's a bit unusual, if you see it. The fits really cool. I liked the sleeves.

Anything else to add? I have a movie date this Thursday with 2 of my really good mama friends, We're going to see the Avengers. The movie starts before 10am. So that's a nice early movie. Also, today is Noah's birthday, 7/7... July 7th. And if you know Japanese years, you'll know the year 2005 is actually the year 17 in Japan, so he's actually a 7/7/7 baby. Noah was a very good luck baby and is a very good luck kiddo! He has really good luck. I'll be blogging about his actual birthday later so, I won't say anymore. Except his birthday cake arrived Sunday. And we're taking him out to dinner tonight, his choice. He said he's been deciding all weekend. Yakiniku, Capricciosa or Jolly Pasta. Those are his choices, he gave to himself and he's still deciding. : ) So where will we go to dinner tonight? We're not sure...Noah will let us know when he gets out of school today. Noah gets out at 2pm today. : )  Both boys are set to swim today. Noah was supposed to swim yesterday, but it rained yesterday, so it was postponed to today. And Bran is scheduled to swim today anyways. It's not raining here now. And says only 20% chance of rain for our town today, so I sort of think they'll both be swimming today. : )  Alrighty, you guys... have a wonderful day! And I'll catch up with you all soon. : ) EDITED TO ADD: I did weigh Noah and although I was a little off on his weight, I'm human and I said I wasn't 100% anyways...anyway I must say, I wasn't off by much! He weighs as of this morning before school 25-26kg and that's 56 pounds, which is quite slim compared to what GAP and Old Navy says the typical American kid weighs at age 10.