Sunday, July 12, 2015

Happy Birthday Noah!!! The start of the double digits! Our newly minted ten-ager!!!

Happy Birthday, our dearest most gorgeous Noah! No more single digits for you anymore. You've officially hit the big time kid! It's double digits from here on out....well until you hit age 100, then you'll be hitting the triple digits, hahaha!  Anyways, our good luck Tanabata Boy, came home, from school July 7th with a huge smile on his face. Nearly bouncing around like Tigger from Pooh, you know what I mean. As he was bouncing and getting into my car, he said matter of factly with huge enthusiasm, I might add. I have decided where we should eat mama! I said..."oh where Noah...please do tell, do tell!!!" He said Jolly Pasta. Keep in mind out of all the restaurants this being the farthest, from our house. LOL. Our nearest Jolly Pasta being about an hours drive, each way. But never mind that, it's what the birthday boy, would like to feast on, for his birthday and so done and done! : ) Noboru was just getting home and we waited for Branny McB to get out of school at 3:45pm and when he did, he came home and quickly changed from JHS uniform, to regular clothes and we took off, without much delay because it was quite the drive. We had tunes on in the car. The kids and I belted out tune after tune. Jam after jam. Noboru's not much, of a singer in the car, but he *loves* that we are, so he listens, he's a fan, hahaha. : )  Noah crooned away at Lay Me Down by Sam Smith and many other songs. He really sings nice. Same for B, he sings nice as well. We arrived at perfect timing at Jolly Pasta, because there was only... 1 other group of people there at the time. A group of 4 seniors drinking a huge bottle of wine and I do mean, it was huge, eating Italian yummy goodness and they stayed there even longer then us, but they were just having a great old merry time with their quiet little group in the corner. They were adorable. So just them and us. We ordered. Bran, Noah and I ordered this pasta, pictured. You can see by the pic, there's a tiny chili pic and garlic pic, under the pasta pic. It's really good pasta, it has chili so it's slightly spicy, but Noah said it wasn't spicy at all, just good flavor (we all love spicy in our family). : ) It has chili, garlic, mozzarella. This pasta dish is amazing. Noboru picked a different pasta dish and we each had a personal pizza. And a drink bar. The quality of their food is top notch. After we ordered, like tons and tons of people started coming in and sitting down. Different families and before you know it, the place was packed with people. We laughed and said...doesn't this always happen to us? We get there, it's dead...we order and then like...BOOM explosion of mass amounts of people afterwards. But, we all agreed good thing... we ordered first. Before the crowds. Silver lining. : ) 

The glasses are really nice and cute. And we honestly spent over an hour in the restaurant. We talked quite a bit. Refilled our glasses quite a bit. Again our birthdays are always spent really quiet...just our family together. Just... very chill. The kind of birthdays we prefer. 

My pasta. Noboru's pizza was a jalapeno pizza. OMG, his pizza was so good! We seriously just had the best *best* time being at the restaurant. And YES, of course Noboru had to recount to Noah...the old....when you were born you were *this* small, type stories. And he had to recount the same stories he tells Noah *every* birthday, same as he does the same exact thing for Bran's birthday too. Again though...the birthday dinner was very cool. Very low key. Just very chill. Just, us together as a family having a great time. 

The kids and I also had some hot cocoa. Noboru had a coffee. We went and paid and then we hopped in Olive and she took us home. 

Ice cream cake from Nagano, homemade! Choco banana, the top layer is homemade banana and the bottom layer is Italian chocolate which describes it as, having hazel nut flavor and it tastes exactly like Nutella ice cream. This cake is amazing! And the cake at the bottom is yumm too. Totally high quality birthday cake, for sures!

You can see Noboru's elbow on the right of this picture, or shirt. But Bran absolutely adores his little brother. I mean, they're super tight, these two! He's always been sorta like a second papa to Noah... mixed with a best friend. They're close and as an only child myself, I am so glad they have each other! So, Bran said, I'll light Noah's candles. And so he did. And as he did, he told Noah, "now be's hot okay?" Obviously Noah knows that, he's 10. know hearing how much he worries and cares about Noah and watching B go around this cake and light each candle with care. I don't know...but it made me proud of the both of these two! Good kids. : )

And the last candle for B to light. And as the name plate says...Happy Birthday Noah. 

You are so loved! While your brother is strong and opinionated and brave and fearless and extremely competitive! Bran raises his hand in class probably 20 times a day, to answer the questions in class, he likes being top dog. As always and probably always will. He's definitely one of the cool kids, Branden. He's *very* Alpha male, Branden is. And qualities that are super wonderful for a boy to have! You...Noah in personality are quite the opposite.... you have always been very gentle, very agreeable, you are the least competitive person, I know. You are also popular, but you're different, you don't want to be top dog, you're just totally content. It's very interesting to watch, you both..... and I love you both so much. Noah, you naturally, share everything. If you have 5 pieces of gum, and you are with 6 people (including himself) you'll give all your friends a piece of gum and you'll have none for yourself (this worries me, as your mama and we have had talks about this, you and me...the old... "you matter, and you need to care about you a little more"... pep talk). You are nice...*so* nice...sometimes I worry, too nice? Hahaha.  You do have a very kind heart. For real, straight up...he has the kindest heart ever, you guys! This kid has seriously hands down... never been greedy or jealous or unkind to others, like *ever*... a day of his life! He's never went to a store and said..."I want this...I want that." Absolutely never. He's totally Charlie Bucket...not Veruca Salt, if you know what I mean. His heart you guys, he's golden, this Noah-chan! You always think the best of people (even when they don't deserve it). And you always want the best for others and always look at things... as the glass half full. He's so positive and bright and shiny and good. So pure of heart. Which is why... we 3... always protect you (we're like 3 lions guarding you always) and look out for you and watch out for you. And you give the best hugs and cuddles! You *always* say please and thank you.You are very polite (Bran is too though, I was a stickler about manners when they were younger) It's very interesting watching the two of you grow up and see how your personalities differ so much. We love you Noah...exactly as you are!!! Oh and the whole ten-ager thing. Noah being 9, last year, saw Branden become 13. And he idolizes his big brother, we all know that. : )  And he said all last Branden is so cool, he's a teenager. Branden too says...I'm a teenager. We knew Noah was in awe all last year... because we have heard the word...*teenager* being used all this past year. So, Noboru told me...let's call Noah this year...let's call him a  ten-ager. That way he can sorta- semi join Branden. I know what...that's an excellent idea! So, on his birthday at the restaurant, we called him a ten-ager! And guys...he loves it! Noah totally loves it. And now we say...we have 1 teenager and 1 ten-ager! Hahaha. So, a term we coined and we will be using all this year. Sorta cool, yes slightly corny... but who cares...when or if you have'll more than understand about wanting to make them smile and we personally love the word. Ten-ager! Hahaha. : )
You guys already saw, the swimsuit Noah got for his birthday and cool outfit with matching shoes and stuff. But this was Noah's big gift this year. We wanted to get Noah a larger tablet this year. A brand new 2015 model one. We bought it from the company on this box. We considered buying it from Walmart, when we're in California next week. However since we live in Japan, and if anything happened... we would have a hard time replacing it or whatnot. So we bought it from Expansys. It's a company that sells electronics worldwide. They are a legit company. They sell in America, in Europe, all over. And if we buy from this website, but in Japan, we have a 12 month warranty, that way...we're safer... if anything happens we can send it back. So the 12 month warranty and stuff factor, is what drew us to buying from them. Versus buying at an actual store in California. 

The brand new Samsung galaxy Tab S, 8.4 inch screen, so it's huge! Perfect for reading books or playing games. The graphics, we compared to different tablets online on, they have comparisons on there and this rated best. Highest resolution, pixels, processor (speed), just super top of the line. But a perfect gift for our sweetheart cuddle bunny. : )

Noah's old tablet to the left, it was a Nexus 7 (7 inch) it's a good tablet and was a perfect one for him to start off with. It works and stuff and he'll still keep it and stuff. But, this other one, is bigger, and nicer. And newer. It's in a beautiful bronze brown color. The choice was white (no way) or bronze. And he loves it! Noah went goo goo gaga for this, when he saw his present! It's a pretty major big present to receive. He's one lucky kid! : )  He also loves his swimsuit and outfit as well. And he received money from all his grandparents. Branden loves this tablet and so he has already requested to get the same tablet for his birthday in October. Anyway, so that's how we spent Noah's 10th birthday this year! Happy Birthday to the sweetest, kindest kid, I know! We love you Noah! : )