Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Weekend recap and randoms up until now...

The DVDs from America arrived last week. I'm still waiting on 1 DVD, though (Corrina Corrina). But the rest all got here safe and sound. : ) The box from was super cute this time. The box was yellow and it's to promote the upcoming Minions movie. : ) Here's Stuart.

Bran and Noah, really like Bob though! : ) Hi Bob! : ) 

One new one. Fifty Shades of Grey. Having heard all about this one, I watched this is the daytime when nobody was around. It was a good movie. I know it's going to be a 2 or 3 part movie franchise, based on the books. But the way they ended this one. It was like they were in mid sentence talking about the car and next thing, I know, she jumped in the elevator. And I was left thinking? Is this....seriously.. how they ended it? @_@ Hahaha. 3 older movies also pictured, but really good movies that I am glad I have now. Friday night was family movie night. We watched Gung Ho. It's a comedy, Dealing with cultural things between America and Japan. Noboru had never seen it before, but he loved it. The boys totally loved it. So that was last Friday night. We watched Gung Ho. : )
I am happy to have Blood Vows, with Melissa Gilbert, this was a made for TV movie, but a real good one. I'll probably watch this in the day time, while the kids are at school and Noboru's at work. It's a good movie. Just more for ladies though, a love story and a bit dramatic. Ends sort of...not so lovey dovey of course. But a great movie.  

We have The Giving Tree. It was a favorite of both my boys. However, you have to feel sorry for the tree. The kid is just so darned rotten. So, in this book..the boy is still a bad kid, but let's just say...he gets his "just desserts" in the end. : ) Both the boys enjoyed this book. : ) 

You all more than likely know...our weekends are pretty important around fact we start planning...them on Wednesday. Hahaha. What will we eat over the weekend (mostly at home) what DVD should we watch. What sort of soda shall we buy, because during the week we typically don't drink soda. So we really get excited for the weekends. The plan was set. Noboru would be bringing 2 large Pizza Hut pan pizzas home from Narita on his way home from work. And I would meanwhile pick up some sodas, Friday in the day before the boys would get out of school. The kids requested melon sodas, I also bought lemon Cokes for the following day. So, I knew a 7-11 run would be in my future Friday. Noboru requested..."just buy him a 2 liter or 1.5 liter of Mitsuya Cider." Okay, so I ran to the local drugstore for that. And a run to 7-11 to get the sodas. My former yakuin team member from last year, works at 7-11. So we chit chatted a few minutes while I was picking up the sodas. I told her..."movie night tonight, we have a DVD." Which one she asked? "Just an old one", I replied but a comedy. She said..."comedy's are always good."  She and I talked back and forth a few minutes. And I left. : ) 

Snacks picked up...check and check (bought at the drugstore when I picked up Noboru's cider.) My final thing for Friday, pick up the 2 kiddos at the plaza. And they both hopped in the car and we went home right away. Noboru was just pulling in at home, at the same time too. 

Noboru said..."it's so super hot...let's eat right away!" I said yes! : ) Look how hot and steamy this bag was. Hahaha. : )

One pepperoni lovers and 1 pepperoni, mushroom and bellpepper.

Baked fries. We all quickly ate. Everyone took turns showering. And we got right down to the movie. Gung Ho was amazing, even better than I remember, so funny. We finished the movie really early, so everyone had free time after that. I watched the Big Bang Theory after that. The boys went upstairs and played the Wii. Noboru watched Youtube. It was a nice night Friday. And Saturday was equally as nice. Saturday was low key and relaxing. 
Sunday, was Father and son time. Noboru took Branden and Noah shrimping. To catch shrimp. I know and understand that Noboru needs some alone time with the boys, you know...and go off and do guy things once in a while. Go fishing..or go shrimping. Branden and Noah adore their dad. And he them. Noboru took all these pics and LINE messaged them to me, as they were happening. 

Hi sweet pea.

Look at that Noah! You caught one, now which one was this? The tiny fish or one of the shrimps you caught, it's hard to tell in this picture! : )

Good job Bran! This is for surely a shrimp. Oh and for what it's worth, all the shrimp they caught they released right back! No shrimp or fish were harmed. Hahaha. : ) It's just for plain ol' sport and father and son bonding. : )

Hi 2 other shrimp, in Branden's hands. : ) And Noah looking on! : )

Noah caught 9 shrimp. Branden caught 8 and Noah caught a tiny fish. Noboru caught one, but to be fair to Noboru, I think he probably didn't try at all. And plus he was too busy talking to the boys and taking pictures and enjoying their day together. But they were there for a long time, they brought lunches that they bought from a grocery store, along the way and drinks. They made a whole day of it, from the morning. Kids need their dad's. Of course kids, also need their mom's too. : ) But there are things, I can't teach them and vice versa. : )  We sure do, love you two kids so much! : )
And what did I do Sunday? Well, they did invite me to go shrimping too. But, you know...I know they need their time. So, I declined. I said, "ya'll go ahead and have fun, plus I can get dinner made by the time you guys I can relax a bit" ....I cleaned the kitchen Sunday for an hour. This is bleach...for like 98 yen from Cainz/Besia. Like 85 cents US. I bleached the counter tops. Threw the table cloth in the washer machine and then hung it outside to dry. Wiped the table and chairs down. How do the chairs get so grimy in 1 weeks time. @_@ : ) I checked dates on stuff in the pantry and fridge. Put the table back...meaning put the clean table cloth back on. And prepped supper. I made Italian meatballs. Rolled a bunch of those for pasta for dinner later. I did place the rolled meatballs on a plate and wrapped in plastic wrap and put them in the fridge. I meanwhile went outside for about 5-10 minutes to check on the plants. 

The 4 hatch green chili are in the blue buckets. I was going to buy a real planter, 4 of them, but they cost like 500-600 yen each. And this bucket, does the same job a planter does except, it cost only 89yen each and since nobody is going to be seeing either (except you guys, and you guys don't mind right)...meaning the planter or bucket it doesn't really matter, so I picked the cheaper buckets (smart to be penny wise, I say, especially since vacation is coming this summer.) So, I thought this was the better deal. And in the box are the jalapenos, still babies still. They sit outside all day, getting fresh air and sunshine on my back patio, but at night they go into the shed. : ) 
I did rest for a good couple hours also Sunday. I watched cable. And relaxed. When they called me and said they were on their way home, is when I got the pot of water boiling for the fresh pasta bought from Costco. Also, cut and sliced some Costco dinner rolls and put some garlic spread on those and toasted them up. 

Fried up the meatballs and veggies (bell peppers and mushrooms) and added the sauce. They arrived home and took quick soapy good hot showers, then it was time for supper. 

We all ate. They had a really great Sunday and so did I. : ) I was happy to hear all their happy stories from their shrimping adventure. 

We had some fresh cantaloupe for dessert Sunday night. Sunday night we watched Mr. Baseball. 
Monday, I started my period. Sorry TMI (too much information) and I felt really yuck. I had major cramps. I took an Advil in the morning. Felt better but still not super great. I vacuumed the downstairs and swooshed the downstairs toilet. But Monday for the most part, was spent resting on the couch. I needed a day. I did make dinner and stuff though. And picked up the boys from school of course. By the time the boys got home, I took a 2nd Advil and the Advil kicked in and I was semi back to normal.  Tuesday, I was totally back to normal. No cramps at all. Noboru was off Tuesday so we decided to head to Costco in Chiba New Town. However we stopped for a cheap breakfast first. I had some pancakes, a hashbrown and an iced coffee. Noboru had a chicken crisp and a Filet o fish. Just as we sat down 2 guys came in and they both also ordered the Filet o Fish as well. Hmm, apparently the Filet o Fish is popular in the mornings here? Hahaha. : ) 

A new product sighting at my closest Costco. If you like these, you're in luck! Ricotta cheese stuffed ravioli. OMG, I love these. Quick easy meals. These are pricey, I feel 1900 yen for 4lbs, is a little high. But, for my family of 4, I get 2 meals out of this. So, not too terribly bad. Wish it was cheaper of course though. I had to buy a pack. Just to try. We haven't had these yet. And see those delicious cheese pizzas in the freezer section in this picture too. We love those. Didn't buy any this time...but those are super good. 

Cart picture from this Tuesday. Laundry soap, this is cheap for the amount you get and the scent is really nice. Choco croissants. Extra lean ham. Tortillas, the ravioli and 1 rotisserie chicken. 
My old camera case to the left. I like this camera case a lot, it's just too small for my new camera. The new camera case to the right. I like and wanted the same color and style. : ) 

Noah just started cooking class in the 4th grade at his school. And he had it today in fact for the first time. They made something called "fruit punch" not the drink like we in America think. : ) Anyway he said he might need some mikan or pineapple (canned) Branden made fruit punch in the 4th grade too. So, I remembered. : ) I made sure to buy a few cans and when Noah got home from school Tuesday he said, since it was their first time cooking, that they didn't need to bring any ingredients this time. Hahaha. @_@ No worries, this canned fruit was just 98 yen a can and it will just be added to our "earthquake disaster box" of foods we keep in 1 big box. Canned fruit is something we keep a lot of in our box of emergency food. : ) 

Noboru had seen a little snippet of this movie and so he really wanted to get this DVD, so much so, he got on Amazon and ordered it right away. It was available from even though it's a DVD for American DVD players. Which we have an American DVD player, so he ordered it and could barely wait for it to get here. On the cover of this DVD is Kevin Bacon and he's bringing a fallen Marine back home. The marines first name was Chance. And so the movie means...he is taking Chance home basically. It was an HBO movie, but it was an amazing movie. I can see why Noboru wanted to see this. The boys watched this, with us. 

Noboru needed to go to the Daiso on our way home from Costco on Tuesday. And so, while he was getting his few things. Gardening things. I was meanwhile looking around and I found these 2 things. Toiletry bags. The bags say Refresh Time. And they have cute little drawings of, beauty essentials or face products. And again, since we are planning a vacation this summer, these will come in handy for sures. 

The small one was 100 yen and the big one was 200 yen. A real bargain. : )

Anything else to add?  Yes, we finally decided where to go for our vacation. We decided we will be going to California this year. It was really close and a very hard decision between California and South Korea. Probably like the hardest decision ever. We would look at South Korea travel YouTube Videos. And then go and watch Universal Studios videos off YouTube too. But as time gets closer, we had to make a final decision. And I just 1 day, made a list on a sheet of paper, we all listed all the pros of going to California.  For one...there's Universal Studios while the kids are still young enough to enjoy it. Plus there would be no language barrier, like we would have in Korea (though I don't mind at all). Plus California has good food and shopping. Food is...In N Out Burger, El Pollo Loco, Sonic (love Sonic, they have a coconut cream pie shake and those slushys, OMG) Chick Fil-A,  many good Mexican restaurants, Arby's, Steak N Shake (hello they have a Nutella, shake for crying out loud) Okay clearly this girl needs a shake, hahaha. : )  And the shopping, they have Sephora, Walmart (sorry their prices are cheap and I don't mind shopping there at all, if it saves me money, if you are going to buy a bottle of Advil does it matter which store you bought it from, for me personally I prefer buy it at the cheapest price possible and Walmart is usually it) They have Target, Our hotel we booked is right near a really nice shopping mall (which has a Sephora and Bath and Body Works and stuff) and there's a Target at the same mall too. Yay! And a Costco is near-ish there too. Noboru found a really good hotel and the ratings on Trip Advisor are really good. So considering Universal Studios and the food and the shopping and language ease. We went with California. We will also be going to 2 movies while there too. And plus the 9-10 hours worth of movies we will get on the plane back and forth to and from Japan we will be so super caught up on movies. Hahaha. : ) So we were really happy to finally decide. And then sad thing...then we heard on the TV all about the MERS outbreak in South Korea and we were like How sad...we were so close to picking South Korea. : ( I would still like to go to South Korea. Maybe this winter who knows. So, as of right now. We have the dates picked already. Noboru requested 9 or 10 days off already. As Noboru always says we need to have a back up plan always. It's just smart to have one since we are flying non-rev. And our back up plan is the same as last year. Honolulu, Hawaii. Once again Honolulu has never let us down, not ever. : ) However our #1 goal is California. But if for some horrible reason the flight got full and we couldn't get to California...knowing we can always count on Honolulu is peace of mind. Because there's always a room available. And they have almost everything California has Sonic, no Chick Fil A, no El Pollo Loco, no In N Out Burger, No Steak N Shake and no Universal Studios. But the bright side is they have everything else...Arby's and Sephora etc, gorgeous beaches and the best shrimp ever. So...the plan right now and hope is for California. and we are quietly keeping the emergency back up plan, the same as last year.

Alrighty, you guys. That's enough blibber blabber from me for right now. Hmm. Not a peep out of me for the last 5 days and now I'm all...Chatty Cathy. : ) Sorry about that. : ) Just wanted to catch up with you all real quick and make sure, we're all on the same page again. One good thing I am fully concentrating on the handful of American Youtubers, I usually catch up on when I know I am going to America. I usually...this is weird but I'll share it. There's about 5 beauty bloggers in America that I really like their videos but...if I am *not* going to America, I find I will not watch their videos. My reasoning is this...if I am not going to America  for example for 10 or 11 months, and I watch their video...I will be watching and think...Oh man...bummer. Hahaha. basically...if I know I have no chance or option to buy it...there's really not much point in me watching the video. It would just drive me nuts. However, I do get to America once a year and so, when I know I am going there...I will watch all their videos....I won't watch all 11 months worth of what I missed, but as of right now...I am watching every video for example EmilyNoel83 has made since January 2015. Same for CofeebreakwithDani and Ingrid Nilson (MissGlamorazzi)...I am also catching up with EssieButton, she's from Canada and she's just the absolute best, you guys (she is the only non American, I watch as far as Beauty Vloggers go, she's the only one.) I will check up with their Instgrams every week year round but not their videos. But now, I know I'm going there...I am in this huge catch up mode. trying to watch all EssieButton's vlogs since January too. Also, if you like cosmetics. And if you are Canadian you really really need to be watching EssieButton for sures, it's your patriotic duty ya'll. : ) She's from Canada and quite possibly the funniest girl, ever on this planet. She is in a long term relationship with an Asian man from the UK, she now lives in the UK. But she goes back and forth to Canada, she has tons of Canada love and even has a Canadian coffee mug! Seriously...any female on the planet if you like cosmetics you guys should be watching her. But especially if you like cosmetics and if you are from Canada you should *really* be watching her. She's amazing. She's natural, EmilyNoel is natural too, meaning they don't seem fake, like they're trying to hawk products to you. And she's in an AMWF relationship meaning an Asian male with a white female...not tons of us out there. Ya'll should be watching her. So...if my blog should get quiet again...I am more than madly trying to catch up on about 6 months worth of of their favorite cosmetics. January favorites...February favorites, March, etc etc.  Alrighty, time for me to end this post. This post is way too long. Sorry about that. : )