Tuesday, June 02, 2015

Our weekend...

How was every one's weekend? Ours was pretty good here! : ) About a month ago, could possibly be a little longer than a month ago, we placed an order online from a "chili only" farm place in Japan, as in they only sell various types of chili. We purchased 4 hatch green chili plants. The website at the time last month, said they were still too young and when they felt they were tall enough, they'd send them. It came with instructions and warnings. @_@ That Japanese types of bugs are extremely attracted to this type/variety of chili. So either grow it in your house (out of the question because they grow quite tall, granted not rice field height but tall enough) or protect it outside with a bug net. In Denver, everyone knows what Hatch, New Mexico is famous for, the best green chili's on the planet. They sell them along the road, in early Fall (in Denver) and you can buy a bushel or half bushel and they'll roast them right there. You bring them home, and freeze them. I miss those so much. Noboru misses those too apparently. Hahaha. So, we were just shooting the breeze about..."wow, weren't those chili's so good, too bad we can't buy those here in Japan." And so Noboru went on a hunt online and said..."you will NEVER believe this, but they sell them here, there's a chili farm and they sell hatch chili's." Holy moly! He said/asked should we try to grow our own? We said, hmm why not! And so we have since.... long forgotten about the chili talk and order, since it happened long ago. Imagine our surprise when last Friday evening during our sweet & sour chicken supper, the door bell rings and it's Kuro Neko delivery. So anyway...here they are. Hahaha. Will they grow? Will we get enough to roast and freeze or...will they get eaten to death by pesky bugs? I really do not know. But as of right now, the adventure is just beginning. : ) How exciting. : )  
Saturday, Noboru had his Father's Club dinner and meeting. And I really don't mind him going because he seldom goes out. Meanwhile... when he's out having fun, I also like to make the night special for the boys, here at home too. Sometimes we'll order Pizza Hut. Sometimes not. We always though, have movie night. We had bought some chocolate raisins for movie night. We were also going to have taco night. Noah's most favorite thing to eat, in the entire universe. So he was super excited,all day Saturday! : ) Our movie for Saturday night's movie night was, Return to Oz. 

We had popped a huge pan of popcorn the day before/ Friday, so the kids and I weren't really feeling the whole...let's make a big huge amount of popcorn yet again. However we just pulled some snacks out of the pantry. Branden, I swear, Bran could eat beef every single day of his life. He loves steak..beef. Beef jerky. So Bran munched beef jerky and chocolate raisins (not at the same time obviously, lol) just throughout the movie here and there. Noah meanwhile munched his choco raisins and some gluten free, sea salt popcorn during Return to Oz. I just had the chocolate raisins and nothing else. : ) The tacos totally filled me up. 

That's right, I can't forget, I also let the boys pick an ice cream, Saturday afternoon. For after dinner. Hey...we do like our weekends special too. : ) 

About to make our own tacos, all the fixins' were right here on the counter. Yes, I think the boys overly toastied some of the shells, but they were having a dance off in the kitchen, totally am not kidding... while watching the shells, while I was finishing the meats on the stove. So they were slightly distracted. Hahaha. : ) 

I really feel, weekends should be enjoyed. : ) The kids and I had the best time! Noboru LINE messaged me once. "how are you honey?" "Are the kids okay?" I wrote back, "we are fine, the kids and I are having a party here at home, please enjoy and have fun too." So he did. : )
Forget the Men in Black. Hahaha. These are the men in yellow! : )  In many parts of Japan, it is the ladies who run the kids school things, events and such and that can give...mama's lots of stress and burden falls to the mamas (which isn't always fair). The mamas have many tasks at undokai or for this or that... but for our town. Our schools and events at the schools are basically planned and run by the papa's. Which is unusual, I know. This fraternal organization like our town has, is AWESOME! And the male teachers at the local elementary school (Noah's school) and the local JHS (which is why I said schools and not school). (Not sure what the other elementary in our town does, but I can only speak about our specific elementary school and JHS. Which all kids in the town attend the same JHS. But...all male teachers must be members of the Father's Club. They must attend the meetings and help out. And as for the female teachers, they are totally off the hook. They are not expected to attend these meetings or help out. And I know many of the female teachers are mama's too and have kiddos waiting for them, so I am sure they appreciate our town being like it is. They elected a new prez, 2 vice prez's and such this time. And guess who is a fuku kaicho this year? Hahaha, it's not me, obviously. It's Noboru! Hahaha. He's totally fine with it, because it's not so much work at all. Noah's teacher was there. He went and introduced himself right away to Noboru. Since he heard Noboru's last name and it matches his students (Noah's) He has a reputation for being very polite this teacher, he said to Noboru "Mr blah blah-san it is a pleasure to meet you, I am your son Noah's teacher" Noboru is very polite too. "He said, same here Mr. Blah blah-san, it is a pleasure to meet you too, I had been wanting to meet you, but I have been busy at work and so until now, we have been unable to meet. Yada yada yada. His teacher tells Noboru, he is from Fukuoka, he is married and he has 2 children, one in the 3rd grade and 1 in yochien and they moved recently to Narita City. So they live in Narita, he and his family. Noboru said, well, you have met my American wife twice so far (at both observation days), we have 1 older son in the 8th grade and Noah is our youngest child. So they chit chatted back and forth. He told Noboru directly..."Noah is a very good kid and a very good student" Ahhh, Noboru said...I am so pleased to hear that. The Father's club dad's and teachers and head teachers and principals are all quite close. So they enjoy getting together and plan and prepare for the next event.    
Noboru has absolutely never been a real drinker, type drinker. And I don't drink at all (the taste is just awful for me) However he would drink once in a while at the Father's Club meetings maybe a beer or two, would be what he limits himself, but these past 6 month when he attends, he feels he doesn't feel very good after drinking. So the last 3 meetings he went to, he has had only soda. : ) Hahaha.  
Sunday morning, our housing community had "gomi zero", gomi means trash and zero, means well...it clearly means zero. Hahaha. : ) So basically it's a street clean up all the neighbors do together. We all met at 9am at the front of the hanchos house (block leader this year)..and then we all separated and went cleaning up. Our street is pretty clean, so we basically as in...all of us on our street had almost nothing to clean up. All our trash bags which they hand out, 1 per each house. Our trash bag was 99% empty at the end of it, and same for the rest of the folks on our street. The man in the way background. That's A-chan's papa. A-chan's a new high schooler this year. That's their only child. A-chan's papa is so super nice. He chatted and talked with Noboru mostly and I a bit. He's just absolutely wonderful. He said...guess where I am originally from? We said where? He then walked out to the open lot next to our house and pointed across the tanbo/rice field,,,he said see that couple hundred year old house right there? We said yes. He said, I was born and raised in that house my entire life! Holy goodness! Talk about a local. He's literally a walk right across the tanbo from where his parents house is (sadly his mother is no longer, but his father is alive and wonderful : ( .) Then he said...guess where my wife is from? We said, where? He said Narita City! We all laughed. He said we're both from really close, right? We were like...totally! You sure don't have far to visit with family! He chuckled! Again we all had nothing really to pick up, trash-wise but we had to manner wise... stand there hold the trash bag until 9:30am. The important thing is...you must show up for it...and stay until the end. A-chan's papa is so down to earth. Like a genuinely good guy. Not showy offy. Not even 1 iota. He always has a smile. We also discussed the crows. The crows in Japan are about twice the size of American crows. And they are not afraid of anything. A scarecrow wouldn't really work on these crows, though we do have scarecrows in Japan too, however the crows are just too tough...real wise guys, these crows, hahaha. Every trash day, they hangout near the net covered, trash area. And their beaks are so big and strong, if they can just punch 1 hole in a trash bag they basically get a free meal. So yeah...we talked about these tough crows in our area. We pointed at the big hole in our net, that the crows made. Hahaha. These crows mean business! Hahaha. : )

Noboru meanwhile found a type of beetle. And put it on his glove.

He set it free, in the empty/vacant lot next door.

Yesterday we went to the American Embassy in Tokyo. And to Kua' Aina afterwards. A blog post coming soon about that. Today's weather forecast for our part of Japan says 100% chance of rain. And the forecast says HEAVY RAIN. Not just regular rain. It has been raining since I woke up this morning at 5:30am. And is even raining right now.

Any movies I am looking forward to this year? Yes, I am waiting for... with great anticipation, I might add. The Terminator Genisys. Comes out in July? Can't wait! I also can't wait for the Star Wars The Force Awakens which comes out in December this year. We are*major* Terminator and Star Wars fans in our house, so we can't wait! Also can barely wait for the Hunger Games MockingJay part 2 in November. Exciting! As for DVD's, I would really like to see, The Age of Adaline. I wanted to purchase it on DVD but it isn't available for purchase yet. I also would like to see the DVD, Black or White with Kevin Costner and the amazing Octavia Spencer. If, I were living in the US, I would have gone to see The Age of Adaline and Black or White already hahaha, they are not out in Japan yet, those 2 movies. Who knows, if we decide to go to California I might be lucky and get to see those in the airplane. : ) I would love that. : )

The boys are both at school right now. Noah gets out at 3:45pm today and Bran gets out somewhere between 3:45pm-4pm. We are having niku jaga for supper tonight, perfect for a rainy day/evening. : ) Fall apart tender pork loin which was seared/braised first (boiling down already) boiling away in mirin, sugar and shoyu goodness, as we speak.Will add onion and potatoes last 30 minutes this evening (so they don't dissolve into nothingness... if I added them too early lol... and then I'll add some frozen green beans the last 5 minutes. So good! Can't wait! So hearty and good! Alrighty, later alligators. : )