Monday, May 18, 2015

Mother's Day and other good bits thrown in...

Happy (belated) Mother's Day, to all of you. My Mother's Day was excellent! Granted, I was minus one of my children on Mother's Day. : ) Since he was on his over night trip. But this is how my Mother's Day went in a nut shell real quick. : ) I woke up freakishly early Sunday on Mother's Day to make Branden, his breakfast and drive him to the plaza because that morning was his over night trip. After dropping him off, I drove home. Had myself my 2nd and final cup of coffee. I did some online stuff. Read online news, checked emails. I went upstairs, washed my face and whatnot and went in Noah's bedroom for a 5 minute snuggle buggle. : ) I love my kids, I flat out adore them. Noah woke up after a bit. Went downstairs. We had some breakfast together. Noboru finally woke up and had some breakfast and coffee. Noboru left to work. He would be gone until 8pm-ish. So it was just Noah and I on Mother's Day. And that's okay. What I received for Mother's Day this year was a pair of really cute purple Panasonic headphones with extra bass (no treble, lol). And some essence by Missha. After breakfast, a few hours after, maybe around 11am-ish that day, Noah's friend came to ask him if he'd like to play? So Noah asked me..."my friend's here, should I send him away since it's Mother's Day today?" I said..."Oh honey, of course not, if someone you like asks you to go and ride bikes, and it's a nice day, by all means go and play." And so Noah smiled widely and he got on his bike and he rode bikes with 2 boys from his class. : ) They rode around and around all over. Noah came home really happy and very thirsty around 3pm. Could have been closer to 2:50pm actually. He was a sweaty mess, so I sent him to shower and get soapy clean. I meanwhile threw one of those frozen Costco cheese pizza, ykwim, in the oven and I split 1 bag of salad (it's for 2 people) into 2 bowls. I got out the vinaigrette and when Noah came down, we enjoyed a fast, quick and easy dinner. I appreciated not having to cook on Mother's Day. After that, we quickly tossed all the dishes into the dishwasher. And we started to have a movie marathon. It might have been Mother's Day, but I let Noah pick the movies. : ) We watched, Big Hero 6 and the Terminator 2 (because this is Noah's favorite Terminator movie. : ) And then Noah fell asleep, completely zonked to the world. I carried my boy upstairs to his bed, covered him with his blanket and kissed his forehead, while he happily slept. I meanwhile jumped in the shower. I missed Branden a little bit of course, but I know how important it is for him to grow as a person to be on trips like this. So, I was happy for Bran. I watched TV in my nightgown/sleep tee. And Noboru came home and took a shower. A very low key Mother's Day and that's okay, totally cool. : ) 

This is a cushion bag for electronics and I bought it at the Daiso. I really like this bag and I keep my headphones in here. I might go back and get a few more of these bags, for the kids for when we travel this summer. Nice to have a place to keep all your electronic type stuff in 1 bag. And I really like that it's cushioned inside. And they had different color bags of this too. : )
The night Branden came home from his trip, we had baked ravioli, salad and garlic bread. 
What else, have I been doing? Cleaning house during the weekday, running to the grocery store, laundry, blanket washing. Same ol' same ol' But it always needs to be done. This day, I cleaned the living room, all the dusting, dusting the TV stand, coffee table, dusting the ceiling fans, book shelf. Windex-ed the windows. Just all the little bits that need attention, you know what I mean. : ) 

Upstairs and downstairs had to get a major window sil cleaning. Gosh they get so gross... so they really needed it. : ) 

Also, anyone see outside those super tiny red bugs. They come out before rainy season. They're so tiny, like smaller than the tip of a pen. You'd almost miss them, if you didn't look closely. They come every spring before rainy season. I really hate them. They don't come into the house. They seem to like outside, but they'll sometimes crawl on my laundry pole. On the back patio floor. Sidewalks outside. I wipe my pole down every time I use it, however in this season, I spray my laundry pole legs down with this bug spray (not the laundry poles themselves, that hold the clothes just the base/legs and it keeps them from climbing higher, go figure). It keeps them from climbing my pole, so this spray is peace of mind for me. Those tiny red bugs hate this bug spray. And I also spray every window sil down in the house every 3 days, just lightly to make sure...they don't come around. Anyway, just wondering if those super tiny red bugs are driving anyone else bonkers. : ) 
Almond milk, it's available here everywhere now. Where we live, and we live in the countryside. The kids really enjoy it. : ) 
If you're American, you'll know everyone was talking about this fight! Boxing of course and this was a highly anticipated fight. The Floyd Mayweather vs. Manny Pacquio fight. Floyd won, however afterwards everyone was upset because apparently Manny did not report he was injured before the fight. To me, if someone lost, just say they lost and turn the page. You know what I mean. But anyway...I saw this picture online and it cracked me up! That's so Kanye! LOL. : ) 
Saturday, May 16th, I decided to give the kitchen a hard thorough cleaning. Washed up the table cloth and moved all the chairs to the living room. The boys wiped the baseboards down, with those Kirkland wipes. I vacuumed and then I prepared to mop. 

The boys both antibacterial wiped the trash cans. I have 2 very helpful boys.

I then got crack-a-lackin' on the mopping. Mopped with that thick small squeeze bottle of Mr Clean in Gain scent twice and then rinsed twice. Turned the ceiling fan on and opened the kitchen windows and let the floors dry. They dried super quick with the breeze and then I put everything back in it's spot. We had ginger pork for dinner with salads and veggies and rice and whatnot that night. 

Next day, Sunday May 17th, I baked a delicious yellow cake from a box. And let it cool and then frosted the cake with some chocolate frosting. I also prepped dinner. Fried chicken (karaage) for supper. Yum, every one's favorite in our house. 

Karaage, rice and veggies. We all 4 ate and enjoyed a nice family Sunday dinner and we all had cake and ice cream for dessert too. Sunday dinners are the best. : ) 

Cake and ice cream. Dessert Sunday evening. : )  Anyway those are some of the things we have been up to lately.

Any other bits to add before I send this off? Hmm. Branden has a big test this Thursday. He's been studying like crazy for it lately. Meanwhile next week, I have to go to Noah's school for an emergency drill. On top of that, it is a free observation day...meaning you can go any time of day for that day. But the last class, you need to be there for, the last class and then wait for them to have the emergency disaster drill afterwards. : ) So that's next week. Anything else to add? We have an appointment at the US Embassy in Tokyo to renew the boys passports, early June. If they're under 18 or 16 or whatever you can't mail it in, like I can mail mine in. For kids you need to get yourself all the way to Tokyo and apply in person. Noah's expires, end of August, Branden's expires end of September, however getting down to Tokyo is a pain in the we will do both of theirs at the same time and save us a trip to Tokyo. Also...considering we will more than likely, be traveling twice this summer overseas...once when we 4 go on our big family vacation...hoping for July and the 2nd trip will more than likely be just the kids and I, either... in August or July... more than likely the kids and I will hop over to Guam, enjoy a few movies and the tropical beach and spend some time with grandpa/my dad.Whenever they don't have school and the flight is open. So easier for us to do this passport stuff...before we travel. Also some countries will not let you enter, if you have less than a few months on your passport left, granted going to America would be no problem or to Japan would be no problem... but we are also considering a 3rd country for travel. So for us getting it done earlier is best. I have since already made 2 appointments with the American Embassy...because both kids need an appointment. So Bran has an appointment set and Noah's is after Branden's, but same day. Just like a 20 minute time difference. 

Vacation. We like to take 1 big one, a year as a family. You know...we all work hard. The kids hit the books hard and go to school. Noboru works hard. I also work hard at home. We like knowing we have some sort of reward for the whole year. That 1 trip a year, to really look forward to. Do you know what I mean. However, we can't decided where to go. We have it widdled down to 2 destinations. We already have the hotels picked for both destinations. After reading reviews off Trip Advisor and Expedia, for weeks and weeks, hahaha. One place is in America and the other place is in Asia. I'm not trying to be all....secret squirrel about it either. I will totally fill you all in soon. It's just...trying to decide...which place. We have been watching Youtube videos of families at both destinations, having a blast. Meanwhile, Noboru and I are like stuck...50% wanting to go to place A and 50% wanting to go to place B. One day we'll both be in agreement and we'll say...we are going to place A. And the next day..we'll both sheepishly say..hmm saw a good video on YouTube about place B. Then next thing you know...we'll be all gung ho for place B. We literally are like 50/50 stuck. Hahaha. it the end of the world type of a problem? Not even. However it has been taking up a lot of our free time lately. Preoccupying my time. if I get a free moment. Instead of updating this blog, if I get a chance...I prefer research place A or place B. @_@ So, for now...we are still undecided. Anyway as Homer Simpson used to say...Doh! : )