Sunday, May 10, 2015

More Golden Week Shenanigans. Korea Depart order came in. Innisfree, Nature Republic, Missha. Robots wandering the streets of Tsukuba, Japan? BBQ pulled pork sandwiches with slaw on top and a side of baked beans for Boy’s Day...

These posts are still from Golden Week. I need to move a bit faster with the posting, so I am lumping 2 of the Golden Week days, in this 1 post. : ) This post was the next/following day from the last post, the playing a family board game post. This post is from Monday and Tuesday, during Golden Week. May 4th and May 5th. Monday morning, my order from Korea Depart arrived. Also, I was a bit disappointed about something with my order this time. Will, it stop me from ordering from them in the future? No. But, it really disappointed the heck out of me, so I feel, I have to mention it. I hope some of you remember that I ordered that Vitamin C20 deal. I got it on a sale. Buy 2 serums and get 1 cream. The total for the 3, was just $22 US or around that. Anyway, Korea Depart has always shipped things to my house in orders of the past... at lightening speeds. However this had been a full week and I had not got any email saying..."hi we shipped your order, you can track your package and here is the tracking number, etc etc" You know what, I mean, I hope. 7 fulls days and nothing, not a peep. I was patient. I didn't want to be a hot head...jump to conclusions type a person. And one morning, I wake up and sure enough there is an email. Not a good email. : ) Saying basically, sorry but we have to cancel your Vitamin C 20 part of your order...we are out of stock. Yada yada yada. Not really believing that at all. I go to their website and sure enough it is in stock. I am unsure if they realized that deal was too good/too cheap or what. But for whatever reason, they no longer wanted to HONOR, the deal we had. Meaning they made the deal, and at that price, I threw it into the cart and paid. They were now essentially taking the deal back. I emailed them back immediately and said, as nicely as possible...because honestly...there's no reason to be a jerk! The person opening the email doesn't deserve that. So, I say..."if you can't sell me the 3 in 1 set. That is fine, but please send me 1 of the serums if you can." And they emailed back and said, absolutely no problem. Though they did ship the other stuff but they'd ship it separately and give me the refund or money leftover. I think they paid me back, about $13 US. About 1380 yen or so. Since I was no longer to get the 3 for 1. : ( But fine...I was disappointed about that, yes, but...they were polite and professional and so was I. But yes, I felt it important to at least say it here. So, anyway Sunday morning, Kuroneko (black cat) delivered my first package of stuff from Korea Depart. I was happy. : )

I double cleanse, my face and have ever since I moved to Japan. Only when I wear makeup though. It's just gentler on my face. I like oil cleansers, whether, they be cleansing oils, oil sorbet type textures. But I do like oily base cleansers, as my first step. It wipes off... all my makeup off. And then I clean with a normal regular face wash afterwards. This YouTube person. Gorgeous Korean lady, who is so funny. I enjoy her vlogs and she recommended these cleansing tissues/wipes for travel because they have olive oil, same type of oil you'd find in a cleansing oil, but they are in a tissue form. She uses the Innisfree brand. And I have bought quite a few things, from Innisfree before, and like the brand very much... so since she rec'd them, I figure worth a shot. Especially if I am on a long flight for our summer vacation. I can use one of these and then a normal cleansing wipe after. And put on some moisturizer for the flight, since long flights make my skin so dry anyways. These were just $5 a pack, so I picked up 2.  

Two Innisfree olive oil makeup wipes on the right. And my Missha essence in the center. And brow mascara to the left. And samples on top.

I researched the heck out of this essence. I know, I already mentioned this before that, Missha made this to rival SK2. SK2 is the Japanese brand and original, it also is about 20,000 yen ($165 US) for this 150ml bottle. The 330ml bottle is $290 US dollars, I just checked their website in the US. @_@ This was like $24.68 US on sale at Korea Depart and is 4,000 yen at Missha in Japan. This has fermented stuff too. 80% of it. Plus this has niacinamide and licorice root. Which does a ton for making your face white, bright and clear. Sk2 doesn't have those ingredients, where as this does. Korea Depart also gave me a travel size of this, which of course I will surely use. I have been using this for a week and I seriously *love* this. This is so good. I read so many reviews on this and so many people completely changed their skin, this 1 bottle of essence. And I admit, I was skeptical. But it really makes a huge difference on my face too. I love this stuff. 

I love the Nature Republic eyebrow mascara. The wand size is perfect for a brow. The color is nicely pigmented and the price is the best! : ) 

I picked a natural brown color, this color I had the same color last year too. And I also picked a red brown color, because I am toying with the idea of coloring my hair, a tad lighter and brighter for summer. Nothing too dramatic. But, in case I do, I want my eyebrows to be spot on too. : ) 

Am very happy with these. 

Samples. I love that they always give me really good samples. Skinfood BB cream, etc. Anyway, we all got dressed and we hit the road to Tsukuba. Reason being, we wanted to hit Nishimatsuya. There is a WAY closer Nishimatsuya, in the small city nearest our town in fact. However, they had slim pickings already. The moms around here.. buy their kids summer stuff really early. They beat me every year. Hahaha. I think I am fast and yet they are always faster! : ) lol. No worries, the one in Tsukuba has sizes up to 150cm. And their regular shops only go up to 140cm. Noah's size is barely 140cm right now. But, it is nice to be able to buy both sizes, if need be. So that's the main reason we went. 
We were in Tsukuba city on our way to Nishimatsuya. And saw this sign. Robot zone. The words near it basically say..."there are robots that go along this road, so if you pass one, please be careful, when passing the robots" And no, I am not kidding. : ) Hahaha. : ) The Terminator movies are probably some of my favorite movies. A robot relentlessly tracking you down... trying to find you and terminate your very existence. So...hmm. I think if I personally would be walking or strolling this street, my heart might be palpitating seeing one walking towards me. Sweat beads forming near the top of my hair line. : ) Nice robot...please be a nice robot! LOL. : )

Yep, this particular Nishimatsuya has the larger size of 150cm. There are a few shops like this around Chiba and I imagine in other parts of Japan too, just check their online website...if you should need the 150cm size. : ) We only need the 140cm size this year, but it will be helpful next year though. : ) 
We did buy Noah, 1 pair of shorts in size 150cm though. Given he's so super skinny though, we had him try them on and they fit. I did wash them and threw them in the dryer though...hoping for slight shrinkage though, but they fit fine. : )

I like that Nishimatsuya has very cute clothes. Very nice quality clothes, not cheap quality and very fair prices. This is under 1000 yen. So under $10 bucks. Given the exchange rate, this would be about $9 US. So very fair price on a pair of shorts. : )

We loved the print. Really happy and summer like. Really reminded me of Hawaii. Very beach-y. : )

Tee-shirt about $4 US. Fantastic price. 

Is Noah going to go out to a fancy shmancy dinner in this? No, of course not. But he can most certainly, bop to school, in this and cruise about town with us. Go riding bikes with his friends from the neighborhood. Go fishing with his dad or searching for crawdads/zarigani with his friends in this. : )  

Noah's real size. : ) 140cm.

These are so preppy! So cute and will go perfect with that navy blue Gap tee shirt, he just got the week before at the outlet. And this is a Target brand shorts. I have mentioned it on here before twice, that Nishimatsuya has/carries Target brands.  

I have never seen a pair of shorts at Nishimatsuya over 1000 yen. : ) I like that in Japan, the waistbands are soft and stretchy for kids. It's comfortable for kids waists. And they can pull up and down their pants with ease and we as mom's don't have to worry our child just pulled off a plastic button. : ) And the price, I love the price. You really don't have to spend a fortune, to be a cutie patootie. : ) At least, I don't think so. : ) 

Target brand yet again. Again the quality is something, I trust. Since I come from the country that invented Target. : ) I trust Cherokee. And I *love* that price. 

Again, a cute comfy pair of shorts, with comfortable stretchy waist band. 
Final pair. Also a trusted Target brand. Thank you Nishimatsuya. : ) 

Cutest jeans shorts ever! Love the cantaloupe orange color waist band. 

4 adorable and cute pair of shorts for Noah, with 4 comfy waist bands. Noah is now like 95% done with summer clothes. I think he might get a few extra tee shirts. But he's pretty much all set. Now, we just have to concentrate on finishing up Bran's Summer shopping. : ) 

Target brand simple tee. Love this color. Love the $6 US price. 679 yen.

Preppy stripes.

Two preppy tee shirts that will go perfectly with a pair of jean shorts. So 4 shorts this day, plus the Gap pale orange shorts the week before, that makes 5 total. Plus Noah has 3 jean shorts already from last year in size 140cm, that look like brand new still and are nice and big still. So, Noah has 8 pair of shorts total, for this spring and summer, 2015. 8 pair is more than plenty. : ) Noah will probably get a few extra tee shirts and perhaps 1 extra pair of PJ's and that's it. : ) He already has his new swim trunks and rash guard already. So he's just about set. : ) Anyway that was stuff that happened Sunday. 
Tuesday morning, May 5th. Boy's Day. Sorry, but I don't know, if it drives anyone else with boys crazy but it drives us nuts around here.... I know it's technically Children's Day but...we must be fair and even Stevens about things, right. And if we are going to have Girls Day in March. Then it be only fair, that we have Boy's Day. It's not fair for girls to have their own special day, in March. And then make the boys share their day in May. Just sorta seems like the boys get the short/crappy end of the stick. So while technically it is "Children's Day" I am keeping it fair...and even Stevens and will stay/remain Boy's Day. For my blog and for our household. Come on though...we do have to remain fair. For Boy's Day, we just stood home. I did run to KFC in the afternoon to pick up some coleslaw. : ) But that's it. : ) Tuesday morning, I rubbed 2 pork loins with the pulled bbq rub. I preheated the oven very low and slow cooked this pork all day. I should have put it into the crock pot, but, I didn't. However it came out so good. I will use the oven next time too. : ) 

Also, the doorbell rang and it was yet again...Kuroneko (black cat) the delivery man, think along the lines of UPS. : ) He was delivering the tiniest little cardboard box you ever did see. It contained my one and only vitamin C serum. I had badly wanted this. Wish they would have honored the deal they offered. but...oh well...what can ya do. : ) I have 1, and I'm fine with it. : ) They did give me a huge mega ton of sample though. 1 package of samples was exactly of what they sent me last time except it had 1 extra sample inside and the other set of samples had totally and completely different samples inside. I do love those samples. : ) We use them up...perfect for travel, etc.

You know, I have the Shu Uemura Brightening cleansing oil. So, I was excited to see a similar brightening cleaning oil from It's Skin. Because I love It's Skin. My banana face cleanser was that brand last year. I like that brand. I have since used this sample of their cleansing is lovely and exactly like the Shu brightening cleansing oil. I also tried the Nature Republic Snail cleanser, I felt this was too overly drying for my face. It smelled good though. Which surprised me, I was thinking it might smell snail-y. lol. Granted, not that I'd know what one smells like, I haven't smelled any lately, (or ever) hahaha. But it smelled normal. : ) 

I use this vitamin c 20 every night. I use the Missha essence first though after I double cleanse of course and every morning I wake up, my face looks amazeballs. Noboru told me this morning...and I am not kidding you...I was drinking a cup of coffee, standing in the kitchen with not a stitch of makeup on at all and gabbing to Noboru (I just drove Noah to school and B's on his over night trip though, he gets back this evening at 5pm) and he was staring slightly and I said playfully..."what?" And he said..."I know you're into some skin something or other lately and I really don't know what's up with that, but I must tell you...your face...your skin looks's all one color and is so're glowing." For the record my skin didn't look bad before, but it did have a spot or two like most folks. I admit, my first gut reaction this morning, was to blush, then roll my eyeballs and joke and go..."oh gosh" But...he isn't one to give compliments unless he REALLY means them. So..I just said simply..."thank you", this morning. It is true...I do not have not 1 spot on my is all even in texture and color. My skin...I shouldn't say it... but it's looks amazing. It's not me. It's the Missha essence and that c20. My skin tone looks better today... then it did 5 years ago. That's really something. Anyway...And no, I am not suggesting anyone to buy those. I have never been compensated to mention a product, although I have been asked before by a few companies to try their products. I have always said no. Because, I would never do that. I feel when people do that...they are no longer a review I can trust 100%. Because what if getting the free product swayed their opinion. I know..they always say their opinion is their own, but I often have to wonder. So, no...on here...if I like something, I say I like it. If I don't like something...which has happened on here many times too, I say it. And no, I am not suggesting anyone to buy either product. I am just mentioning what I am using and is working for crazy! I love it. : )

This pork came out so tender. I took all fat and funky bits off and shredded it with 2 forks. The rub made the pork taste so good. 

Just a little bbq sauce. From a bottle. Noah wanted some pork at first without the sauce, which is why you see a little bowl with pork minus sauce. However Noah tried the one with sauce and loved that even more, so I ended up putting sauce on his too. : ) 

1 container of coleslaw from KFC. Dinners can be made easier by buying ready made slaw versus making your own sometimes. Or using bbq from a bottle, versus making your own. It just makes dinner time easier. : )

Bush's Baked beans. 

Dinner Tuesday evening. Boys Day. Pulled pork sandwiches should be put onto a hamburger bun. But, you know the inaka. Finding hamburger buns is pretty hard. My 1 store in my town happened to have hot dog buns and I was proud of them for even carrying those! Hahaha. So, there you go. It all works. We had a nice causal Tuesday dinner for Boy's Day. We had a very American dinner. Slow roasted pulled pork sandwiches topped with some coleslaw and a side of baked beans. Branden had 3 sandwiches. Noboru had 3. Noah had 1 sandwich and an extra helping of baked beans, Branden and Noboru also had some extra baked beans too. It was a very nice supper. I am glad I bought extra packs of the buns, because I knew we'd need them. We were all nice and stuffed. Dinner clean up was a breeze, since I only used 1 roasting pan for the pork and 1 sauce pan for the beans. And some utensils and 4 plates. So dinner clean up was done in a snap. : ) Noah took a fast soapy sudsy shower. Branden went afterwards. I went after that. Noboru wanted to go last. Sometimes he'll go first. Just depends. After we all showered and I blow dried my hair and put my Missha essence on and vitamin c20 on. It's all clear so you can't see it. I said...anyone feeling like icecream? The kids said...yes! I said me too. Noboru wanted to come too. And so, I drove us all to Mini Stop and we each picked an ice cream, we were all in our house clothes. We were all clean, but we all looked...well... we all looked like... we all just took a shower. : ) Oh's the inaka (countryside), we all know everybody else and vice versa. So it's okay. : ) We weren't in PJ's though. Just comfy clothes. We each picked an icecream and went home. 

I picked choco banana inside a waffle. It was pretty good. The other one that looks like a banana in shape, is best though. : ) Everyone else picked different flavors of ice creams. Anyway that's how we spent Boy's Day. Close to home. Just relaxed and hung out. : )