Sunday, May 03, 2015

How we spent Showa No Hi (Showa Day) Spring & Summer clothes shopping for Branden and Noah. Gap Factory Outlet and Old Navy. Meanwhile running into that girl, from Massan, Charlotte Fox...

Wednesday, April 29th, was one of the first Golden Week holidays (days off school) before the consecutive days off  of school, kicked off on May 1st. Meaning the boys had school, Thursday and Friday, but no school the day beforehand which was Wednesday. We did the same thing last year too, for Showa Day. Getting the boys Spring and Summer clothes ready, by doing some shopping, even running to the same 2 stores/malls. LOL. : ) So Wednesday, morning at 10am. I ran to the hair salon, I had an appointment for my hair color. She colored my hair, shampooed, deep condition treatment-ed me, blow dried it and styled it and I raced home and arrived around 11:20am. Everyone was waiting. Dressed and we quickly left. Hitting the factory outlet first. The Ami Premium Outlet. In Ibaraki, which is close for us. We next hit the Gap outlet right away. And we were very disappointed in the selection for men's clothing choices for Branden, this time around! Usually they have very cute men stuff. Gap Tshirts that say GAP. You know what I mean. : ) They were literally wiped out of all cuteness for the men's section. : ( Hugely disappointed, because mostly everything at the store was 50% off PLUS Noboru had an email from the Gap factory outlet and had an additional savings as well. 20% or 30% off. And ...if you are a parent you'll understand...that if you're going to buy a good chunk of clothes, for your kids. And you actually have the coupons...the GW 50% off savings too. And so we wanted to buy for Bran! However...if they had zip...what could we do, ykwim? @_@ Grrr, frustrating. However we found some cute stuff for B at Old Navy later that afternoon. So no worries. After looking in the men's and's useless...we said let's not waste any more time and let's go and find stuff for Noah, grab our pretzels and leave this outlet mall. For what it's worth, we said on Wednesday, next week when it's the main Golden Week and everyone in Japan is off work...the lines will be even worse, which is why we like going on Showa Day instead. However it was still pretty packed. Tons of people. The lines to check out/pay were like...waiting to see Santa Claus type lines. @_@ So we went to the boy/kids section and looked for stuff for Noah. They had a *ton* of cute stuff. And given we knew we'd at least get 50% off everything, plus because of his online email he had on his smart phone, we'd also get the extra 20-30% off. We wanted to get at least 3 tee shirts, we ended up getting Noah 4 though. And we picked up Noah 1 pair of super cute shorts from Gap too. At one point, given the check out line was so long, Noboru finish shopping, I'll go stand in the line. Good thing he's so smart... because it saved us a ton of time. Noah stood with Noboru and Branden helped me find pieces for Noah. Is this shirt defective? Is the sewing 100% right (it isn't always and you need to check), are there any tiny holes or stains? I know we need to check. 1 pair of the cute shorts in his size, had a small stain. Bran and I *both* noticed that right away and switched the shorts for a perfect pair. And 2 sets of eyes are better than 1, so we both went through all the pieces and then we went into the line. By the time Noboru was about to be called to check out and good timing, because we were ready! : ) All of the things Noah got at Gap, the total came to $45 US, or $52 at the most. For 4 tshirts and 1 pair of quality shorts. We were happy. Really happy. Because Noah will look cute all summer. And we will be happy because we saved a good chunk of money on buying his clothes, on a huge sale day, plus Noboru is signed up for the factory Gap outlet savings...which is different than the regular Gap Japan email savings emails... for the regular stores. So if you do hit the Gap outlets in Japan, sign up for the emails, 24 hours before you know you'll be going there, because they'll send you a coupon, that is good to use after 24 hours (not before). Noboru does that every time. : ) It's smart...just saves money, is all. : )  We four went and each had a pretzel before leaving the Ami factory outlet. And then we went to Tsukuba, our biggest city nearest where we live. Which is in...Ibaraki. Narita city is very big for us...coming from our tiny town of 5,000 people. But Tsukuba is HUGE and modern and has Old Navy and is just really modern. Has everything. So our nearest big city is Tsukuba. : ) 

Bye Gap factory outlet, we'll be seeing you in a month or two, I am totally sure. : ) 

Hello Old Navy. Oh, get ready to be surprised. Well you can sorta tell and know by the title, lol. But in any case...please prepare yourselves. : ) Oh and for what it's worth, what were we thinking as we were walking into the mall? We were thinking 2 thoughts. "Gee, I hope we can find clothes for B" : ( And 2nd thought was..."what are we having for dinner tonight" 

As we entered the mall. Same mall we have gone many many times and you all know that. We go here for the Old Navy. Anyway there is this *massive* and I do mean *huge* long line! Huge crowd of people. People are all shrieking and excited. My first thought was...."OMG, please don't say this is the line, to get into Old Navy" Are they having a Flash sale or something? @-@...Security was all around, the mass line of people were behind a rope...waiting. Waiting for who? Keep in mind...all we want to do... is go to freaking Old Navy! That's it. That's all. Nothing more...nothing less. OMG... (you can hear murmuring as people stood in the line) "American." And nope... they *weren't* talking about me. LOL. : ) Who is at the end of this line, I wondered? Madonna? Beyonce? Princess Kate? I was thinking some very very important person, must be at the end of this line, keep in mind at the end of the line, is the direction of Old Navy, so we were passing the end of the line anyways....couldn't help it really. Could it be....The First lady Michelle Obama? Or who? And I hope Old Navy isn't being blocked by this insane line of gushing swooning people! @_@ At this point, I don't know who is at the end of said line...but I know you... who read my blog...deserve to know too : ) Don't you guys!!!...who is at the end of this line. And for what it's worth, now I'm curious. 

The lady/main character from Massan. Charlotte... what's her face....oh gee, I wrote down Charlotte Church, at first. LOL. This proves to you, that...clearly I wasn't interested in that Japanese TV series, that was on in Japan, for the past 5 or 6 months? It wasn't on too long. Is it over with now... I could be wrong, but I think it is now over. Again, I have American TV/cable downstairs. Granted if I wanted to..I could watch it on the kids TV. But, I'm just honestly and I feel badly about it..but I'm just not all too interested. At all actually. Many of us are actually foreign wives of Japanese, actually living the life. LOL. So, no offense intended at all, but I really don't need to watch the show, when many of us are living that life anyway. : ) I hear she got famous by being on that Massan show in Japan and it has now got her a Broadway job. Good for her. I am glad Japan helped, get her career rolling. But in all honesty, I don't know who she is...and in fact, if she and I were coincidentally about to catch the same flight back to America for example, and if she was waiting and sitting smack dab right next to me at the gate at Narita airport, I wouldn't know her from Joe Blow down the street. Again, I mean no disrespect, I truly do not, but I really wouldn't be able to pick her face in a line up. So, I am just...not very interested. And I surely... not going to...go stand in a line for hours upon hours, just to shake her hand and swoon. Don't get me wrong, please don't get me wrong or get it twisted... I don't dislike her at all. I just don't have feelings of like or dislike. How can you have feelings for someone (one way or the other) for someone, you really don't know, if you know what I mean. Granted if it were Beyonce, I'd freak with happiness. Ellen DeGeneres, she's so freaking fantastic, I'd wait all day long to shake her hand and get a pic with her. Oprah, I'd probably faint straight away. Okay, I'd even be a tad excited... to see the ladies from Little Women LA. LOL.: ) Anyway...for those of you though who are fans of Charlotte Fox. Or of Massan. Here ya go. Pics of her. Enjoy. : ) 

And for what it's worth...she seems like a genuinely nice person though. I just really don't know who in the heck she is. I *know* she was on Massan, but what else.... I never watched that, so I am super sorry, I lacked the stars in my eyes, that day. Granted if it were Sarah Jessica Parker, Jennifer Aniston, Stevie Wonder, Katy Perry, Elton John, Paul McCartney, Snoop Dogg, Madonna, Sandra Bullock, you know what I mean, somebody that's world wide famous... who we all know, type know... I think, I'd be superly wanting an autograph or pic with them! : ) Noboru was wondering if that man standing next to her in this pic, was her "husband" character from the show Masaan next to her.  But, as neither of us watched the show like ever... we were like...hmm, wonder if that's him or not. : ) We really weren't too sure. Anyway, though... just thought, these couple pics might make someone smile. : ) In case any of you are fans of hers or of Massan. She did seem really nice though. : ) 

Blurry, but it helped me remember..."umm, who was that lady again." lol. : )

We walked passed the Massan lady really fast actually and made it to Old Navy. Boy were we excited to see Old Navy. hahaha. : ) See that 40% off on the left and the 50% off sign, in the middle of the entrance. Heck yeah! : ) A savings is a savings. And we'll take that. : ) We spent, at least an hour in there. Could be more. 

By the time we left Old Navy, the crowd had disappeared. Good grief...we must have been in Old Navy long. : ) Branden needed a new dictionary for JHS. And so we walked to the bookstore at the same mall as Old navy, is in. And then we left the mall and headed to Saizeriya for dinner. We all shared a big salad. I always feel like..."Elaine" from Seinfeld saying that term "a big salad" because she always ordered a big salad. lol. : ) We each had a nice dinner, we all had a drink bar too. We were all so stuffed from dinner and with Gap and Old Navy in the trunk, and with nice full tummy's, we headed back to our town. 

Branden's dictionary.

Our stuff bought on Showa No Hi, aka Showa Day. : ) 

Obviously, Noah's favorite colors are yellow and orange and so he likes wearing those colors often, so he had to get 1 in each color, of course, since those are his favorite colors. : ) This one in yellow. 50% off 1,900 yen. About $18 US before the 50% off. After the 50% off, about $9US. And for us less than a 1000 yen. : ) Size 140cm. Size 10. Since he'll be 10, this coming July.

And orange of course too, hahaha. You see orange and yellow and you think, Noah's colors. : ) And we got 50% off the 1200 yen. So a 600 yen shirt. About $5 US. What a perfect price and the colors made Noah happy. : ) Aww. : )

Two perfect color tee shirts, for Noah. : )

Hawaiian print Gap. Really cool, size 140cm, size 10. And at only 600 yen, heck yeah. 

Beautiful pale orange shorts for Noah. Cantaloupe color. Noah's so super skinny, you know. And so a size 10 slim. Noah needs the slim, because the regular fit would be too baggy.

Less than 1500 yen for the shorts, these were 50% off. So about $14 US. 
This particular shirt had very nice stitching details. 

Noah, also received a pair of shoes at Old Navy. Slip on sneakers, that are really "in" right now. : )

This outfit is going to be, so cute for Noah! This looks really good.

This outfit too. It looks really nice. : )

This was 50% off too, and it was a few dollars more than the other tees but with the stitching labels and stuff, it was worth it. It's cute. 

Not a bad little start for Noah for Spring/Summer clothes for 2015. : )

These are for Branden, they're navy blue with pink flamingos. Super cute!

Bran's waist is between a 29-30, but since these are slim fit, we made sure he get the larger size so his waist doesn't feel strangled in these. : ) 

I walked all over the Old navy men's section and found the best tee to match the shorts. And he got a nice navy blue pair of sneakers for summer. A very cute outfit for Bran. 

His normal size. 29 fit too, but these fit, with a bit of extra room for growth too.

It was 1000 yen more, to get the pair with metal button versus the plastic button. But, they didn't have his size in the plastic button pair. And Bran needed something, so at this point, we said...just get the metal button. : ) 

Not a bad start for Bran. Bran will be getting more clothes this coming month. We will be hitting Uniqlo for Branden too. And probably back to Old Navy for Branden too. : )  Since Branden is in men's sizes and adult clothes are way more expensive, than kids clothes. While Noah's cost $45 for all his stuff, wait don't forget his slip ons shoes were like 1000 yen too. Meanwhile... Branden's Old Navy haul was over $100. So, not complaining in the least. But...the cost/price difference is like double. But...we will be going back to get, more stuff for Branden this month though. But at least...we started gathering clothes for both the kiddos. : )  Anyway, you guys, that's what we were up to, this Wednesday, April 29th for Showa No Hi/ Showa Day. : )