Monday, May 04, 2015

First family backyard BBQ of the season...

Saturday, May 2nd our family had the first backyard BBQ of the season. Saturday morning, after a quick breakfast, I sliced up the chicken and marinated it in some yakiniku sauce. Also marinated a huge amount of kalbi (beef) and some veggies.  

Chicken and veggies in this one container, the kalbi marinated separately. 

Branden has an overnight trip with his fellow 8th graders May 10th or something like that. They will be staying at a hotel, soaking in a huge public bath at the hotel. However, they will be having a campfire and Branden, will be one of the fire starters for the campfire. So, he wanted to get in a bit of practice Saturday.: )

My jalapenos are starting to grow a bit. I grew these from a pack of seeds, I brought from Denver about a billion years ago. In fact, I wasn't even sure if the seeds would even grow. Hahaha. So, I was happy they did (I have kept them safe and in the shed this past month). : ) Gee, I hope they all survive, but I'd just be thrilled if 3 plants survived. : ) 

Noboru suggested Branden put these things dipped in kerosene in a jenga type formation. : ) These are used here in Japan, to help start our bbqs. Same way as lighter fluid is used in the states. : ) 

I never tire of this view. Our backyard facing the rice fields. Lots of greenery and peace and quiet. The farmers have planted the rice seedlings back there already. And you can hear loud croaking of frogs now. Yes, lots of...ribbit ribbit! : )  The grass is starting to green up too. : )

Good job so far, Bran!

And 1 swipe of a match, did this! I think Branden has got it! I sure hope, he does okay when he goes on his overnight trip! : ) With the camp fire lighting. : ) Noboru took over and started cooking. The boys sat on some camping chairs. We had music playing in the kitchen, that you could hear outside on the patio. Not blasting of course, but nice! : )

Oh Golden Week! We sure do like you, Golden Week! : ) A time for us, just to relax and hang out as a family. : ) Anyway, this pic. Chocolate eclairs for dessert. Marinated chicken breast, some kalbi in the center, and veggies. The big amount of kalbi was outside with Noboru, grilling away. : ) 

I wasn't going to take a pic of the kids. Just the food. But Branden waved at me, in this picture. : ) And he said...take my picture! : )

I said..."okay!" : ) Branden's happy face. 

Ahh, rest of kalbi, you finally made an appearance. Branden and Noah seem to now prefer the beef. Which is totally fine. So, next time, I think, I'll just marinate 2 chicken breasts worth, next time versus the 4 chicken breast worth, that I usually do, you know what I mean. :  ) And I'll just buy more kalbi. : ) Ahh, as the boys grow older, their preferences change and that's okay. I just now need to keep up to date with...what to buy for the next BBQ. : ) More beef, less chicken. Got it! : ) Anyway there you have it...that was our family backyard BBQ, Saturday, May 2nd, 2015. : )