Friday, May 08, 2015

Family breakfast, Branden's haircut and family board game fun...

Sunday, May 3rd. Still the Golden Week holiday in effect. : ) And this post, is of what we did on Sunday. : )  We had a nice leisurely American breakfast. Just some bacon, cheesy scrambled eggs (shredded colby jack cheese mixed in), toast and coffee for Noboru and I and chocolate milk for the boys. 

1 pack of eggs worth. In Japan it's 10 eggs, in America, it's a dozen eggs. Hahaha. : ) After we all ate and I put the dishes into the dish washer, we all got dressed and ready and we took Branden to get his hair cut. Next Sunday May 10th, he is going on an over night trip with his grade/classmates. So, I wanted to make sure that he got a very nice hair cut. We went at the right time, no wait time at all, but by the time we left, it was packed. : ) We went home after the haircut... 

Noboru left to work and the boys and I decided to spend an afternoon playing a family board game. My favorite American board game. The kids favorite board game too. Sorry! : ) 

Noah all smiles...

The kids love playing this as a family! But who will win...who will win? I can tell you this...I did not win either of the rounds, that we played (we played 3 rounds total). Hahaha. : ) 

"Mom, it's your turn"... "Yes, that's right, sorry kids" : )

Some serious contemplation going on. ; )

Okay...who has the Sorry card...the card that will zonk one of us, back to the start again, lol. was not Branden, this time. : ) 

Such a nice clean haircut. I just want to make sure, that neither of my kids goes out, especially on an over night trip...looking like a raggamuffin. : ) Bran has passed the test...he looks very clean cut. He'll do great next week. : )

Almost...for the win... for Noah, 3 in "home base" and 1 almost there...but...there is a but...

Me too...2 of mine are in the home circle. And 2 of mine are so, ALMOST there too. 

OMG...Poor Noah, looks like someone zonked, one of your yellow pawns, back to start. Branden did that! Hahaha. But he did say...Sorry. : ) Hahaha. All part of the game though, we all know. However Noah got out and then got a 4 backwards and was no worse for wear. 

So close for the win Noah...but...

Meanwhile...I am THIS close to win. I can almost taste the win, feel the win. However...I did not feel that win at all. In fact, like I said...I didn't win the whole day. LOL. Which was fine...the kids had fun and that's all I wanted. But...I was pretty close though, right. : ) 

Branden is meanwhile, so close to winning too. This match was so close. 

Branden won! Tada. : )

Man, I was so close. : ) 

Happy face victory. And we said...we want to challenge this! Let's go...round 2! And so we did. : ) We ended up playing, best out of 3. It was a wonderful Sunday. A nice leisurely breakfast. Branden did get his haircut scratched off the list. And an afternoon of family board games. I made dinner. The boys helped cook and clean up. And we all just watched cable TV for the rest of the night. It was a pretty great day. : )