Wednesday, April 22, 2015

What's in my makeup bag! Cosmetics, I'm currently using, April 2015

Hi everyone! I always really enjoy when people post on their blogs or when I watch on YouTube when folks share, what sort of makeup/cosmetics they are using. I haven't done this type a post in forever. So, I thought it would be sort of nice, to just do a post like this. : ) I'm not only going to share what I use, but I'm going to give it, in the order I put my makeup on. Also important to note, I don't wear makeup everyday. If I have an observation day, or am going to Costco or the local grocery store, I will use some makeup. But if I'm going to just be home or cleaning house or prepping for dinner, I won't wear anything but sunscreen.  First thing, I do after I wash my face in the morning, is I prep my skin with a facial moisturizer and then after waiting a couple minutes I put my sunscreen on my face and wait a couple extra minutes. I use the time, by throwing in a load of laundry, or brushing my teeth, combing my hair, cleaning up breakfast mess. You know what I mean. There's lots to do, so, the 2 minutes passes in a snap. : ) So, after my skin is prepped, I put the tiniest dot of my makeup base on. I use Benefit's The Porefessional. I use about a pea amount size or less for my entire face. I just use a tiny dot on my nose and an even smaller dot/amount on each cheek area. I don't really have gigantic pores. But, I want whatever is there, to be invisible. After I put this on, I wait a couple minutes and as I want to wait a few minutes for the Porefessional to set, I do my brows while I wait. 

My second step I do, while I am waiting a few minutes for the Porefessional to set. Is I do my eye brows. If anything needs tweezing, I tweeze. If anything needs trimming, I'll trim. Otherwise, I'll quickly brush through my brows and do a quick coat of the Nature Republic eyebrow mascara, in brunette. I love this eyebrow mascara so much, I reordered it. What makes this eyebrow mascara my favorite is the brush. The brush is so small. Before this, I used Anastasia brow mascara. And while the Anastasia Beverly Hills one is good. I find this one better. The brush is way better and the brunette color from Nature Republic is my favorite and it's only like $5 bucks. So super affordable. My Origins, eyebrow brush I got about a billion years ago and have honestly had this brush for about 15 years. But the quality is so good and I just wash it weekly. My Tweezerman tweezers, are dull and if I lived in the US, I'd send them off to be resharpened. But I might just end up buying a new pair this summer. The eyebrow scissors, I have honestly had since college and I love them, they're just a no brand type scissors. But my favorite eyebrow scissors. I have since bought scissors at Sephora, but I prefer these pictured here. : ) 
Concealer. For my undereyes, I use a liquid. It just looks nicer and is less dry looking for your undereye area. I also only use it in the middle of my undereye to the center of my nose. I don't use eye concealer on the outside part of my under eye. Also, I feel, stick concealers tend to look very drying when used on women over age 35 on their undereye area in my opinion. I do have a stick concealer though that I keep on hand, if I happen to have a pimple or blemish need covering (I don't use it for my undereyes at all). However, I haven't needed the stick one, in like 3 months, so while I have it, it's not used too often (The Sonia Kashuk stick concealer, is very good and very creamy and super good, just not for my undereyes). : ) The Maybelline Age Rewind liquid concealer is cheap as chips and it's much loved by many many big and famous beauty bloggers, for good reason. Like Essie Button and EmilyNoel. Because it's truly THAT good. That liquid concealer is Amazeballs! Hands down best concealer ever ever! Covers up all undereye sins and for super cheap. : ) The stick is Sonia Kashuk (can be found at any Target) : ) 
Next step, is I, line my upper eyelid lash line, with Dolly Wink liquid liner in dark brown. I am seriously considering switching to black though. And I line my lower lash, water line with Nars black eyeliner. 
I use powder foundations and have for 20 years. I like them because they're quick. And my time to spend in the mornings, is usually limited. I have used Studio Fix by Mac the longest. I love it because it is medium to full coverage. Meaning it covers up all the things you want to cover up. If you have ever bought a powder foundation and have been disappointed because the coverage is such crap, that it's like you used a setting powder versus using a powder FOUNDATION. That won't happen with the Studio Fix. It covers. I use it very light handed, I rub my puff in the foundation powder twice at the start and won't dab mine in the powder foundation at all after that, for my entire face, 2 swipes is all. 2 swipes of the foundation is more than enough for my entire face. I am color NC20 and I also have NC15 in winter when I am paler. Tarte powder foundation on the right and Shu Uemura powder foundation on the left. I have been seriously thinking about trying a Korean cushion foundation lately though, so I might try one of those next. I'm considering Hera Or Sulwhasoo brand in the cushion foundation though. But I'm still debating about it though. : ) I'm leaning more towards the Sulwhasoo Everfair though. : )

Okay by now, my eyebrows and liners are done and my face is all even and my foundation is on. If I am just going to go for a walk or go to my local grocery store in my town I will stop there makeup wise and go no further. However, let's just imagine it's observation day for sake of argument. : ) Next steps are color. I do my blush. The blush I use if by The Balm and the color I use is in Frat Boy. 
While I own only 2 palettes, this Urban Decay Naked palette in my most favorite. It definitely lives up to the hype. : ) 
This has all colors a girl could ever want or need. All very natural colors.
These colors in particular are my most favorites.: ) 
Just a very healthy peachy pinky color. It is very pigmented and so I just use a little.
Lips. Lipsticks and lip butters are my weakness. This Benefit and Lesportsac cosmetic pouch, is always found in my bag. : ) It contains just some lip products and some blotting papers.

Two Urban Decay lipsticks, colors are Fiend and Naked. Too Faced Spice Spice Baby. Mac Syrup and Bite brand in Pepper. 

I keep 5 high end brands and 5 low end ones, in my small makeup pouch pictured above. But all are super good. Revlon gloss, Loreal, Revlon Butter lipstick, Dr Pepper Lipsmacker and Rimmel.

Yes, I do favor, the YLBB colors. (Your lips but better colors) to me they just look natural and not so harsh.) Very easy on the eyes. Wearable everyday shades. : )

If, I were forced to pick my top favorite 5. These would be the 5. : ) Colors down below.

The last thing, I do is curl my lashes. Put one coat of mascara on and I'm good to go. Shu Uemura eyelash curler, which I love. And the mascara, is a Korean brand. For mascaras, I really don't care which mascara so much. I like my mascaras cheap though, because I toss mine every 4 months. 
Blotting papers. I'm nearly out of the Face Shop ones, that I bought at Aeon here in Japan. So, I put a pack of Clean & Clear in my little makeup pouch now, just in case. : )

I'm sure every one of us has, their own "Ride or Die" products! These are mine. Meaning I'll purchase this product forever and ever unless it's discontinued. : ) My ride or die product is the liquid concealer. I have 1 empty to the left. One half used in the middle and 1 brand new and unopened waiting to take it's place. That concealer is *that* good, it really really is. And my other ride or die product is the Loreal Glossy Balm in lovely mocha. It's such a pretty color. It's very YLBB. : ) I have this one waiting in line as a replacement already. : ) Those are my only 2 ride or die products, that I can think of. I have purchased about 15 Mac Studio Fix powder foundations though, in all my years. Could even be more. And while I'll keep one here...I am always searching too. For something better. Studio Fix is also, that whatever I find has... big shoes to fill (meaning being compared to my beloved Studio Fix) : ) But I'll keep an eye out, just in case. : )

Yep, told ya, I was a ride or die, Anastasia Beverly Hills eyebrow mascara girl. For years. But sometimes things change. If you don't know this brand. Anastasia, is like the most famous eyebrow waxing genius person ever. There is also an Anastasia Beverly Hills waxing place in Tokyo too. The Kardashians, famous models. All sorts of people go to Anastasia for an eyebrow wax. She has made brow products and sells them at Sephora. And her products are indeed amazing. And deserve the hype. However, her products are also pricey. And however her eyebrow mascara brush is humongous. Since Sephora left Japan ions ago. Whenever I am near a Sephora, I bought these. And I will use these, because I dislike wasting money, so yep, I have been using this. However I find the Nature Republic brow mascara better, the color is perfect (way prettier than the other brand) and the brush is so tiny, it actually is perfect length and width for a human eyebrow. The Anastasia brush size would best fit, Burt and Ernie from Sesame Street. It's seriously just absurdly too big for an eyebrow. But again..I will use them up. I have 2 and a half tubes of this left. But I do now prefer the Nature Republic one.

Brunette. Yep, I am a brunette. And the color is very pretty. However, I just prefer the Nature Republic one, sorry, because the color is just prettier and price is like heaps cheaper. And the brush is way better. 

The product, I keep for days like, graduation ceremony or entrance ceremony is this. It's a Korean BB Cream. By Lioele. This product is like an Instagram filter in a tube! This gives the most flawless face. I'm telling ya, I know I just said it, but it's so true that I have to say it's Instagram filter in a tube! 

American BB creams are nothing more than just tinted moisturizers, calling themselves BB creams. But they were invented in Korea. And your skin actually looks nicer after using it. It's got SPF, they all seem to be anti wrinkle. @_@ Which is a good thing, I guess. And they all seem to be whitening. 
It actually takes me 20 minutes from start to finish, to put my full makeup on, if I have an observation day or whatnot. And in the end I look as natural as this beautiful lady. I don't want any makeup screaming at people. I just want people to know I'm wearing makeup obviously, but...that I look natural. I'm not a green eye shadow girl or bright color eye shadow girl. Nor am I, a bright red or black color lipstick girl either (nothing wrong with those looks, just not for me though). Just very understated makeup. That's all. : ) Phew. So anyways that's what's in my makeup bag! : )