Monday, April 20, 2015

Noah's first observation day, as a brand new 4th grader...

Saturday, April, 18th was observation day at the local elementary school. Noboru sadly couldn't attend, though he really wanted to (he had work). However Branden and I went for Noah. And we got to see Noah's new teacher, pictured here. : ) His hair is a pure dark charcoal gray color, but he has lighter gray around his ear area. He has a full head of hair. He seems around Noboru's age, but could definitely be 5 years older-ish too. So either Noboru's age or perhaps a few years older.  He's not 80 years old or anything like that though. : ) He is married and has 2 kids, 1 of his kids, is a 4th grader at a different school. He seems nice. He says he loves sports and if he didn't want to teach elementary school education (meaning in the classroom) he would have probably been a gym teacher. Because he loves sports that much. Hahaha. But he's a regular teacher though. 

There is Noah in the lime green, long sleeve Tee-shirt. It was a very nice observation day. I enjoyed watching Noah's class Saturday very much. Before the bell rang (class started), the teacher told his students, to use the time wisely, so to read. That's why you see kids in this picture, Noah included reading. : ) After the bell rang though and class had started, the kids did a math game. And after that, their teacher spoke about a gymnast in Japan, who was very good and then he was injured, paralyzed from the neck down. So a quadriplegic. However he learned to paint these beautiful pictures using a paint brush and painting with his mouth. So the teacher asked all his students, to imagine if they had to write with only their mouths. So he asked the class to take out their handkerchiefs and wrap their pencils around it and to write their own names, with their mouth. And he asked us parents (and brother) to go to our child's desk and watch them practice writing with their mouths. So there was Noah writing...Noah, in Japanese with his mouth. And his classmates were meanwhile writing their own names as well. The kids were saying..."this is so hard!!!" "Too difficult"...Noah's best friend went over to Noah's and said to his mother "look mom, Noah's looks so good" Clearly he's such a good friend and biased because he is his best friend, because Noah's looked pretty crazy. : ) But, I made sure to tell his bestie, his looked very good too! : ) Many kids were laughing and parents were too. The writing was pretty hard to figure out, what they were each writing. However they did imagine how hard it was for that gymnast. I did get a chance to chit chat with my friend/fellow mother at the back of the class a bit too. And of course chit chat with Branden as well. : ) It was a pretty nice day.

Since this was the first observation day of the school year (school years here start in April) so that means there are massive amounts of meetings after this specific observation day. First a school wide meeting in the gymnasium. Then we separate by "where you live" for a separate meeting. And then we separate once more, for a class meeting. The first of the school year meeting... is way way longer than any other meeting any time of the year. This particular meeting, lasts forever. This is the day when most kids walk home, because the moms are stuck the the meetings. However keep in mind all the rain we've been having lately. Crazy amounts of rain. Last year I could not avoid this super long meeting because I had to stand at the front..during the 2nd meeting, the "where we live" meeting and say...hello I am fukukaicho this year and any complaints, gripes, worries, fears, or whatnot give them to us. Us reps last year had to do that. And there were actually worries and complaints already last year, for us. The meetings went on *so long* last year, (thank goodness last year Noboru drove the boys home) it was around 5pm-ish. By the time I got home and changed it was near 5:30pm. That was just ridiculous, last year. Considering we were at the school since 12:50pm, yes that is an incredibly long time to be at the school considering Noah's observation day was only a mere hour. The rest was meeting, break into another meeting, into another meeting infinity. And now this year...I am not a rep or PTA or anything. My only responsibilities are to my family and myself (where as last year the responsibilities felt were HUGE and massive) So on Saturday, I went home directly after Noah's observation day. I know this...if there is something *really* super important, you'll get it in a note. Also, somehow in Japan folks feel they can't miss a meeting. But the meetings aren't necessarily mandatory. At least not in my neck of the woods, for our town. So, after observation day, if I can slip away, meaning, make my way down the stairs, manage to slip on my shoes and slip outside relatively undetected. Then I'm Scott free. And I can get on with my Saturday. So that's what I did. Bran and I made our way, down the hill undetected. : ) And as we sat in the car waiting for Noah to walk down the hill to my car. I saw, quite a few handfuls of moms and dads escaping the meetings too! About 30 in total. I saw at least 6 moms from Noah's class alone, slip away, to their cars. I thought..."good for you, I won't tell, if you won't." "I didn't see you, and you didn't see me either." : ) As the years go by, I see people are getting absolutely tired of these lengthy, late afternoon type consuming meetings. And for what it's worth, the meeting last year. Not a single thing of importance was heard that you couldn't have gotten in a short letter. @_@ Just boggles the mind, what a huge waste of our time, if you ask me. And they do send out letters weekly at out school, for anything you need to know. So, yep, this year I am happy I could skip the huge start of the new year meeting. I'll go to the class meeting during the rest of the year, because it's only 20-25 minutes. And is specifically about Noah's class. But the main first start of the year meeting is like overkill, time wise. So anyway...Noah came to the car, only/barely 5 short minutes after we got to the car and after that, we 3 went to the farmer's market to pick up some farm fresh vegetables. And we went home and started on supper. I washed off my makeup once I was home, put on a pair of sweatpants and a comfy long sleeve Tee. And put my hair in the tiniest pony tail you ever did see. : ) And started in on dinner. Attend observation day and support Noah and let him know we will be there for him no matter what!!! Yes, yes yes, I do that for both my kids. Sit in a boring meeting for 2 and a half hours and let my son walk home in the pouring rain. No thanks. I prefer go and get some farm fresh veggies with my kiddos and go home and get dinner started and enjoy what's left of my Saturday. : )  Anyway there you have it...that was Noah's first observation day, as a 4th grader. It was lovely. And the farmer's market after that, was really nice as well. It was nice to go home after that, so we could all relax. And just enjoy Saturday evening. : )