Monday, April 13, 2015

My hair salon appointment last Thursday. Good eats. The movie, Unbroken. The 20/20 Barbara Walters special with Mary Kay Letourneau and Vili Fualaau, so interesting. And a few other things for good measure...

Hi you guys. : ) Do you remember how I said that, I wanted to go and get my hair dyed/colored before I have observation day, right. And I have observation day this week, April 16th and on the 18th. Oh yeah and you know how, I have that card for 5 hair colorings, right. So, anyways, I decided since last Thursday and Friday was pretty free for me. I would make an appointment on one of those days. So, last Wednesday, I called and made an appointment and my appointment was for the next day. So, long story short, last Thursday,April 9th at 11am, was my appointment. I left my house around 10:20am. Drove myself Thursday morning to the small city nearest us, where my hair salon is located. I arrived around 10:40am-ish. Walked around the mall a bit, to kill a bit of time and around 10:50am, I went to the salon, gave them my members card and hair color card. I brought these magazines with me. I forgot to picture them in the Guam post, but I did bring these 3 back from Guam. I read the front magazine on the left about Bruce's Journey, how he told his kids. I personally feel, if this will make him happy, more power to him, having watched Keeping up with the Kardashians, he honestly seems like a genuinely nice guy. So yeah, if this next step in his life, makes him happy. Go for it. : ) Anyway, my stylist and I went through all the hair colors and I picked a nice chocolaty brown color, that picks up a lot of copper, when the sun hits it. It's a very pretty color and I am pretty happy with it. It was nice to just relax in the salon chair for an hour and have her color my hair, after that they washed my hair, gave me a deep conditioning treatment. Oh, although I did not get a haircut this time, however...since she does do everything for my hair...meaning she colors it, straightens it, and now colors it, hahaha. She whipped out her scissors and just made my A-line lob cut, a bit cleaner and sharp. And I didn't even pay for a cut. But she sees me for absolutely everything... hair related and I thought that was quite cool of her. Where was, I. Oh yes, she deep conditioned my hair, she massaged my neck and shoulders and temples. I mean..I felt fantastic spending an hour to an hour and a half there. She then blow dried my hair, and styled it. I felt really great leaving the salon, with such a nice new hair color and the blow-out and flat iron, styling she did too. And the price? Nothing! She did sign her initials and wrote the date on the 1st hair color square on my card though. It was a very nice afternoon spent at the salon, got to catch up with some Hollywood gossip magazines. chit chat with my stylist too. And then I left. And didn't pay a thing and tips here in Japan, aren't allowed. So yep, a pretty nice day at the salon. : ) After that, I zipped to the cheap meat store, which is in the same mall and bought a weeks worth of meat and then to the bakery (same mall) for some fresh bread. And I went home. I did buy a roasted sweet potato and that was my lunch last Thursday afternoon, along with a 500ml of jasmine tea also bought at the store. I was a tad thirsty. Went home and made dinner. : ) So, I am so ready for my observation days now. My hair looks fantastic now and the credit goes all to my hair stylist. : ) 
Last Friday, I finished cleaning the house. And about an hour before I went to pick up the boys from school. I boiled 1 package of frozen ravioli. Al dente. And then I layered, sauce, ravioli, mozzarella cheese and then sauce and I layered it 3 times, from 1 bag. On top, was sauce and then mozzarella cheese. I did not whack it in the oven though. I did wrap it in tin foil though. After wrapping that nights dinner in tin foil, I left and went to my nearest grocery store in my town, bought 2 pre mixed bag salads (needed the other one for the next day/night), also picked up a carton of milk, some fresh fruit, and a baguette of bread. A really long baguette of bread, at that. Picked up the boys from the plaza, with grocery items in my trunk. They hopped in my car and home we went. While they were changing, I preheated the oven, then I whacked the layered ravioli in the oven. I only used half of the baguette for Friday nights supper. And we used 1 of the bags of salad. So last Friday night, we had this, baked ravioli, a nice salad with a nice vinaigrette and a half loaf of baguette bread, that I turned into garlic bread with that Lawry's spread. It was a quick but delicious (last) Friday night dinner. After supper, Noah showered while I cleaned up the kitchen and we got ready for family movie night. 

Branden has been dying to see this movie. And Noah too, but Branden the most. Both the boys have seen Pearl Harbor and Come See the Paradise. They enjoy seeing historic movies like this. War is a horrible horrible thing. But there are so many good movies out there, that can tell the stories, very human stories. Both sides did some pretty horrific things. I like that the boys have seen Come See The paradise, to see how wrong America was, to intern the Japanese. And I like that they got the chance to see this movie. Spoiler ahead. Why did that Japanese guard (The Bird) single out the main character in Unbroken. Out of all the guys in the camp in Japan, just him. Yet he singled him out and made his life a living hell. Again, interesting stories that go both ways. And for Branden and Noah, especially, being half American and half Japanese, it is good they hear both sides. This was an excellent movie. Though not a movie for all families perhaps, but it was a perfect choice for my family. My entire family really enjoyed it and I am so glad, I own this. We munched some popcorn and had some Easter candy/chocolate while watching this movie. After the movie, we made sure everyone went and brushed their teeth and the boys went to their bedrooms to dreamland. Usually Noah zonks out mid movie, but we saw the movie so much earlier than we usually start the movie. Also the movie was very interesting to both the boys, so they both stayed totally awake.

Saturday, we spent just a quiet day here at home. Saturday evening though, we had a simple dinner. Remember those Knorr pasta packets? Well, first I sliced up 2 skinless boneless chicken breast with a little olive oil. Once the chicken was browned, I made the pasta as directed on the package. With the chicken in the pan. It was a fettuccini Alfredo type of pasta. Really good. And at the end I added a handful of frozen broccoli for some veggie power! Hahaha. We also had the other half of that baguette. We sliced it and buttered it. And we had the remaining bag of salad. We had salads, with thousand island dressing, sliced buttered french bread/Italian type baguette of bread, ykwim, I hope and the fettuccini Alfredo with chicken and broccoli dish. : ) Again it was a very simple dinner but very good! Salad, and bread with butter and a main dish. Dinner clean up was pretty easy. Everyone took quick showers. And I was ready, to watch my TV program! Because at 9pm Saturday Japan time, a 20/20 Barbara Walters interview was supposed to be on and since it was already broadcast in the US mainland already, I heard already about it on the news and I wanted to watch the whole interview in it's entirety. 

Anyone remember this picture? Anyone remember their names? I do! That's Mary Kay Letourneau!!! If you are American, I am sure you know exactly who they are! Now days, sadly, there are so many news stories about a teacher caught having inappropriate relations with students. But back then, there were no stories. Until their story! And when this story first broke... it captivated the entire country. Everyone in America knew who Mary Kay Letourneau was and who Vili Fualaau her student was (a Samoan 6th grader whose family came from Hawaii) This was the first case. Gosh...I remember it like it was yesterday. What I remember was... she was 34 years old. She was married and had 4 kids. Then this news broke. Some teacher had an affair with her student. A 6th grader. @_@ A 6th grader, the mind just couldn't comprehend such a news story. She and her husband divorced. The thing that really surprised the public was she kept telling anyone who would listen..."we are in love"...his mom sued the school. I believe hearing that the school was found not guilty. And then I recall Mary Kay going to court and getting like 10 years but suspended as long as she stayed away from Vili. However, cops found them having sex in her vehicle. Holy crap! And she was right back again... in front of the same judge. And the original sentence was imposed so she went and did 7 years in prison. Their case was famous. She was infamous. Everyone knew that picture of them. I do recall she had his baby, then she gave birth to a 2nd child. Both daughters/girls. But up until now, I have long forgotten them, most of the media has too. They for the most part stay out of the limelight. So, when I heard all this week, they were going to do a Barbara Walters interview. I was like...OMG...I remember those two people! Yes, whatever happened to them??? I wonder, hmm. And so, I wrote it down on a post it and reminded myself to watch it on Saturday night. And so, I did. 
This is them now! Mary Kay is 53 years old. Vili Fualaau is 31. And they have been married for 10 long years. Their daughters are gorgeous and 17 and 16 years old right now. One is a cheerleader in high school. Their daughters are actually really beautiful and seem very well rounded. I am so glad I got the chance to watch this though. Mary Kay looks fantastic for being 53 years old. She looks so youthful, pretty and in shape. I have however never heard from Vili, what does his voice sound like. I have never before heard his voice. So, yeah it was very nice to hear from him and hear what he had to say. Hear his thoughts. They still live in Washington State, same area where it happened all those years ago. Her 2 daughters with Vili go to school in the same school district where she once taught at. On a serious note Vili spoke of a lot of depression he went through years ago. It was also mentioned he never got to finish high school. Since he was a teen dad and Mary was in prison. Today, he works at a DIY type a store during the day and DJs at night. I think the thing...that most struck me, was how normal of a couple they were. To be honest, all those years ago. I thought this lady was nuts...cuckoo crazy, a child predator. A 34 year old going after a 6th grade child. It's just how I felt. But you know...after watching their interview. I can't believe I'm even saying this...because of all people... I thought I would never change my opinion on her...but, yeah...I sorta did. After hearing them talk, it seems he pursued her pretty hard back in the day, it wasn't her pursuing him at first. And hearing them from right now...from 2015...they really seem to love one another. They have lasted longer than a lot of marriages and couples do now days. Perhaps the way they got together was...weird. Okay super freaking weird. @_@ But you know...maybe they were meant to be. Who knows. I don't know. 

Barbara Walters asked Vili, happily married for 10 years? He answered without missing a beat.."happy yes, but every marriage has ups and downs." I listened and I thought...he's absolutely right. I'm not going to over talk this interview here to death. But yep...they seemed really in love. But really grounded too. Really down to earth. They did talk about the hard times. The dark times. His depression when she was in jail and he said he had absolutely no one. He said he can't even believe he's alive, because his depression sunk so low. And he said...he needed Mary. Hearing that...sorta really changed my opinion. Because he had nobody to talk to. Nobody to depend on or parent with. It made me did. It made me think. Hmm. Maybe she's not as big a whackadoodle, as I once thought. Maybe they were just in love. again, can't believe I think that now. Weird, because I thought totally the opposite, before watching the interview. Who knows.... I don't know... I mean..if a man can brush his teeth in the middle of a parking lot without a place to spit or rinse his mouth. Go figure. Granted would I want her near my 2 boys? Hell no! : ) know, Mary Kay and Vili seem happy. 

Their wedding pics from way back then. Anyway...glad I caught the interview. Now, I know...what became of the infamous, Mary Kay and her former student Vili Fualaau. I tell ya, absolutely nothing surprises me anymore! Hahaha. 

It's been raining almost every single day for the past week. Even today/right now it's still raining, in our tiny rural town, and has been all day long. However on Sunday (yesterday), it was not raining. So, I took advantage of the 1 non rainy day and hung some laundry to dry outside. While I do like hanging my laundry outside on nice sunny days. On days that it is rainy, I simply make use of my dryer. I have a separate dryer and use mine every evening, on a load of clothes or towels or whatnot. And on rainy days, I'll also pop a load in the mornings as well. But since Sunday was a nice sunny day, I hung the laundry outside. : ) Also, since I am in "spring cleaning" mode too, I took the curtain that usually hangs in the sink and laundry room upstairs. And I washed the curtain. And then hung it outside to line dry. Meanwhile, I took the pole, pictured here, and scrubbed it with a sponge and some soap and water, then dried it with a paper towel.  

One curtain hanging far right, nice and freshly clean. A couple dress shirts Bran uses at his JHS. And Bran's JHS gym uniform, shorts and gym pants and gym zip up long sleeve sweatshirt type a thing. You can see, in the background... it is indeed starting to look Spring like. And water is in lots of the rice fields now. Probably because of the heavy rains.

Towels freshly clean. And the stripey thing, to the right is the floor mat we wipe out footsies on, after we shower. : )  Good thing, I washed the curtain yesterday, because not only did it rain all day today, but rain is expected for our town tomorrow too.  Anything up for me this week? I'm happy to say, I'm free. : ) Besides some house cleaning here and there and dinner and whatnot. Grocery run and stuff. Totally and completely free. : ) Oh yeah, I do have Bran's observation day first and Noah's this coming Saturday. But other than that. Just enjoying all these Spring showers, that we've been getting lately. Have a lovely week everyone. : )

Oh guess what, Branden's two 8th grade classes mixed students all up, this year. Our town is so tiny that there are only two 8th grade classes and that's out of two different shogakkos (elementary schools combined) And so Branden's main teacher is now the Japanese lady who is the English teacher, she is his main teacher for the whole year now. I really like Branden's teacher a whole lot. And also good thing, is my good friend, the last year kaicho...her son, is in Bran's class this year. So, I will be enjoying observation day this coming Thursday with my dear friend, the former Kodomo Kai kaicho (the former kids club prez) So us 2 moms will be able to hang out during observation days, now. : )  Oh and Noah has a new teacher too. A male teacher! Noah's first time having a guy/man teacher! We asked Noah if he was young or old and Noah replied, "he's about daddy's age." That's all we know so far, we have not seen him yet. But we'll see him on Saturday. :)  Alrighty, have a fantastic week you guys! : )