Sunday, April 05, 2015

Happy Easter 2015. Easter basket. Coloring the eggs. Easter egg hunt and Easter dinner...

Happy Easter everyone! I hope everyone had a lovely Easter! Ate their fair share of chocolate and Easter eggs and whatnot. : ) We sure did over here! Here are our Easter eggs 2015! I think they came out egg-cellent!
Branden and Noah's Easter baskets this year!
Easter picture of the boys! And now for some outtakes.

The giggles started with Branden! You can see, he started to smile in this pic. And then that led to Noah going all crazy happy hysterical, too. @_@

A bit blurry this one, but you get the idea. Both are now laughing like crazed hyenas! Okay this started me laughing. Sorry, I can't help it...once the ball was rolling, I had to join them! So, now I was a crazed laughing maniac too.

Branden now turns to Noah in this picture and says.."Noah stop laughing!!!" However Branden is still also laughing!" Hahaha. : )

Branden says, "should I give you a Homer Simpson-esque Bart type strangle?" He didn't. But I said.."please don't!" All the while, they keep laughing. How on earth can I get 1 picture with them not laughing hysterically? Should the pic in their photobook for Easter 2015, have their picture missing? lol. Hmm. I tried a few more. Trying really hard not to give up. : )

They tried so hard but it came out like this. Noah's now giving us "stink face." And Branden is still laughing hysterically. Come on Bran! Come on Noah!

Alrighty, kids, this is the last one. Hope one of these pics is salvageable. Hahaha. I think this one will be used in your photobooks for Easter 2015. And maybe I'll add, your outtakes as well. So we can remember how goofy and silly you two always were! : )
A look inside their Easter basket.

What one has, the other one has to have too. I always want to be "Even Stevens" about things, with raising 2 boys. : )
All the extra candy. If the weather wasn't raining all day on Easter Sunday, I had planned to invite 2 of Noah's classmates over and let them color eggs with us and I'd hide them all over at the park in our housing community. But, the weather was raining buckets all Easter. So, it was just Bran and Noah, which was perfect anyways. : ) 
Time to color the eggs. 

Noah coloring his boiled eggs, in the different colors. 

Having fun!

What a rich, vibrant purple egg. I usually use Heinz vinegar, I grew up using for our eggs, when I was a kid. Since living in Japan though, I would go to Kaldi and buy Heinz vinegar since it's available there too. In Japan, it is expensive buying Heinz vinegar. However this year, I used an easy for me to find, regular Japanese vinegar, it's cheap as chips and we had it on hand and it works just as good! And the colors came out just as bright. I will use it in the future, from now on. : )

A blurry, but happy pic.

Nice fresh haircut, ready for school to start. It started today actually. Noah had a half day today. : )

I made sure Noboru took both boys down to the barber for nice fresh haircuts before school started. Branden's hair looks really nice. He started school today too. : )

Branden, coloring a very nice vibrant colored egg.

Even though Branden's 13, I'm glad he's not *such* a teenager that he thinks... this isn't fun anymore! Bran loves coloring eggs and he loves the egg hunt the best! : )

A very nice blue egg.

Noah coloring a yellow egg. 

Really getting into it!


Noah decorating too.

Noboru came home from work and we asked him, if he'd like to join us. And he said...for sure! So, he made this egg, an island egg! And he made 2 more, 3 total. Noboru loves decorating eggs, each year! So, do I. Which is probably why both the boys love it too! : )

Tada, our Easter eggs for 2015!

Look at that green sparkly one. All of them came out pretty cute!

We were at Costco Inzai, Saturday, the day before Easter. We needed cheese. But while there decided to pick up a rotisserie chicken for Easter. However they were out of their normal sized ones and had these teeny tiny ones instead. @_@ So we bought 2, and stuck them in the fridge and on Sunday I put them in the oven to heat up, and get a crispy skin again. We were going to have mashed potatoes and veggie. But Noboru said...let's have those burrito or fajitas type things with them. And so Saturday we all, that's fine too. And so Easter Sunday that's what we had. A pretty un-Eastery type a meal. I know. : ) Hahaha. But, that's okay. : )

I quickly sliced up the meat and put onto plates. A dark meat plate and a white meat plate. And we dug right in and started making wraps with the stuff. 

Mine pictured here.Rice, rotisserie chicken, lettuce, cheese, sour cream. It was so good. : )

Noboru enjoyed his.

Noah enjoyed it too.

Bran too. After dinner, I quickly cleaned up and everyone pitched in to help. And then we asked the boys to go upstairs, while we hid the eggs downstairs.

Is someone looking at us? Hahaha. Noah found this egg, first!

Look at the light, see something? about a blue egg? Noboru gets *really* into the hiding thing. He unscrewed the light fixture and everything. He hid some eggs in really difficult spots. Branden found this egg! This was the last egg found. 

Noboru pulled out 2 yellow cups...he laid them on the steps of the step stool. I said, what is that for? @_@ He said... we will use this as a distraction! @_@ It did work, because both boys did check, to see if anyone hid an egg underneath the 2 cups. LOL. 

Nothing quite beats an Easter egg hiding in the cutlery! I also hid 2 in the fridge. While 1 child found 1 egg in the fridge, the other one was left...for the longest time. We hid 20 eggs twice for both the boys, and we made it challenging both times. And we never used the same spot twice and we hid them in very hard spots. : ) Anyway, that was our Easter 2015, this year! : )