Monday, March 09, 2015

This week so far...

Hi ya'll, I don't have a lot of time, because I have to swing back to the plaza soon and pick up Bran from JHS soon. So I'll try to do this, as quickly as I can. : ) Last Friday, Branden was called out of class by the English teacher (she's the other 7th grade teacher, who teaches the other class) she nicely wanted to let Branden know that she got word somehow that yes Branden did indeed pass the Eiken 2! Woohooo! So for now, we are just waiting on the Eiken folks to mail something to the JHS. But yep, Bran passed you guys! : ) What else, we have been getting rain, rain and more rain. Since Sunday. Even right now, as I type this, it is raining. And super strong winds. So I have been treadmilling yesterday and today instead of my morning walks (just too windy, like walking in a typhoon). Also, last night we got insane amounts of thunder and lightning in our town. : ) What else. Oh yeah this pic. I had to get to Costco this week. You already know Friday this week, I have that huge physical exam, barium and all. So, I can't go that day. And Thursday I have a movie date. Wednesday Bran might get out early (the 9th graders graduate that day). So today was my only available day. However, Noah got off school today at 2pm, which is super early. So, I had to make my Costco run SUPER fast. Absolutely no delays. I left my house at 9am. Got there around 9:45am. I needed lean ground beef. I split this in many freezer bags. 1 of the biggest amounts of the beef will be tacos. 1 other will be meatballs for spaghetti and meatball night. I also split the rest in tinier amounts, so I could do stuff like... stuffed bell pepper. Just have multiple many uses for it, if you know what I mean. I also picked up some fresh pasta, we get 2 meals from the pasta duo/set, which is nice and makes it affordable. Also picked up a rotisserie chicken for an easy supper tonight. Yay! Easy dinner truly appreciated. Of course we'll have sides and stuff with it. And also picked up some car air fresheners (in the scent "Hawaiian Aloha" (seriously that's the name of the scent, lol, smells so good though). 2 are for my car and 2 are for Noboru's mini mini van. I am using 1 now and my car smells amaze-balls!!! I was really hoping to buy some mozzarella cheese for pizza night, but they had none. @_@ Which means yet another trip to Costco is in my future. But when? I'm not sure. Maybe I can go this week but in the evening? Sigh. I really hate it when they are out of something because it means another trek there. But that's okay. : ) I will for surely call first though. Which is smart. So that's the positive. : ) 
Cainz is right next to Costco in Inzai. And I needed some drinks specifically that yuzu lemon amazing drink! Since I was there...I went ahead and bought the matching conditioner to the shampoo, I bought last week. This stuff smells so good. I needed the matching conditioner! And it makes my hair so smooth. 

Ended up just getting the case of the yuzu lemon. : )

Anyway, this Thursday, my 2 really good girl friends and I will be going to see American Sniper. It starts around 10am-ish. So we are going to meet at the movies around 9:40am-ish. That gives us time to get our tickets and grab some movie snacks and whatnot. : )  We're going to lunch afterwards too. So, I can't wait. One of them is the one whose daughter also took the Eiken 2. So we are very close, and good friends. And so I am looking forward to spending Thursday with my really good friends.

I am not looking forward to Friday and taking the barium, lol. : ( That stuff just tastes awful. It's very needed and necessary yes... and to be fair they do try to make the powder (burp causing/making) stuff you take first taste as pleasant as possible (mine sorta tasted like Mitsuya cider-ish) however the first is basically sorta like baking soda type powder that REALLY makes you want to instantly burp and I am not a burpy type a person to begin with....but yes it really and instantly made me want to burp, then after that you have a cup of liquid, very very horrible liquid and I think this is the actual barium part (and it makes me want to gag but they just say...drink it faster. : ( I don't mind the other many many other tests at all. The blood test, the breast exam, the pap smear, the heart test, eye test... all of it is fine and I do not mind at all. I am just not looking forward to the barium. Very necessary though as I said. But...still...just tastes not so great...but whats worse than that, is it makes you want to burp and they tell you...if you burp you have to take it again. : (

Yesterday we had beef stew. It was so good. Tonight, like I already said, we're having rotisserie chicken. Am not sure if Wednesday or Thursday is the day we'll have spaghetti and meatballs.  Alrighty, I better end this now, since it's time for Noah and I to go and pick up Bran. Have a great week everyone! : )