Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Taking an emergency trip to Osaka...

Noboru's grandma died, late last night/early this morning. My mother-in-law's (Mitsuko's) mother.  Branden and Noah's great grandmother. They called her ookii-obaachan. She had suffered a stroke a few years ago and has not been the same, ever since. She was a wonderful lady, who was always chatting and talking and offering drinks and snacks to us, every time we walked through her door. I truly liked her from the bottom of my heart. Noboru on the other hand *loved* her so much. So so much. While his parents were busy working at their chain of restaurants while he was growing up, he would spend much of his time, at his grandma's house. So they were *very* close since we was very little. He is absolutely heart broken today. He lost someone he loved so very much.

We woke up this morning, and there was a Line message to Noboru from his sister Kaori saying their grandma had passed away last night...she messaged him at 2:50am while we slept. We found out this morning. While trying to get the boys both Branden and Noah sent off to school. Today the 6th graders graduate at Noah's school, so Noah gets out at 11am today. Branden has a regular day today. But for our house it is a very very sad day. : (

My birthday is March 22nd, but Noboru had/has to work that day so the plan was we would celebrate my birthday tomorrow Friday. We would be going to dinner, my ice cream cake from Nagano arrives tonight, between 6 and 9pm. However sometimes things happen in life that you most certainly can NOT plan for. Death, being one of those things. Noboru told me this morning...but tomorrow we have your birthday dinner planned. I told Noboru..."forget my birthday honey. We can celebrate that anytime. I'm alive! This is way more important." He knows no matter what, he can ALWAYS count on me. That's what marriage is. So what happens now?

Jun (my brother in law) who lives in Narita is going to be driving with his wife and 2 kids today or this evening. As for us? We are going too. Because Noboru loved her so much and he needs to say his good-byes. And I also need to pay my respects, as do the boys. Family is very important...the most important. That's how I feel. The trouble now is. The cake. @_@ It will be delivered at our house between 6 and 9pm. Tonight. You know to be fair...we were NOT expecting this. Otherwise I would have picked a different cake delivery date or time. So the cake is sorta keeping us here in Chiba..delaying us. I wish....I wish we could track down the person driving the delivery van and tell him ..."Hi, I am extremely sorry but we have a family emergency, can you please bring us the cake now, versus tonight." But you know...I'm not sure if we can find him or not. As soon as I post this. I will go upstairs and start packing my funeral outfit. And an overnight bag for both the kids and myself. Since Branden is in JHS and wears a uniform, he will be wearing his uniform to the funeral. As is typical for students in Japan. Noah however wears regular clothes to school, so I will have to look for something appropriate for Noah to wear. I am not sure Noah owns anything black? Yellow and orange yes, but black. I'm iffy, if he has anything black colored clothes-wise, I'll have to go and check his closet.

Noboru is in the kitchen as I type this. He's just so sad you guys. And I feel so sad too. I wish I could just take all his sadness away. Sigh. : (  He's trying to figure out the best way for us...meaning if we should fly or drive. And again that cake will delay us here in Chiba. Sigh. I hope he doesn't deliver it at 9pm. Her cremation is set for Saturday. Because tomorrow is a "lucky" number/date wise day. In Japan they really consider the luck, good or bad luck of the date/numbers. Anyway I am starting to ramble and I don't want to do that. So...yep, we will be in Osaka. And I will be gone from my blog for a few days. Noboru has taken off emergency family vacation and automatically was given 3 days off, so that is no longer a worry/issue. Now if we could just track down the Kuroneko  delivery man, we'd be in business. : ( Alrighty, I'll talk to you all in a few days. If the blogs quiet, you'll know why. The kids will have to miss school tomorrow. Sorry, things just swirling around in my head right now. If anyone sees a Black Nissan Leaf in Osaka...that very well could be us. However we will be all feeling quite sad and need our private time and Noboru needs his time to grieve. : (   Alrighty, I'll catch up with you all, whenever I can. 

Update: Noboru is calling Kuroneko right now (the mail delivery folks) to speak to a manager and tell them our situation (family emergency) and to see if the cake can come immediately. 

Newest and probably last update: The cake will be delivered Sunday night. Also, Noboru just called the JHS and told them about our family emergency and they are letting Branden out right now. So Noboru just left to go and get Branden. Noboru has not let Noah's school know and that's only because the entire school is in the gymnasium since it's graduation day for the 6th graders. However Noah gets out at 11am so no trouble and Noboru will tell Noah's school, after the graduation ceremony is over. Jun has just left Narita and he and his family are leaving to Osaka as I type, they should be arriving Osaka around 8pm. Noboru meanwhile wants to stop and sleep for tonight at a hotel and us arrive Osaka tomorrow morning. We will be leaving our house here by 12:30pm today. So we're leaving soon too.