Sunday, March 15, 2015

Going to the movies and lunch with good friends. My yearly health exam postponed. My hair salon visit complete. And a very cool and helpful foreign guy...

Just another little one of my bits and pieces type a posts. Let's see, where did I leave off. Oh yes, Thursday was to be my movie date with friends. And Friday was to be my big health check up/physical exam. So anyway, I wake up around 5:10am Thursday morning, I go downstairs, heat up the hot water pot for a hot coffee. Read through my emails. Read some online news. Go to the restroom. And surprise surprise, I literally just started my TOM (time of the month) /my period.  Absolute shock and surprise because... my periods are as dependable as the Japanese train schedules and bus schedules. I always start the date I am supposed to and fwiw, I was supposed to start a week later. This has like never happened. And figures it happens when I have a scheduled health check! @_@  Granted while I admit I am not crazy about going to the exams and I admit I was not looking forward to the barium HOWEVER I was totally planning to go. So anyway, it has since been postponed to March 27th. @_@  So I got the kids sent off to school Thursday. Got myself dressed, hair and makeup and went and met up with my 2 amazing friends at the movies. For our morning movie date. We went and saw American Sniper. It was an amazing movie, I loved it! A really good movie! After the movie, we 3 went to lunch. Conversation was amazing at lunch, we just always have so much fun together, the 3 of us. I picked up both the kids and then I came home and started rolling meatballs for spaghetti and meatball night. That Costco handmade type a pasta is so good. My meatballs are made of super lean ground beef, garlic salt, Italian style breadcrumbs (Progresso) black pepper, parmesan cheese. And a few other spices in there and I rolled them quickly and as they were almost done cooking I tossed in the mushrooms and peppers. Then added the sauce. Just a quick store bought sauce, from Costco. A quick dinner but a really good one. So that was Thursday. Also forgot to add, that since I did start my period, and could no longer go to my health check on Friday, I might as well make use of Friday. And even though I was planning to go to the salon Friday March 20th, I could now go a week earlier and so I went Friday the 13th, dundundun! Hahaha. : ) 
Meanwhile, my birthday is in March, it is coming up this week. And I received this really gorgeous birthday card from my dad. The front of the card says...Parents Sometimes Say Things Like "You'll Always Be My Little Girl"

The words inside the card really got me. Just a very special and nice card. My dad did write me a special message and I am keeping that part private, sorry. : ) It was cute though. : )  Has my childhood nickname on it and stuff. : ) My dad also sent me  ichiman yen (like a hundred dollars in Japan) and an American $100 dollar bill. Thank you dad. : )
I have been going to the same salon for years and years. I really like this salon. Every year they send me a 20% off coupon/post card for my birthday month and it is good for 2 months. However I was planning to use it Friday. For my hair cut and wavy hair. Which I did use. 

Meanwhile this side of the post card from my salon says. I can get my hair colored/dyed 5 separate times for 11,000 yen About $100 dollars. Which is an *amazing* deal. Because in America, I use to pay about $70 each time, for my hair color. So for me...getting to go to the salon 5 different times and it only costs $100, that's superly cheap/ a good deal. So, with the ichiman yen my dad gave me for my birthday. I used that for my hair coloring ticket worth 5 times of getting a hair coloring. I have not got my hair colored there yet, but they gave me a hair color ticket card already to be used for 5 times with my name on it, customer number and also put the info into the computer so they too have it on record, that I get my hair dyed 5 times now and this salon does such great work, all the people who leave with haircuts look amazing and modern with just fresh and current hair cuts and all the colors always look so rich and beautiful. Which is why I have been coming to this place for so many years, they do fantastic work! : ) So thank you dad. I'll go every 2 months so it will be a present I can use and appreciate for 10 full months. I think I made the right choice. : )  Though I will appreciate it much longer, but yeah a good choice, I think for sures. I am planning to get my hair colored some time in April at the salon, which will be my first color there (I usually color mine at home) so I am excited to get it done there.
So, Friday morning after the boys went to school. I got myself ready and dressed. I brought this picture. And she gave me this very hair cut! I love my hair cut! She also gave me a digital perm. She used big curlers since I wanted waves and not curls. I left looking like this picture and I was happy. However, here's the thing. My cut I love. But having wavy hair is such a pain in the butt. When it looks good it looks super good. However....every morning...
I woke up looking like Sideshow Bob from the Simpsons! Seriously no joke...I woke up looking like Sideshow Bob Saturday morning. My hair was absolute crazy town Saturday morning, you guys. It sprung up and coiled. When I went into the sink area upstairs to brush my teeth in the morning and wash my face, I literally scared myself! Look at that hair! I squealed to my husband sleeping upstairs in bed still. What happened honey, what is it??? I look like....I look like freakin' Sideshow Bob! I had to jump in the shower Saturday morning, to fix that hair-do/scare-do. Wash and condition my hair. Then my hair looked normal and rockin'. However all Saturday I seriously asked myself, do I have time to shower every single morning as long as I have wavy hair or perhaps I have to wash it in the sink every morning and do I have the time for that. I just don't think so. Plus the more and more I looked at the waves, I disliked them. Looks messy and disheveled, I just didn't like it afterall. So, I made the decision to switch it back, to straight hair.There's just no use in dragging it out for a couple weeks really, what for. Then came Saturday night. Do, I wash it at night? In Japan people usually take nightly showers versus how we do in America with our morning showers. I showered Saturday night but I didn't wash my hair. Sunday morning, I woke up yet again. And sure enough as I brushed my teeth Sunday morning, Sideshow Bob hair was looking back at me in the mirror as I brushed my teeth. I talk to my husband quite a lot about stuff and even my dad knew I was really trying to get adjusted to this hair. And for the record, I naturally have wavy hair to begin with. However I have been getting the Japanese thermal hair straightening for the past 12 years or so. Here is what I realized about myself. Friday to Sunday.  Having wavy hair Friday through Sunday, I realized how much I actually HATED having my wavy hair to begin with. I realized how much time I need to spend on it, to make it look good. I am a mom of 2 kids and I frankly don't have oodles and oodles of time to spend on my hair each morning. I realized why I got my hair straightened all those years ago in the first place...I hate wavy hair on me personally! Absolutely hate it. On other people it looks beautiful, but on me, yuck, I hate it. Lesson learned.  I most certainly don't have time to take a morning shower before sending the boys to school just so that people I pass by while driving... don't think..."hey is that Sideshow Bob, should we go and get an autograph?" lol! When my hair is professionally straightened with that Japanese thermal hair straightening my hair seriously and no I am NOT joking. My hair looks like a Pantene ad! My hair looks flawless all day and all night. I even wake up with perfect freaking hair! It's like having a perfect hair day every day of your life. And I love that..I love that it takes zero time at all. I love that I wake up looking like me, versus waking up looking like Sideshow Bob. When my hair is straight I wash and condition it at night and blow dry it at night and I wake up with the most slammin' hair you ever did see. I am a mom of 2 boys and again I like the ease of having my hair straight. Pin straight. Again wavy hair when it looked normal and stuff after I jumped in the shower and stuff. It looked amazing. But mornings are so busy I really don't have 30 minutes free to just fix the Sideshow Bob hair in the mornings. I called Saturday evening to make a hair appointment for Sunday evening. I got my hair wavy on Friday. My stylist who is amazing and just the best, did nothing wrong. It is all my fault, I am the IDIOT who wanted it wavy. And I realize it just isn't for me. I am so sorry. Again it is all my fault. They laughed and said no trouble come in Sunday at 3pm. And I did. Like I said Sunday morning when I woke up as Sideshow Bob yet again, I was glad I had made that appointment. I just realized, you don't need to wait a month to know you made a mistake. I could tell by the next day. is.. what it is. I wish the wavy coolness would have worked for me, but it just didn't. 
This is what my hair looks like now. It is longer at the front just like hers. This is the very cool infamous EssieButton beauty Youtuber. I love her videos and her hair is right on trend. Her hair is slammin'. It's very current. And it just happens to be exactly what my hair looks like now, as of Sunday evening. 
You can indeed see near her coffee cup her front is indeed longer than her back of hair. Mine is an A-line too. Granted I wish I could have had the waves, but...they just made me crazy. So this is what my hair looks like, as I am typing this to you right now. : ) I'm pretty happy.
Friday after getting my digital perm (after getting a Japanese straightening this is apparently the only thing you can get to undo a thermal straightening). Noboru was going to take Bran to the RC shop (radio control) so since they were going to be in Inzai, Noah and I went too, we planned to have supper there in Inzai. We also went to look for the mozzarella shredded cheese. It is still out of stock. The lady we asked said it was supposed to be back March 10th but given it was March 13th, yeah...the mozzarella cheese is delayed. Anyway they have a huge bag of hollow gorgeous Easter eggs. A huge massive bag of them amount for only 1500 yen. A very fair price considering the amount you get and the size of the eggs, about the size of a regular large grade A egg, so they are quite big. 

They also had more Easter things too. However, since we're going to Guam , I'll be getting Easter goodies from there. But just wanted to mention it if any of you are in Japan and needing some Easter things Costco has some. : ) 
I did buy a huge hunk of Colby cheese though... since this week we will be having tacos for dinner. Anyway we went to have supper Friday night at Coco Ichiban curry in Inzai. Their chicken tenderloin is back and is there until May. Yum, my favorite curry there! This was my dinner Friday March 13th. 

The rest of the fam's dinner. It was nice. 

Bran's RC stuff for his car. 
Sunday morning, our town had a festival. And Noah's teacher had an idea for her 3rd grade class. To have them have their own booth and teach all the people who pass, "how great our little town is" So all last week the kids made up their own fliers, on the computers at school. Noah made his own fliers. And each child had to stand in front of the both and give out 15 fliers and talk to 15 strangers about how cool our little town is. Here is Noah talking to a crowd of bigger kids. : ) And his sensei standing behind him. 

Here is Noah talking to some lady about how cool our little town is. It was a little weird all us mom's/parents standing back as our children went approaching and talking to strangers. The teachers and head teacher all stood by. With cameras snapping pics of the class kids chatting with misc strangers. Hahaha. But the coolest thing is...Noah can speak to Japanese people and he can also speak to foreign people who pass by in English (if they speak English). His classmates and teachers and the head teacher were so impressed!

Noah talking with this very amazing guy in English. telling him all about our town. All the other mom's and kids were talking and saying how "kakkoii (super cool) Noah is being able to speak to foreigners in English" I saw 1 mother snapping a pic of Noah and the guy. The sensei up above snapped about 5 pictures of them talking together. Even the head teacher came running too and snapped a picture. Long after they spoke, for about 30 minutes afterwards you could hear the parents..."did you see that?" "Did you hear" "Noah just speaking and shooting the breeze to foreigners in English." I kept hearing. kakkoiii...kakkoii! I do have to say though...I do love that fellow foreigners always do seem to come to help other fellow foreigners and their kiddos. If any of you reading... had a kid who had a project like this and stopped and asked me if I could spare a minute or two...I would not hesitate to help and also listen and take a few minutes to help your child out too, it would be my pleasure. : )  So yep, we went with Noah Sunday around 11am-ish for Noah's class thing he had to do at the town festival. Noah's classmates, parents of said classmates, and all teachers thought Noah was so super cool. And I always tell both my kids, you being able to fluently speak English is something that is very important. Not all hafu kids are bilingual and it's true. But mine are, I made sure of that. That was just something that was really important to us, when raising the boys. They can speak to absolutely anyone in English. And the man asked questions of Noah on Sunday too. He said, "your mom is American I can tell, but what part of America is she from?" Noah answered him, "she's from Denver." So yeah they did just shoot the breeze for a few minutes. And of course he was aware of the gaggle of teachers were snapping pictures and he was very cool with that. Just again...a very nice cool guy who wore Vans. : ) 
We came home from the festival Sunday afternoon. Perfect timing because the delivery man had brought us The newest Hunger Games (Mockingjay 1) We will be watching this tonight. We just can't wait! : ) I did fix everyone lunch Sunday here at home. I did know I would be gone Sunday evening at the salon, since I made the appointment the evening before. So Saturday night, I prepped dinner for Sunday. I cut up 4 chicken breasts and marinated the chicken with karaage liquid. It was going to be marinated long and taste so good. I made the rice Sunday afternoon. And at 2:30pm I left. All Noboru had to do Sunday for supper was dredge the chicken into flour and fry. I had a bag of salad and some broccoli he made for them as well. I meanwhile got to the salon. The manager came to me right away. And again, I didn't want anyone to think any negative or bad stuff, like I blame my stylist because I don't, I blame me. I said what I said over the phone. I said it again..."My hair cut, I love it. My perm was exactly what I asked for and she did the best job on it. It's just... it is 100% my fault." I said that exactly in Japanese... it being 100% my fault. I guess I am just not a wavy hair person, I told the manager, he smiled and shook his head. It was very difficult to control and manage, me having wavy hair. I am truly sorry. But it was 100% my fault, the blame lies on me completely. She (my stylist) came to me at this point and I told her...I am sorry for all your hard work on Friday. It is my fault. She said...please Gina-san don't even worry about it. It has happened at the salon by many customers before. I asked her about possible damage to my hair. She said my hair will be fine. She would give me a treatment afterwards. And I went and sat down. She washed blow dried and then put oils into my hair before doing both chemical changes to lessen any damage. She also gave me a deep conditioning treatment afterwards and my hair looks *so* amazing, it's as shiny as glass and it is super pin hair is indeed an A-line lob to bob in length somewhere in between. I woke up this Monday morning and my hair looked like a Pantene ad again. And I feel relief. No more waking up with Sideshow Bob hair for me anymore. I wish the soft beach waves would have worked on me.'s just very time consuming and I have no time in the mornings for it. I like the ease of having pin straight hair. And I *love* my cut. I am going to give it a few weeks before I get my hair colored. I also like that I was 100% honest with the salon, I didn't sneak off to a different salon I went right back, I told the truth, that it was my fault on the perm because it WAS my fault. And I didn't want them to think otherwise that I had blame anywhere except where it should be And the salon people actually really liked that. Because yeah...I have some guts to go back and get this all figured out in a foreign language. Ne~ The manager washed my hair and he gave me a head massage and he even joked with me while he blow dried my hair. See my stylist had a client who booked first. They just fit me in...but she was technically booked already so my main stylist did most of me Sunday but the others all jumped in and helped...washed my hair or one flat ironed half my head then my main stylist came and finished. But everyone helped me out Sunday and I joked with them all, and I did apologize to everyone and they all laughed and said...seriously no worries. And so yeah...they sorta really like me at my hair salon. I keep on trying and I don't give up and if I'm wrong...I'll flatly say I'm wrong. But yep, they totally fixed my hair. I paid for the mistake as *I should have* but my stylist gave me 20% off anyways even though I no longer had my coupon...I think she just liked my apology and the fact I had guts enough to go back and explain myself and stuff (again in a foreign language). She digs me. She actually chatted my ears off Sunday, she has 2 kids, ones 6 and ones 8. They will start English lessons in April. They all made me feel really comfortable. And not so bad for going back and asking for a change. And for that I really like them too. I'm human and yes I make mistakes all the time too. I wanted soft waves but you just wasn't meant to be for me and that's okay. But yep...I am super happy with my hair right now. I feel really current and on trend with this hair. Anyway so that's what's been up in our neck of the woods. : )