Thursday, March 05, 2015

Bits from the week...

First thing Monday morning. I had to do the "morning greeting" for students/kids that day. In Japanese it is called "aisatsu undo" Which literally means aisatsu (greeting) undo (campaign)  basically it is a campaign for us parents (ie, mostly us mothers) to go out there and greet the kids. So morning greeting basically. We do hold flags and wear sashes in our town, but it is "a morning greeting" for kids/students, the flag and sash, just lets the kids know, we're not kidnappers or weirdos standing along the street. : ) This Monday morning was for Branden. I have already done my "morning greeting" for Noah at the end of November 2014. I recall when I did it in November, it was freezing cold and raining and I stood there with an umbrella greeting kids for about 20-30 minutes. Every child who attends the school in our town, their parent has do it once a year, so this is for *all* parents of a student,  and it doesn't mean you're a member of the PTA or anything (although I am still technically until March 29th) but if your kid attends the school, you'll mostly be picked a certain day to do this. When Branden and Noah went to the same school, we only had 1 day a year to do it, now that they go to 2 different schools, our family has to do it now twice a year. : ) So not too hard. Morning greetings... do not end when your kid graduates elementary school around where we live...apparently, hahaha! I was given a yellow sash that basically lets the kids know...I am there to do the morning greeting. Same sort of sash we use at the local elementary school. I had been given the sash on Thursday and flag as well, because I had Bran remind the teacher we would not be there on Friday so basically.. the sensei knew we would be in Hakone and therefore could not get it on Friday. It also came with a print out of all names for the year and where each parent stands on such and such day. According to the paper 4 of us mom's total, would be standing out Monday morning. Our elementary school, you need to stand there from 6:50am until 7:10 or 7:20am. However for the JHS, our time said 7:20-7:40am. So super short, time wise and it was just near the tennis courts, so super close to home. Noah went with me, since he gets a ride by me everyday, so he stood with me. Bran rode passed on his bike (he was the first kiddo I greeted) I was the first mom to arrive. Next to arrive was one of my mom friends and her daughter is a 8th grader or 9th grader. I forget. But her husband works for the same airline Noboru does. They've been to our house before, their whole family. We also once went and lit fireworks/hanabi with them, both our families got together for that. So our families are friends. So it was nice she came out to stand and greet, the same day I had to too. : ) Saya-chan's mom was another mom who was there and I saw Saya ride on her bike in her JHS uniform, she is so cute! And K's mom had to stand out there too. She is the one who has 2 sons, same age/grade as my two. And our two 3rd graders went trick or treating last year together. : ) So I was happy that I had the morning greeting with 3 mom's I am very familiar with. The 20 minutes was over in a flash. Could be because we were chit chatting our brains out. One of our conversations was about...Sometimes JHS kids need packed lunches. Not often but one mom that morning was like..isn't the amount of food so much greater than the amount of food we used to pack them in yochien. We all cracked up. One piped up and said, my son says it's never enough lunch/food. I chimed in, in agreement and added...last Fall when I packed Bran a sandwich he also said it was not enough... so now I pack him 2 sandwiches. And I said I now double the amount of karaage or whatnot, if I make that. They also said same for them too. So yeah...we were all chit chatting. Monday morning. Sorta nice to get to do that. After the 20 minutes, Noah and I hopped in Olive and I drove Noah to the front of the school. I came home. Pulled out the load of laundry I started at 5:20am that morning and then threw in the dryer before 6am. Just underwear, socks and tees for everyone. I folded that load after coming home from my morning greeting and dropping Noah at school. Threw a load (my 2nd load of laundry of the day) of towels in the wash. vacuumed the downstairs. Wiped and bleached all the counters in the kitchen, wiped the kitchen table. Put the breakfast dishes in the dishwasher. Folded the 2 couch blankets. Swooshed the downstairs toilet. Went and hung up the towels outside on the patio. Did my 3rd and last load of the day, a load of jeans. While it was washing, I quickly put the vacuum away and I went for my morning walk. Pictured here. Pretty cold but the sun was shining.

I have my headphones on, music playing. Even if it is a rainy day, I will walk that lap around my housing community. At times it may be absolutely bitterly cold, but I'll just put on gloves and a coat. But I never regret my morning walks. NEVER. My heart feels so good. My lungs feel so good. My legs feel so good. And I do have a treadmill at home too, that I use also.

I have about 6 friends on this street that curves. My kids have a ton of friends on this street too. : ) In fact 1 mom friend was on her way to work Monday morning while she passed me, while I was walking. Thank goodness my camera was tucked away though. : ) But she waved and I waved.

I came home, hung out the 4 pair of jeans on the laundry pole on the patio. And had myself some breakfast. Not a gorgeous breakfast. But it was my breakfast Monday. 1 cup of coffee. 1 croissant sliced in half and toasted in the toaster oven. Then I spread some peanut butter on it and some sliced banana. I had 2 of the tiniest yogurts, you have ever seen. If you are American and know what a Yoplait yogurt is, these 2 together are still smaller than 1 Yoplait. : ) I do add a pinch of strawberry cereal to add some crunch to my yogurt. I went upstairs and changed from my walking outfit (yoga pants and sweatshirt) to normal clothes and I left (had already did the hair and the makeup since I had that "morning greeting" that morning : )
Drove myself to Costco Chiba New Town. Dish powder for the dishwasher. Laundry soap. Biore body soap/wash, tortillas and yogurt. We are a family who loves yogurt. : ) And it's cheap at Costco.

Also, picked up some shampoo at Cainz in Inzai/Chiba New Town and headed back to my town. The kids get out of school at 3:45pm Monday. So I had tons of time to get back to my town. This shampoo is the best smelling shampoo, like ever ever. This smells amazing. I went home, prepped supper, brought the laundry inside and swung around and picked up the kids. 
Pic from Tuesday, it didn't rain once this week. Which is amazing since it rained like crazy all last week and the week before. : ) After the boys went to school. And the laundry was busy washing. I went for my morning walk. Again, I never regret my walks. I feel so good doing them. Plus I like listening to the music. And I always feel really good when I get home. I feel like...yeah I did so good! : ) As soon as it gets warmer... I will start going for my longer walks. To the plaza and back home. 1 way it's 2.5km and round trip it's 5km. And in Spring and Summer I love walking back and forth in the mornings. It's still a bit too cold, but soon...definitely this month I will start with my long walks. : )  

Also Tuesday, Big Hero 6 arrived from! Yay! Only 2 DVDs left to arrive. Hunger Games Mockingjay and Unbroken. 

Wednesday I decided, what the heck... I would go for my long walk to the plaza and back. It was cloudy overcast but not a drop of rain in our town, although I did carry a tiny folded/compact umbrella, just in case. I had a bigger breakfast than my usual. I had a 1 egg omelet. Yes, I am serious only 1 egg, lol. But I did have a half slice of ham diced and some colby jack shredded cheese in the omelet. This would become 2 teeny tiny sandwiches. Breakfast sandwich.

And 1 teeny tiny lunch ham sandwich with lettuce and provolone cheese. 

The omelet sammys look umm...not very pretty looking. But they were great. : ) And if you live in Japan and know how small those sliced breads in the clear box packages'll be able to vouch, for how much smaller than a real slice of bread they are. ; )

No greasy chips or anything like that. Just 3 small sandwiches on a small salad plate. And a 5 km walk ahead of me.  Go me! Not bad for a cloudy Wednesday. However having taken the long walk and enjoying it. I feel that the weather is a tad too cold still for the longer walks. My hands were warm thanks to gloves but things like my cheeks, were cold as ice, by the time I got home. I will give it another week or two to warm up for the longer walks. Bummer, but least I tried. : )
Thursday mornings breakfast after I walked my housing community. 2 super tiny yogurts and a celery stick with peanut butter. It was 1 actual long celery but I cut it into 3 pieces.  I cleaned house, I got dressed for the day and put my makeup on because at 1:30pm I had to be at Noah's school for observation day. I also had been putting things into my cart at Old Navy all week. Preparing to place an order. You see, Old Navy was having a 40% off sale on some stuff. However I was holding out for a coupon code. And Thursday when I woke up I had an email from Old Navy for a 20% off coupon. That plus the already fantastic sale. I knew it was time to place my first order for some Spring/Summer stuff. 
Love what it says. Love this rashguard for Noah.
Matching swim trunks for Noah too. It is peace of mind knowing new swim gear is on it's way for Noah. Bran is also getting new swim stuff this year too. But now that he is wearing men's sizes now, it is quite hard to order stuff for him online now. So we will have to go to an actual shop to find Bran's swim stuff this year..but no worries. : ) 
I love this preppy navy and white long sleeve tee.  And even better I loved the 40% off and the coupon on top of that... I got for this tee. I will be pairing this with fitted bermuda or longer type jean shorts. Some low top converse. And my navy and white polka dot bag with leather-ish trim.

Some say this is cotton some described it in the reviews as a thin fleece. But most can agree it is a thin material sweatshirt. I thought the colors were preppy and my style and the design (slightly longer hem at the back) design. I just fell in love and almost everyone who ordered it loves it and was happy with it. I will pair this with white or jean rolled up bermuda shorts. And in the Spring if it's still too chilly I can pair this with my pair of boyfriend jeans. 

These tees were on such a sale. I picked basic easy to match colors. Striped basic black and white. 
Basic black. 

And now that the colder weather is almost gone it will be time for me to pack away the wool cardis and time to get out the cotton cardis. Cardigans. As long as I have 1 in black and 1 in gray. I am usually all set. I have 1 from last year in this length and 1 that is a little longer in length too.... having said that, I like to get a new one each year, if I can, this one is cotton and 3/4 sleeve perfect for the warmer weather or showing some bangle bracelets, watch or whatnot on the wrist. : )
I liked what this tee said. Life is a beautiful ride. I plan to wear this with a black cardi and a pair of jean bermuda roll up shorts. 
This is the gray cardi I picked up. Again the prices are pretty fair. Full price is $19.94 US although I got mine on sale for like $12 or 13 US. So for me getting a new black and gray cardi to wear/to use every spring and summer, it's not going to break the bank and that way... they always look fresh and new and nice. I wash my cardigans in cold water in the wash, delicate cycle and I hang dry outside and sometimes inside, but by the end of the season the color has faded. Granted just a tad, but I do like replacing my summer cotton cardis yearly though. Many things I won't replace yearly, but the summer cardis though...I will. : )
Slip on sneakers have been pretty popular for the whole passed year. And seem to have no signs of slowing anytime soon. : ) I picked up this pair. Black with flowers. I am excited to get this pair. : ) Perfect to go with a fitted pair of jean Bermuda length shorts (yes again, can't help it they're cute and go with everything) fitted black tee and an unbuttoned black cardi. Little black messenger bag. I can't wait. : )
Wednesday evening, Noah told me, we would be doing a wood project together Thursday afternoon. Building something. He mentioned, a saw, hammer and nails. So, I made sure to not dress up Thursday for observation day. I somehow imagined us covered in sawdust and yep, we sorta were. : ) All the 3rd graders came to this class. It's just 1 class. This is the art room. 

Every child had this kit from the school. Same exact thing. Us parents paid for it of course, but yep this is what it looked like. The teacher said a few things. She wanted us parents to saw. She didn't want to see any kids missing limbs. : ) Fair enough. Me either. : ) She wanted the kids to do most of the nailing though. And she said to... make whatever you guys want! Oh yeah she also said...I have some scrap wood pieces on the side if anyone wants some, there were at least 30 big pieces. Nobody really went for it. But we wanted some so we picked 2 spare medium sized unwanted wood pieces. There was tons of extra big boards, but most just kept with the kit and what was inside the kit. Not thinking outside the box...literally. Hahaha. I'm kidding I'm kidding. : ) 

I was wearing ballet slippers. And inside this bag is my regular shoes. leopard print slip on sneakers. : )

Because we literally thought outside the box and used the boards nobody wanted, Noah's project turned out twice the size of the rest of his class. Noah with help from us... Noboru and I. Noah made a book shelf. Small-ish-medium size one. But the ones from the kit were like half the size of a tissue box. The teacher came and with her camera she took a few pics of Noah and us and Noah and his wood project. : )  In this picture Noboru was telling Noah the importance of keeping his nails straight. And the rest, he had Noah do the rest.

Such a sweetheart. : ) Today/Friday the 3rd graders will finish their woodwork projects. Although Noah's technically done...the building part. But he still has to sand down the edges. So today I am sure he did that. : )  That class was 3rd period today. : ) 
You know how, in the 70's every girl wanted the Farrah hair. Or in the 90's early 90's everyone wanted Julia Roberts thick spiral curls and then... that was out of style and then after that, in the 90's it was totally "the Rachel" Do you know what I mean? Like every year or two something huge takes hold. Well prepare to laugh at me. Remember how... I last got my haircut January 3rd or 4th 2015. Anyway, so before my last haircut all December my hair was so long, so thick. Totally driving me freaking insane this hair. I went and Yahoo and google searched new or trending hair for 2015. And nothing came up! So, I decided. I would either A-line long bob or just get about an inch cut off in length and ask for face framing layers. I debated all the last week of December. I debated HARD back and forth. I went in Jan 3rd for a cut and she was off until the next day. Great! That gave me 1 extra day to decide, a-line lob (long-ish bob) or face framing layers. So I went to the salon and still undecided I said. Please give me face framing layers and cut an inch or two off in length. She did just that. She gave me a great cut. However. The jokes on me! The very next day. And I am not kidding! The literal next day. Front page of yahoo. Says...the must have hair for 2015. What the freak??? Why do they give this information a day too late! @_@ Just my luck. So, I click the pic. I shouldn't have clicked the pic. I just shouldn't have. But I did. It read basically. Top salon in Beverly Hills....has been cutting everyone with an A-line Lob (long bob) And the story went on to say it's all about soft waves. Not psycho curls mind you... but as the picture shows soft...beachy waves is what the article said. I could have cried...died of shock! I mean...does that not... just beat all! What are the odds of that happening. Like 1 in a billion. Shock. Woulda coulda shoulda times a million. : )  Another one of those...breath in...breath is... what it is, type moments. For me for sure. Since I have had face framing layers cut Jan 4th. @_@ I have been madly growing them ever since. Lucky for me, my hair grows like a weed. 98% of my hair is now past shoulder length and at the longest part the back goes all the way to middle of bra length. Just a few tiny pieces at front are below chin but still shorter than my shoulder. However, I think I can now get an A-line lob now. Maybe 20 hairs will be slightly shorter but not by much and it will grow like wild fire in no time. I'm also getting my hair straightening done too. That Japanese thermal hair straightening. But I will ask my stylist if she can straighten the crown and make the lower parts wavy. I'll ask her what she thinks. And I think when she straightens my hair... those few strands of hair will get even longer. But yep, this is like one of the most popular hair cuts in America right now. This Instagram is from the infamous hair salon in Beverly Hills that started it all. I am taking this pic with me, I already have a screen shot of this to take to my stylist.  See at the top under where it says 1 month ago, the stylist describes it as an A-line lob (long bob)

Yep, the numbers don't lie...over 1700 likes. This hair cut and soft waves are the hair of 2015, in America. My appointment is March 20th. And that just gives my hair extra time to grow. : ) I am coveting this hair cut and style too hard ya'll. : ) It will be mine March 20th. Yay, I can't wait. 
The very very famous YouTuber Ingrid Nilsen/Missglamorazzi. Who I have blogged about a ton, because I think she's so cool. She too took the plunge and got this same cut recently too. She lives in California. And look at those number of likes, 93 thousand. People are digging on this cut...big time! I can't wait to get mine March 20th. 
Even Rose Byrne is rocking a similar cut and again loose waves. She and I have the same exact hair color, eye color and coloring. But see this pic...see how her root area is straight though, right. Not all crazy wavy at the roots. Like mine naturally is. So, what I will have my stylist do is maybe just straighten the root area and loose perm the rest, or...we'll see. But yep, I want something very similar. And Rose's hair doesn't look a-line to me at all. But it does look like a nice lob with loose waves. And again that is sorta what everyone is rocking these days. : ) And I like how Rose wears lipsticks  in the same color family I do..the YLBB (your lips but better) shades. : )

Anyway, nothing too major this week. I had the "good morning" greeting to do. I had Noah's observation day, that both Noboru and I went to. I have the daily same ol same ol' meaning, my morning walks, cleaning the house. Etc. I am slowly and surely starting to gather some new pieces for Spring and Summer.  Noboru had his huge once a year physical today, barium and all. Mine is next Friday. @_@ Barium included. Hahaha. : ) I hate taking the barium, but I know the importance of staying fit, healthy and getting yearly exams. A persons health should never be taken for granted. I know that. My mom had stage 2 breast cancer and survived. My dad had heart disease and a quadruple heart bypass. So, yeah. I know how important it is to take care of yourself. So anyway that's next Friday for me.

This weekends plan? Staying home. Relaxing. We have 2 DVD's to watch, so we'll have movie night tonight/Friday night and Saturday night too. We have Big Hero 6 and also The Interview. Have a lovely weekend everyone. : )