Monday, February 16, 2015

Valentine's Day...

I hope everyone had a fantastic Valentine's Day. : ) On Friday the 13th, dundundun! Lol. February 13th (Friday), after the boys got out of school, the 4 of us zipped to Costco Chiba New Town for some Valentine's Day goodness for the next day for the entire family! Huge size of tiramisu and cookies. And the cheese was not for Valentine's Day, lol it is for an upcoming pizza. : )

I also made sure to buy something for the boys. Just some small little treats that I know they'd love. They did both get Valentine's day treats this year as they always do, but Branden asked me not to share pics this year of his stuff. Fair enough. He's 13 now and so, I said okay. Done and done. : )  Noah loving to copy everything Branden does...said yes mine too. So no pics of the treats the girlies gave this year. : ) 
I meanwhile got a little something something from Shu Uemura and as I am not a teenage boy, I don't mind sharing pics at all. : ) 

Shu's powder foundation called "the lightbulb." I first read about it on Biteki magazine. Listed as one of the best powder foundations that gives you beautiful looking skin. My interested peaked so... I watched a few reviews in English about this foundation on YouTube, and everyone seems to love it and the coverage is medium. Giving you a nice healthy glow (like a lightbulb) not shimmery or disco ball glittery at all. Just like a glow from within. I don't do disco ball glittery on my skin at all, eyes I don't mind, but not the face.  The glow from within, is faked with help of this. So yeah...after reading what they said in Japan about it...heard the reviews on YouTube in English about it, I was interested.  

Glow, plus good coverage plus, UV protection SPF 30 PA+++. Doesn't hurt to at least try it. So I am. : ) 

774 Light beige. The lady color matched me. 

Place for the sponge, just like how the Mac Studio Fix is, with the sponge down below.

My Mac Studio Fix powder foundation in the color NC20 on the left. Is a dead on match, for color 774 light beige. Fair skin with yellow undertones. Looks natural.

Top liquid foundations on the right hand page and top powder foundations on the left. Says foundations to give you beautiful looking skin. I do plan to try out the powder foundation that ranked #1. It's just it's a "Japan only" brand. Which is okay and I do plan to try it out. But I was attracted to try the Shu Uemura one first, because of it's high ratings both in Japan and overseas. Which is why I tried that one first.  

Ranking 3rd best in Japan, is not so bad at all actually.  In the end will I love it? I honestly don't know. I'm still test driving it. ; ) In a month or two, I will be test driving the one that was ranked #1 though. : ) 

The Shu Uemura lady helping me, gave me 2 samples of 2 different types of their cleansing oil (which is amazing) and a serum sample too. 
Valentine's Day dinner. We went and had dinner at our favorite yakiniku restaurant. That is one heck of a huge platter of rosu (lean beef) And an extra smaller platter of rosu in the background.

My porcelain prince grilling up some marinated rosu. : )

Bran and Noboru grilling their meats on the grill on the other grill. It was a very chill and relaxed Valentine's Day dinner. We celebrated it as a family, that's just the way we roll around here. : ) Loved that it fell on a Saturday this year. And also loved that I had no yakuin meetings this last weekend either. 

When I was growing up, there used to be in the National Enquirer magazine a little paragraph/blurb every week that read...Happiness is. I used to read that blurb every week. Thoroughly enjoying what is happiness to different people...because *it is* different to each and everyone. Here's mine for February 2015. Happiness is being with my family, eating good food, enjoying the conversation. Just enjoying and living in that moment. Realizing that in 10 years the kids will be grown and I will miss the times like these, SO MUCH. So, enjoying the times like this...are so important for me. Anyway...that is what I think about when I look at this picture. The conversation and the laughter coming from our table, the smell of the food grilling.  Spending time with the ones who matter so much to me. : )

I also ordered some onion slices. Delicious on the grill. : )

We drove through the drive-thru at Starbucks along the way home. A hot caramel machiatto. The 4 of us thoroughly stuffed from dinner beyond belief. : ) Came home, enjoyed some dessert. Tiramisu or cookies. The kids had both, hahaha. Noboru and I just enjoyed a little tiramisu. Everyone took turns showering and into jammies. We just enjoyed good TV and relaxed the rest of the night. A very low key Valentine's Day, I know...but a perfect one for us! : )