Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Things happily going back to normal now...

Okay so don't laugh, but ever since I finished my last Kodomo Kai/Kids Club event. I feel so free and so happy now that my life can go back to normal. That I feel like standing on top of a mountain top, in a green lush field and twirling around and singing. I am just so proud of myself you guys, a whole year as a VP/fuku kaicho. I handled it, I did it. What did I learn about myself? I learned that I am stronger than I thought. : ) Anyway...just feeling pretty happy. : )  
McDonald's in Japan is currently having some Hawaiian items on the menu. Limited time only type of stuff. But their berry pancakes are so delicious! They also have a pulled pork on top a burger for sale at the moment too. Also, March 5th. Don't quote me on that date though, I could be off on the date, but I think March 5th is when McDonald's will bring back the banana shake (limited time only of course). The banana shakes there are awesome, so I can't wait! Yumm. 
I also baked some brownies with nuts inside. They were so good!

Fresh Off the Boat (pictured here) is probably one of the funniest TV shows around these days! It's hilarious. It's like, "Everybody Hates Chris" and the "Wonder Years" rolled into 1, but with an Asian twist. 

This kid here is the one telling his stories from the 80's or 90's. He's so funny this kid. What TV shows have I been watching? Fresh Off the Boat. The Blacklist. Little Women LA (there is so much drama on this show, but it's fun to watch) And Child Genius just ended last night. I am glad who won and who came in 2nd place too. Those two kids were my favorites. : )
This Monday, the day after the Eiken and the Kids Club. I went to Costco Chiba New town. This is what I picked up. Huge bag of Cheetos. Microwave popcorn (we have microwave stuff and the kernels at our house for popping on the stove) dinner rolls, pancakes, ham and provolone for ham sammy. Big hunk of colby cheese and a rotisserie chicken. I picked up a curry soup on the way out for my lunch. Dang that curry soup is good. : )
What else have I been up to. Well, I do like to place orders on every couple months. To pick up some movies or books. I am still waiting on a few DVD's to get to my house, Big Hero 6 (on the way), Unbroken (not released yet, but already ordered) and the new Hunger Games Mockingjay part 1 (not released yet, but already ordered too). Anyway, back to the picture,  Come See the Paradise is a good movie about the Japanese being put into camps during world war 2. It shows how bad it was, how unfair it was. This movie is so good, I used to have it on VHS, but geeze, we don't even have videos here at our house anymore or a VHS player. lol. But I did want this movie on DVD. Also, Stella probably my most favorite movie with Bette Midler. I know everyone says Beaches, and I love that too and own Beaches already. However Stella for me, is my most favorite with her in it. I am glad to own this on DVD now. I also picked The Interview. This movie caused quite a stir, I know. It was pulled from movie theaters, then put in "limited" theaters. Even Japan said they won't play this at the movies here in Japan. As for me, I love comedy's, I like to laugh. What I love about a movie is it has the power to make you laugh for the 2 hours. Think deeply (Come See The Paradise) Make you both laugh and cry (Stella) do I expect a movie to solve the worlds problems? No. It's a movie, and this one was supposed to be funny. Look at the Naked Gun movies, they poked fun at many people in those movies. Or the Scary Movie movies. They make and poke fun at the Exorcist and other people and movies too. The Interview might be a bad movie. It might be good. But I'd like to see it, so I am glad I own it. I also wanted a good book. I picked this book. Kissing Outside the Lines, by actress Diane Farr. You might know her from the TV show N3mbers. All sorts of TV shows. In fact I remember her from way back, on the short lived TV show Roswell. 

She too is in an interracial/mixed marriage with an Asian man. She's married to a man from South Korea. I have yet to read the book, but I hear she's very funny and talks a lot about her story between her and her husband. I will start reading this book this coming week, when I have some free time. I can't wait. : )
These are the pictures she shares in her book. Look at her face though. Her face to me says..she totally adores and loves her husband by looking at this picture. This picture made me smile, because I adore and love my husband too. : )  There *are* people like us, western women very happily married to Asian men. And when I see a book like this, heck yes I'll buy it. Because I can relate. : )  If Anna Chlumsky (the girl from My Girl) wrote a book (she too is married to an Asian man) I'd buy her book too. : )

One last pic of inside the book. And sorry this picture went sideways. Look at Diane Farr with her husband and their 3 gorgeous kids. : ) I can't wait to dive into this book. : )

Anyway those are the things that have been up around my house lately. Tonight we are leaving on a 2 night weekend get away type trip. We are staying at 2 different hotels. One night we will be in Hakone. We will be going to the awesome onsen place we usually go to. We are already all packed. As soon as the boys get out of school this evening, we will be leaving. The school knows they will be absent tomorrow (Noboru wrote a note). However, Branden is done with all his tests until April. Both Bran and Noah have nothing needing to be done at school. They both are caught up with all homework, both get super grades. And now...that I am no longer a yakuin member anymore. My weekends belong to me again. So we are heading out tonight. : )

Our swim suits are all packed away. PJs, etc. Also I heard this onsen place really remodeled like crazy and the wine bath is inside now. So...we will see. Online people... say it's funner now. So, we look forward to that. : ) 

They always have seasonal ice creams. We plan to have Italian while in Hakone, we also plan to go and get some of those black eggs. And just sorta get back to our fun free time. 
At the hotel we stay at, in Hakone, the room we get has 2 bedrooms/sleeping areas, 1 is a tatami room and the other room has 2 beds. The hotel also has a nice onsen to soak in at night.So we're looking forward to that too. 

We skipped coming here last year because my weekends weren't really available, but now we can go and enjoy. : )

Their breakfasts are really good. The kids get a nice french toast, salad and soup and fruit etc. 
Also this weekend, we will be staying at the hotel near Ikspiari. Again...we have those free night stays to use up and March is the last month to use them. So 1 night in Hakone and 1 night at the other fun hotel and we did book the bunk bed room. : ) Anyway...just 1 very happy family thrilled that their lives are getting back to normal now that the yakuin stuff is over and done with. We need this you guys...we really do. : ) Anyway, I'll catch up with you all on Sunday or Monday. Probably Monday. No that I actually have the time to stop and smell the roses, so to speak.  You know what I mean. : )  

Also, maybe I should wait to mention it? But what the heck. Noboru requested days off at the end of March and he got it already! Approved. So at the end of March we will be heading to Guam for a few nights. Staying at my dad's. But...can't wait. Time to see a few movies and stock up on a ton of food, which I ran out of since October. So yep...things going back to normal for us all around here now that the yakuin stuff is finished. Hallelujah. : )  Alrighty, I better end this post now. I could post on Sunday, but what the heck...I'm gonna just relax Sunday. And I'll try and catch up with you all on Monday. : )  Have a good weekend everyone. : )