Monday, February 09, 2015

I'm about to drive to the local drugstore as soon as I publish this. We're just about out to run out of our body wash, so I need to go and get a new one., I met up with 2 of my girlfriends today from my town. The prez and my fellow VP and I had a lunch date today. We met at the small city nearest our town for some Indian food. So we met at the restaurant and enjoyed ourselves. We now know which hair salon we all go to. Hahaha.  Just girl talk. Fun talk. : ) I am really stuffed right now. I picked the pumpkin curry set/combo.

Noah gets out of school at 3:45pm today and Bran gets out around 3:20pm. Tomorrow is a holiday of some sort in Japan, so that means the kids do not have school tomorrow. Which is nice because that means we can all sleep in tomorrow morning. Bliss. : ) Anyway just wanted to do a quick little catch up with you all and say...hi! : )