Friday, February 06, 2015

Catching up! Family movie night, Kua ‘Aina Burger, Super Bowl 49 and lunch with good friends...

How are you doing? Are you glad today is Friday? I sure am! I am *so* ready for the weekend (although I have a meeting tonight) However, I am still pretty happy the weekend is here. Let me go and grab a hot cocoa and let's sit for a couple minutes together and catch up with what's been up over here. : ) You know...nothing all too major, just the day to day type of life things. But those are always my most favorite types of posts to read anyway. : ) K...brb, going to go and grab that cocoa. K, I'm back. : ) Let's see, what have I been up to. Hmmm. (thinking) Well, last Friday, Noboru and I went to Costco Chiba New Town. Just to get a few things. Frozen pizzas for nights when we're so busy, say for example if one of my meetings is happening. So buy a bag of salad at the store, throw 2 of those frozen pizzas in the oven, since there are 4 of us here and...granted not a perfect dinner but it sort of covers those super busy...nothing you can do about it..type a nights...when you are at a meeting for 2 plus hours. So for our family, it helps me a ton knowing they're in the freezer and can be pulled out on crazy night like that. Super helpful. Also picked fresh pasta, because I knew I was to be making chicken parmesan on top of pasta. I already made it and it was delicious. One of those packs fed the 4 of us. So we can get 2 dinners from that double pack of fresh pasta. Mozzarella, some of that went for the chicken parmesan and the other pack and a half can go to homemade pizza night (that hasn't happened yet, but it's now a possibility since I have the ingredients in the fridge and pantry.) Ughhh, what else. Tortillas, big hunk of cheese and a roasted chicken for Saturday nights supper. And laundry soap/detergent. 
We did have lunch there, last Friday. I had the curry soup. Noboru had a hot dog and a soda. 
Same day, January 30th. Was expected to snow in our area. It did, which is pictured here. However it snowed for probably 3 minutes max and it didn't stick to the roads or anything. As soon as it hit the ground it sort of melted to drizzly thick gloppy rain. It also snowed and I keep forgetting to say this... it snowed January 1st....for a grand total of 2 minutes. @_@ So while snow has hit our town, ehh. True. However. I am unsure if if it really *counts*...counts. Does that make sense. I hear it snowed in Tokyo even. And stuck to the ground last week. But...not in our part of Chiba at all. Super weird. : ) 

When I was teaching English in Japan a couple years back. I bought myself a cute calendar to keep track of which school, I'd be at, since I was teaching at 2 different hoikuens. It was only about 1500 yen ($13 US) but since I was working, I thought...I should have a cute calendar. I need to whip it out in front of work partner, 2 principals. To check my date book and whatnot. But now that I'm a stay at home mom. I tend to buy my calendars at the Daiso. I guess, I really don't have anyone major...that I need to pull my date book out and in front of. Sure yes...I could spend more on a calendar. Of course. me...I really don't see the need. I have been a yakuin (PTA) member this whole past year and December 2013 I went to the Daiso and the selection was pretty great to get a calendar for last year. However this year...I figured, my yakuin year is coming to a close, I wouldn't need a date book this year. I write the kids events on our calendar on the fridge. However at my last meeting...I needed to write about 3 different dates down. I no longer had a current calendar. And I really felt out of my element needing one and not having one. So last Friday, I thought...I hope the Daiso has calendars...but considering it was nearly Feb..I was not so sure at the end of January they'd even have any left. I bought this January 30th. So, I went there last Friday after Costco. I walked all over the Daiso. Couldn't find a thing. Was about to go and ask the cashier, when I saw the tiniest sliver of leftover...calendars. Yep, you guessed it...the ones that didn't sell. @_@ Holy goodness...why did I wait so long. You know...I am human. Hind sights 20/20, we all know that. Woulda coulda shoulda. Should I go to the book store and spend 1000 yen on one, I pondered. No! I'll need one quite a bit until the end of March. So a 100 yen one is more than enough. I grabbed one...this one and went and paid and checked out. And sure why not...I'll just pencil in all my...observation days and whatnot in this one for this year now too. Since I have it..might as well make use of it. : ) Besides..flannel shirts and flannel scarves were rather... the "it" items to wear this winter least I won't feel too dorky with it. : ) Though...might look a bit hot in the Japanese summer, lol.  Hahaha. 

And still January 30th. I know this looks exactly like my niku jaga, that I usually make with pork. However, this was made with chicken. I have made this twice so far. Early January and on January 30th. It's same recipe as nikue jaga. It comes out so good. We eat it like a chicken bowl, meaning on top of rice. It's really good. : ) Quick, fast and cheap!

The very next night.  January 31st. I preheated the oven and put the rotisserie chicken into the oven, so it could get hot and a crispy skin again. I meanwhile made mashed potatoes, poultry gravy and some corn. It was a pretty easy Saturday night dinner. It was a family movie night for us. Because I had no meetings last weekend. And we just sorta wanted to kick it here at home and relax and have a delicious, but fairly easy dinner at home. : )

While, I got the dishes put into the dishwasher, the kids went upstairs and quickly took a shower. I also popped some popcorn. The boys came downstairs in their PJs. And all 4 of us watched Labyrinth. We had popcorn, chocolate raisins or Kit Kats for whoever wanted. : ) As usual Noah zonked out to the world. Noboru carried him upstairs. Noboru and Branden played an airplane game on both of their Nexus, while I jumped in the shower real quick. Branden was sort of exhausted, because he has been studying earlier that day and still has been studying like crazy for his huge test coming Feb 12th. So he went upstairs to his room, but he said he'd play Mine Craft for a bit in his room first. I heard when he switched his lamp on his night he stayed up for about 20 extra minutes. Meanwhile Noboru and I started to watch Annabelle. It was a good movie. And it was scary! Really scary. : ) I think this is coming to movie theaters here in Japan at the end of February. 

Sunday, the day after that, Feb 1st, the family plan was to get ourselves to Makuhari and to Urayasu our favorite burger place and also to the new Aeon Mall. Remember we went to the Makuhari Aeon mall, once before...I blogged about it too. We had the Hawaiian shrimp there. Anyway, we wanted to go to Ikspiari and have Kua 'Aina Burger again. And also, in the magazine Biteki, a product was in there. A fairly new product, I think it came out last year. Anyway I had mentioned to Noboru the night of my last yakuin meeting, that I wanted to try it. However there was no rush and it was more a...just in passing thing that I mentioned. And so a week we were planning our burger plan. Noboru mentioned weren't you looking for something from Shu Uemura??? I said yes but no rush and that's when he said...since we are going to Kua 'Aina Burger anyway and it is already along the way and since...this is the only Free standing Shu Uemura in all of Chiba (he checked their website in Japanese, lol...he's a planner a good planner). Sure there are a few small Shu make up counters around... but not too many. And from where we live...our nearest is this huge free standing store at Aeon Makuhari or a small beauty counter in Mito Ibaraki inside a mall. Again though, it wasn't a purchase I needed immediately or there was a rush to get it or anything like life threatening that I needed. Frankly...Summer 2015 would be more than fine too. It was just...we were going to be in that round about area...and you know, we are very rarely in that area to begin with and you guys know that. : ) So...since we were going to be there Noboru said...this was the chance. He you want to swing by the Shu Uemura's your chance? I said sure, what the heck. I was in there for maybe 10 minutes the longest. I had my magazine in my hand, she knew right away what I was interested...she color matched me. And we bought it and left. It's my Valentine's gift from Noboru. Which is why...I'm not sharing the pic of it now. But yep,within 20 minutes we arrived at the mall, parked our car in the close to the entrance, parking for EV cars, charged up Olive while we shopped and we zipped in and out early and headed to Ikspiari. We did window shop and walk around Ikspiari but we didn't buy anything. Oh wait...we bought the boys each some jelly beans from Sony Plaza. 

I ordered what I always order. The chargrilled teriyaki chicken breast sandwich. And onion rings. My drink was guava juice. And Noboru's burger in the background. Everyone always takes their onions off their burger and puts them on a side plate for me. While I do like onions, gee, it's not like I'm an onion fanatic though. hahaha. I did eat 1 extra onion slice though. 

Branden and Noah's chargrilled cheeseburger combos. It was a nice early dinner. It was around 3pm. Noboru is thinking about purchasing a small drone for his Valentine's Day present this year. It flies, it records. He's still researching right now. As for me, I have been putting a few treats here and there away. Nothing major. But...I think they will enjoy. : )

Monday, Feb 2nd, Japan time...but Super Bowl Sunday in America!!! As soon as I sent the boys to school, it was Super Bowl watching time for Noboru and I. Super Bowl #49. The Seattle Seahawks VS. The New England Patriots. The Patriots won. However, I have to say, they both played a fantastic game. They both wanted this win badly. And the game was very good. Because it was such a close game. It was truly any body's game for most of the game. Last year, my favorite team on the planet, the Denver Broncos went to the super bowl. And we played miserably! It wasn't a close game at all, it was a massacre. We lost and lost BIG TIME. By half time it was like...well this game is pretty much over with! Let's just slink on home ya'll. : (  And believe me...I love the Broncos. You all know, that I do! But this Super Bowl this year was a real nail biter...again it was a hard fought game. Everyone I know, enjoyed the game this year. Both teams played super well. my mind...both teams should be proud. They both played at their best! : ) I also loved the half time show! Amazing. : ) And the commercials are always something I look forward to too. : )  In America...super bowl commercials are always the new ones...because they know the whole country is watching. : )

Wednesday, February 4th at 11;30am, I met up with my 2 most favorite girlfriends. The 3 of us always have a blast when we 3 get together.

We went to Coco's for lunch, they have one of the best drink bars in Japan. My friends love their selection of teas. They have a ton of flavors and varieties. So each of them picked a delicious tea. I enjoyed their hot cocoa. They make the best tasting hot cocoa. I also picked a soda and had that when my meal came. We sat there until around 2:10pm. So for a few hours we got to unwind and have have fun, while eating our pasta sets and salads.

We 3 have been friends for a very long time. Years and years. We go to movies together and lunch together. One has known me since Branden was in yochien and the other one moved and started our yochien when her daughter and Noah first started yochien. So we 3 have known each other for ages. Our personalities just mesh together really well. We joke...we laugh. I feel like I can talk about anything with these 2.  They both have 2 daughters each. One has an 8th grade daughter and a 5th grade daughter. The other one has an 8th grade daughter and a 3rd grade daughter (Noah's age and former classmate). We're thinking about going to the movies soon. March maybe. : ) Having friendships in real life and in person is so important..friends you can talk with and laugh with. : )

I have a yakuin meeting tonight. It will be about the final party we will be hosting. The good bye to the 6th graders party. I think tonights meeting might run a little long. How many presents do each of us need to buy? Go through the games once again. We did pass the kids club kairanban around last week. I collected the one for my area already and returned it to the prez days and days ago. So we have to go through a few extra things tonight as well. Branden gets out of school today at 3;20pm and Noah gets out at 3:45pm. I meanwhile have to jump in the shower now and put my make up on, blow dry my hair etc. To slowly get myself ready for this meeting. We are having curry for supper tonight, because I needed something I could make in the day I said I have that meeting tonight. I guess I could grumble and bitch about the meeting tonight, but....I'm totally not going to.  Because for's happening tonight whether I like it or not. So, since I am going anyways...I might as well go on a positive is *so* almost over and done with. And the ladies are fantastic too. Really good group of ladies. for me to just make the best of it...I say. : )  Plus the prez and my fellow vp and I have a lunch date this coming week too. I'm looking forward to that. I can do this meeting tonight no problem...I've got this. : ) Have a wonderful weekend everyone. : )

PS...we're going to Hakone this month. Staying a night at the hotel. Soaking in the coffee and wine and other onsen too. I can't wait! : )