Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Birthday preparations, my kodomo kai meeting and a few other bits thrown in for good measure...

So last Friday, Noboru and I went to Costco Chiba New Town to pick up his birthday cheesecake. I also knew with my meeting Saturday, a homemade pizza would be perfect for Saturday night (easy clean up and very little dishes : ) So I picked up some mozzarella cheese for the pizzas and also picked up a pack of socks for Noah. Disney socks with Finding Nemo, Monsters Inc. Buzz and a few other characters. : ) We were in and out in no time, but we wanted to grab a quick and cheap bite to eat before heading back to our rural town. : )

Just a quick lunch and back to our town we went. : )
Noboru's birthday present this year, a new lap top. : )

He picked a really pretty bright blue color. And according to kakaku.com this lap top had super high ratings, so this was the one he really wanted and in the color he wanted too. : )

He also received some new speakers for his "mini" mini van from Amazon. So we were all totally ready for his birthday to roll around on Sunday January 18th. : )
Saturday morning, I quickly made the pizza dough and let it rest all day. We did have bacon and eggs and toast for breakfast. And after that, I jumped in the shower,  after that I blow dried my hair. Put my make-up on. Even though my meeting wasn't to start until 7pm. I thought it would be a better idea to be ready earlier, than at the last minute.  I also flat ironed my hair. So from the neck up, I was done and ready. I was freshly showered, but I had my Old Navy yoga pants on and a long sleeve top. And cuddled on the couch most of the day. : ) Around 1pm. The doorbell rang, it was the kaichos son (President of the kids club son) he is a very good friend of Bran's so he came to hang out. From there, they apparently hopped on their bikes and went to the Jinbei Boy's house. (he's the other vice presidents son, as I am also a VP too. So to my fellow VP's sons house they went. He now goes to a different JHS) They went and got him and back to our house they went. Basically in a nut shell the prez and 2 vp's kids all hung out. That's just because they're pretty good friends... the 3 of the kids and same for the 3 of us mom's, which is why we 3 wanted to work together last year. : ) So now I had 3 boys outside. So, I decided to pop 2 big batches of homemade popcorn on the stove. One big batch for the boys outside and 1 big batch for Noboru and Noah and myself and for later that night if they wanted to munch some while watching TV. I went outside to give the 3 boys a big bowl of popcorn. And one 2 liter of apple cider (soda) (it was 98 yen so I bought that and a orange cider) Noah was invited to go outside, but it was freezing cold and Noah wanted to stay inside. 

The Jinbei Boy brought us these wrapped in a gift box. They are/were New Year cookies. Very pretty metal containers. Branden gave me the sheep box but he wanted the other one. : ) Totally fine and I think I'll put jewelry in it or something. : ) The boys left our house around 4:30pm because it was just too cold out. : ) I meanwhile rolled out the pizza. Preheated the oven to 450 degrees F. 

One very large pepperoni and half mushroom pizza. About the size of a Costco pizza you'd buy to take out. 

And I always have dough leftover, so I always make a spare smaller pizza. I made sure all 4 of us ate dinner. I hand washed the 2 baking pizza pans. I got myself dressed. It was by now 6:10pm. At 6:50pm, I left, but I also told both boys/kids what was expected of them. I said to make sure you both are showered and into your pajamas by the time I return. You can stay up if you'd like until I return (Bran can stay up until 10pm on weekends). Since it is the weekend. But you two need to be showered and into jammies. That's your #1 task, while I am gone. Your clothes need to be in the dirty clothes basket meaning not flung onto the floor or onto a chair or onto your bed. As a mother of 2 boys, I know...so don't even try it ya'll. : )  I said there is popcorn if you get hungry, many slices of pizza leftover. Although you just ate. I shouldn't be gone forever. There's plenty of drinks in the fridge. Besides your dad is here and he's more than capable to handle things. He's definitely no lazy or unhelpful dad. He's very helpful. I asked Noboru to make sure the boys shower and get in their pajamas. I said watch TV, play games, read, play a board game. We have a ton of DVD's to enjoy. Do whatever you guys like. Your choice.  Bye...love ya'll and I'm at the meeting handling my business please also handle yours too.  Meaning...be in your PJs, and be freshly showered by the next time I see ya'll. : ) I took my zippered folder with paper and pens and mechanical pencil and an eraser and calendar. And took the most freezing cold walk up to the building near the tennis courts. Like teeth chattering type cold. Like wear a scarf and some gloves type cold. Hahaha. : )

Next Sunday, at 3pm, all mom's who live in our housing community who have a new 6th grader starting from April, must show up this coming Sunday and from that group of mom's they will decide which of them will sign up for being a kids club PTA member for 2015. Us current 2014/2015 kodomo kai yakuin heads will lead the meeting. We will be seated at the head of the room on a very long table as the upcoming 6th grade mom's will be seated facing us. I also have about 2 other meetings after this coming Sundays meeting. Plus the last kodomo kai event which for that we picked the date Feb 22nd. So it is winding down. I will have to buy more gifts for which I will... once again be reimbursed. So between now and Feb 22nd us kodomo kai (kids club) yakuin (PTA heads) will be quite busy. But after Feb 22nd, I am done. Though they won't officially start until March, the new leaders. However, I am so close to being almost done you guys. : ) I really did it. : ) I am so proud of myself for handling my business...like a boss, ya'll! All year. In a foreign language/not my native language. 

I haven't been to Guam since October. Granted, if I were not a kids club yakuin member, I frankly would have gone to Guam by now. However with many of my weekends spoken for...it just hasn't happened much for me during my term. Noboru and I planned to head to Guam, with the kids, Feb 22nd, 2015. He requested that weekend off already...however it was decided that would be the last kids club event. Of course....my kids club duties have to come first. Especially since it is my final duty/job/task. So, I never mentioned it to my fellow members and Noboru quietly took his request of that weekend off. I'm not worried. Because...I'm patient. We all are. It'll happen. We just need to finish the kids club first. For right now...I just need to finish my term. I can see the light at the end of the tunnel already. It will be nice to have control over my own weekends once my term is up. It will be nice to be able to plan little family weekend getaways again.... without having to double check if I have a kids club meeting or event. So yeah...for now...I will bide my time. I will enjoy the last month of my term. Also to be fair too. The meetings are time consuming. The meetings do take time away from our family's. However...the meetings are in no means painful either. Most of our meetings this past whole year on average have lasted 2 hours long. We always get out between 9pm and 9:30pm. However the last meeting on Jan 17th, I was back at home by 8:10pm. so the meeting was super short. Also I do enjoy the ladies. They are funny, smart and so quick witted, we all razz/tease/kid each other and we laugh. The prez is so cute and funny. And my fellow VP, The Jinbei boy's mom is so fun...the time just flies by. She'd like to visit Sri Lanka this year she said, they like to travel a lot. We talked about Lucky Bags. "Did you buy any this year?" I asked her? She said..."I bought a couple" But she added..."I feel there is usually only 1 good thing per each lucky bag and the rest is all junk" And we both laughed. She then asked me..."did you buy any lucky bags?" I told her..."Would you believe I have never bought one"...she said..."never???" I said..."never ever" We both laughed. : )  Again so the conversation is light and fun and the ladies are real cool, really really cool. The prez is so helpful and involved...she already has all the games for Feb 22nd already picked/chosen. 1 game in particular, she wants all kids to get in this cardboard box, 1 at a time and walk in it. Think along the lines of a hamster running on a hamster wheel. Except the hamster wheel is made out of a huge cardboard box. So there was the prez walking around the room in this make shift hamster wheel. She's so genki! The rest of us were in awe...like wow look at her go! : ) So yes the meetings are time consuming for us all...but it's also a great group of ladies who all sorta click together really well. The meetings have never been all doom and gloom. I think that's because all our personalities mesh so well. : ) Anyway...that was last Saturdays meeting. Anyway, it's almost over with. A little over a month to go.