Wednesday, January 14, 2015

A quick little update...

How’s everyone been doing? Things are great over here.
Both Branden and Noah started school last week. January 7th. Half day. First full day was Jan 8th. The boys have been just going to school. Going to swim club. Doing homework. Or having fun on their time off. : )
As for me, I’m just been home. Cleaning house, doing laundry. Going for my morning freezing cold laps/walk around the housing community (Mon-Fri) as soon as the boys go to school. Watching good TV shows, in the evenings (Child Genius, The Big Bang Theory, Little Women LA, And Dance Moms just started a new season, to name just a few). Cooking supper every night. You know...that sorta thing. : )  Noboru’s been busy working and when he’s not working, he’s home with us. : )
Weather-wise it’s been super cold as heck! The mornings when I come downstairs the inside/outside temperature gauge says outside is 27 degrees F. Which is, below freezing. Inside is between 70 and 73 degrees Fahrenheit thanks to central heating and floor heating.
This Saturday January 17th, we are deciding if we want to go do something with the kids. In the daytime. But if it’s freezing cold, maybe not. So we’re sorta undecided right now. : ) Saturday (again, same day Jan 17th) evening on the other hand, I have my first yakuin meeting for the kodomo kai (kids club)....another Saturday night given up. Grr. But the bright side is is almost over. So for that I should smile. : ) In fact, at the end of January we will be deciding the next terms/years yakuin (which starts in April 2015, I end in March 2015, this year, can’t wait). I am so grateful that it is almost over with. I think I have 1 last kids party to host and then I am done. The “good bye farewell to the 6th graders.”

This Sunday, January 18th is Noboru’s birthday. And we will go out for yakiniku, in the evening. We will have the Cheesecake Factory Cheesecake from Costco, since Noboru loves cheesecake and prefers that over a birthday cake, it’s his special day so it’s his pick. : ) And his presents he already has. I’ll share pics another time. : )