Thursday, December 04, 2014

TGIF!!! Today's post, a simple one...just some pics of many recent good eats...homemade cheesy baked gratin potatoes, from scratch apple crisp/crumble, etc! Plus, the goodies Noboru brought back from Honolulu...

So how's everyone doing? I am so glad today is Friday! We made it...the weekend is last at last! Phew, I know, I am really happy the weekend is here. I started my TOM (time of the month) yesterday and today I feel crampy and crabby and ugh feeling. You know what I mean? : ) Our plan this weekend? Luckily for us we have nothing to do...meaning no weekend observation day. No street clean up (gomi zero, LOL) I can actually get some much needed rest. Oh wait...didn't I say we'd let Noah do that trial at soccer this weekend? @_@ Sigh...sigh sigh. Crap! See, we need our weekends. Hmmm. I'm thinking. I also have to buy those gifts for the kids club Christmas party that will be NEXT weekend. But other than those 2 things...I'd really like to rest. With the weekdays a tad on the busy side, I'd like the be used as our quiet down time...time to recharge, have family movie night, have dinner together. Hmm, now I am really not looking forward to this trial soccer thing. But a promise is a promise. Hmmm. Anyway back to this post. On this particular night, I made a family favorite of ours and made some cheesy gratin potato bake in the oven. I cleaned and peeled some potatoes.

Lightly buttered the baking dish.

Sliced the potatoes.

Grated the cheese to be dumped in the homemade roux which I made out of butter and flour on the stove, adding some milk and when it thickened, I added the cheese at last. The cheese was melted and then I poured the roux over the potatoes and baked in the oven. 

I fried the pork chops in the daytime. And baked the gratin potatoes and the oven beeped right before the kids were off school, so I turned the oven off, but left the potatoes in the oven. Went and picked up the kids. Came home in 5 mins and the potatoes were still hot. The boys changed into comfy clothes and I plated up our dinner that night. 

Simple, homemade and really good. They need the protein and they need to feel full! : )

These Cook Do are my faves here in Japan. They have so many different varieties. This one is really good. 
Chicken very lightly dusted in flour. Not like dredging... like how you make fried chicken. And then a little oil. This is skillet or pan fried, not deep fried. 

After the chicken is done, I add a little frozen broccoli that I always have on hand just makes the dish pop with some color and plus we all really like broccoli anyways. In fact I think I have 4 packs of frozen broccoli in my freezer right now. lol. We just always keep it handy. 

And with the tandoori sauce. This one is so good. 
This night of a different week, we had a Cook Do packet again, but this one is a Chinese dish and it's subuta, which is sweet and sour pork...but we always use this for sweet and sour chicken. Served with some rice, it's really yummy. And the veggies we had with this are carrots, onions and bell peppers.

This is yet the last Cook Do I will share on this post, but this is hoykolo. It's a pork and cabbage dish. It's super yummy and very easy since the sauce is in the Cook Do packet. Served along with some rice, it's very filling and delicious and really easy to make. : )
Apples are so super cheap in Fall and Winter where we live. So, we eat lots of apples and mikan and roasted sweet potato in winter here. I also bake a lot of apple crisps/crumble in winter too. I made a very big one this month and it was eaten right up! : )  I am always happy when the boys both come home and they walk in the door and say today it smells like...roasted chicken...or gratin potatoes...or apple crisp/crumble. I always get such a kick out of watching the boys walk through the door and see what foods they can smell for that particular day.
Four fresh chicken breasts. Skinless and any funky bits cut off. 

I slice each breast into 3 or 4 pieces.

A little salt and black pepper. Flour, egg, panko. This day the boys were home and doing homework in the kitchen while I was frying this one up. 

In this picture, it looks like many, but in reality...this is only 2 chicken breasts, so far. But it makes a ton! I also make regular size chicken cutlet but my husband and the kids especially always request the mini sized ones. : ) 

We also had this with a bag salad from the store. My other 2 pieces of cutlet were left unfried and wrapped and put in the fridge... I had them for lunch the next day. : ) 
If you look close at the box, yep the size 24cm were the ones that ultimately worked out in the end. And I have since tried on shoes at the local mall in the small city nearest us and yep, no problem wearing any shoes at all. Weird, but good for me, so... : ) 

The goodies Noboru brought home. Two eye shadow palettes, the Urban Decay Naked palette and the Too Faced Chocolate Bar one. 5 lipsticks and 1 Nars eyeliner and 1 makeup bag. Can't look or use until Christmas. : ) 

Nars Larger Than Life Long Wear eyeliner in brown. And 5 lipsticks, 2 Urban Decay, 1 Nars, 1 Bite lippie and 1 Too Faced lipstick. : ) Best husband ever!!! : )

These are now wrapped along with the new Transformers. The 2 on the left are the for boys. And the 2 on the right are for me. But can't watch them until after Christmas. : )

Hope everyone is healthy and happy and enjoying this special time of year! Today Noah gets out of school early...he gets out at 2pm. Meanwhile today is our parent teacher conference at Branden's school, at 4:20pm. The teacher made a home visit the last time. Tonight's dinner? Homemade pizza. Noboru will be getting off at 2pm today to attend Bran's conference. So the 4 of us will be enjoying homemade pizza after our conference. The dough is resting on the kitchen counter already. : )