Monday, December 08, 2014

Second place in the "practice" marathon and the big soccer try out on Saturday...

Last week, was our elementary school's "practice" marathon. This year the 3rd graders are running farther, distance wise and this year they are running with the giant 4th graders. Noah came in 2nd place. Out of both grades Noah came in 10th place but for just his grade...out of what...42 kids, Noah came in 2nd. 2nd fastest out of 42 kids is AWESOME! Proud of you kiddo! Noah's actual marathon is December 16th. Anyway, I wasn't really looking forward to Noah doing the soccer try out, that he had been asked to do. But...a promise is a promise, so we went, this Saturday. Pics down below.
The downside, no sleeping in on the weekends. I woke up at 6am Saturday. Shuffled myself down the stairs, had a hot coffee. Looked through my emails and thought to myself...why on earth am I awake so dang early on a weekend? I grumbled and went upstairs. Washed my face, brushed my teeth, put some concealer, some powder foundation on and some Dr. Pepper Lipsmacker (lip balm) on and called it a day, makeup wise. Woke up Noah, he got dressed and brushed his teeth, washed his face with a hot wash cloth. He did eat. I did fill his thermos. Noboru and Bran went too. It was just...way too early to be awake on a weekend, for us personally. the good. We arrived. Many of my lovely mom friends, waved and I waved back as we were pulling into the parking lot. Ohayo..ohayo..ohayo! : ) The parents are lovely. The kids are adorable and lovely! This pic is of Noah and 3 of his classmates. They all know him really well and vice versa. So good pals! : ) 

They were all supposed to stretch. Also...btw it was *so* cold outside! 

Stretch those feet...stretch those legs. 

Hi cutie pie!
I love that our town soccer field is up on a hill area... surrounded by nature and trees! Fresh clean air. Nice kids...nice parents. 
One of the coaches. And father's of Noah's classmate. He told Noboru...that morning. Noah is so fast! Which was kind of him to say. : ) 

They asked Noah to introduce himself to the entire team. Knowing his personality...what a worry wart, he is and how he has a tendency to get shy...I worried. And I looked on. We 3 watched from afar. The positive...every one's from the same town and everybody knows everyone. So, they already know him. Hahaha. : ) Oh I have to share this story. You know the coach in the picture above with long hair. Anyway...he mentioned to Noboru Saturday...that you know Noah's friend and classmate from yochien Sera, right? Well, his dad (S's dad) and the coach with long hair grew up in this town and they were classmates all the way since hoikuen, same class, same grade!!! @_@ Holy goodness! : ) Yep...everyone knows everyone around here. I told ya! Hahaha. : ) The other coach with head towel..his wife and I are both on the same kids club committee together, lol.

So anyway...they made a square area for kids to run laps out of the cones. They ran 2 kids together to see who was fastest. See that coaches face in the background? His expression is like...holy crap is that kid fast...yep that was the expression...and shock. Hahaha. See the 2 kids on the right in black? They were shouting..."Noah's so fast!!!" And jumping up and down. Don't ask me where Noah gets it from. It doesn't come from me. : ) I'm not a particularly fast runner, granted not the slowest either. Neither is Noboru. The whole team ran this about 3 different times and each time Noah ran it..he surprised everyone. He's just like the flash or something, lol. 

Next was this. They now set up cones in a line. Split the kids in 2 different lanes. Again to see who has the speed. Noboru played soccer from 1st grade all the way through JHS. So he was telling me...they want the FASTEST kid and this is how they find out who is the fastest. Those are the kids who will be called into play during the games. The coaches would shout...cone 1...3...5..2. And you'd have to run to the cone in the order they yelled it and run back. meanwhile the other kids were also doing the same. Noah's was so obvious to whoever was watching...he's phenomenal. The coaches just honestly watched in amazement.

Boom...Noah touching that cone....

And blammo...Noah came back running. He wasn't even out of breath doing it. That was the most surprising. Didn't even break a sweat. 

He socialized with his classmates. that was the good and positive. Because he is social and has a lot of friends. : )
They went into the building and played a match. Noah made a goal and again...the coaches just really like him and would like him on the team.

Is Noah good at soccer? Yes he is, in fact, he is *so* good! He's got the speed, he has the actual soccer skills too. However here's the basic bare bones of it. It is soccer 4 hours every Saturday and soccer 4 hours every Sunday. They had a game the following day and the meet up time was...guess! The meet up time was 6am!!! So if you have to meet up at 6am what time do you have to wake up then? 4am? To never get to sleep in at all, over the weekends? Not ever? I just don't think so. And both Saturday AND Sunday? To be frank about would simply take over our entire lives. You ever hear the term...spreading yourself too thin??? That is exactly what this would be for us! And thank gawd, I know it...I see that and I want to avoid that.

Monday through Friday...I set my alarm at 5:20am, I snooze it until 5:40am. I go downstairs and I have 20 minutes to myself, to have a coffee and read emails and do a bit of stuff. I go upstairs at 6am and wake up both the boys. I make sure they get awake, I lay out Noah's clothes. I go downstairs fill Noah's thermos. Make a quick fast breakfast. And lately now that the roads are ice in the mornings or the fog is as thick as pea soup, I drive both boys to school (Meaning now that it's winter, I drive B). At 7am--latest 7:10am. From 7:10-7:30am is the time for my walk around my housing time to get it done and over with for the day...and then at 7:30am to 12 noon, I clean the house, I do laundry, I prep dinner or set rice if we're having some. I kick freaking butt. At noon, I have lunch for 30 minutes, rest my body... eat slowly. At 12:30-1pm. I do last minute stuff, bring laundry from outside or take it out of the dryer. Basically that's the time I fold laundry and put it away. Around 1pm-1:30pm is when I call it a day. I turn the TV on and relax. If Noah gets out at 3pm, I leave the house at 2:20pm (because I go freakishly early) but that would mean...from 1pm-2:20pm would be my relax time. My time to turn the TV and enjoy the news, watch Dr. Phil or whatever. The Forensic Files. I can read. I can paint my nails. Blog. It's my time. I know how important it is for the body and mind to get that time to yourself. To recharge and take care of yourself. After the kids come home...I am in full dinner mode, cook, get it served. I enjoy the dinner meal and table talk with the kids, and then I do kitchen clean up. The kids help. And then I send everyone off to the showers, taking turns with that. And after is again free time. time to unwind from the day...time to recharge. Time to get cozy on the couch with a nice fluffy fleece blanket and a good TV show. Again mind and body need that, we all need it. Some people run themselves so thin, they just drop dead. I have no intention to run myself into the ground. While I am busy and productive in the day...I know how to schedule some time for rest...which is why when the boys get off at 3:45pm, and my work is done at 1pm. I feel super rested by the time they get home and honestly sometimes I feel so rested I make 90% of dinner by the time they get home...if I feel like I'm already rested enough. * Also important to add/ the beauty or positive of being a stay at home mom, is my flexible schedule. Nothing is carved in stone. If I want to run to Costco 1 day, or blog real quick first while the laundry is washing, I can do that too. : )

My weekends are also important to me too. The 2 days where we don't even have to set the alarm. Or days we don't have to drop off the kids at school. Just days for snoozing and sleeping in. Having  a nice leisurely breakfast. If....if I lost the weekends to soccer. The impact it would have on us and our family would be huge. We would go from : ) this : ( ...4 hours Saturday and 4 hours Sunday. @_@. Oh and...from what I heard Saturday...all 3rd graders carpool for games...the away games, the parents. All 2nd graders car pool and so on. They separate by grade. So let me get this straight...that would mean... I would be car pooling at least 4 kids including my own...could be more. You know...this just started to sound worse and worse Saturday. To be honest...schlepping my own kids around is 1 thing...but if we joined soccer then, I'd then have to schlep other kids back and forth too? Umm yeah no thanks! Noah is amazing at soccer. And believe you me...if they invented a soccer how we have the swimming bus...we'd be reaching for a pen to sign him right up! But as it thanks. I need my sleep, we all need our sleep, even the kids need it. We all need our weekends. The carpool stuff sounds like, yikes. And again, why would we want to purposely spread ourselves that thin. On the bright side..we did go for the "soccer try out"...this way nobody can say...hey you never showed up! Hahaha. So we at least tried it and we did show up at least. Just didn't fit our weekend lifestyle, but you know..that's okay. : ) Not everything is going to be a perfect match for everyone. And that really and truly is okay. : )

Anyway..this Saturday, is the Kids Club Christmas party. As soon as that's finished, I think I have 1 last kids club event, in February or March and then my Kids Club duty will be done. : ) Yay. : )  The kids last day of school is December 22nd. And then they will be on Christmas/Winter break. : )