Sunday, December 14, 2014

Last Monday...the Christmas ham and a Christmas present for the boys

Last Monday, December 8th Noboru and I had planned to head together to Costco for our Christmas ham, so that's what we did. However we did stop and have some lunch at the Joyful Honda food court in Chiba New Town first before heading to Costco, Noboru had a bibimbap and I picked KFC. We also had to get a few things at Joyful Honda too (Joyful Honda the one in Inzai specifically is like a huge Walmart Superstore, they have a huge grocery section, they also have a huge arts and crafts very much like Michael's Craft store in America upstairs. Huge housewares section, toiletry area. DIY area and so on, they even have a huge gardening section and a pet section. I have been to a few other Joyful Honda's in Japan and they are much smaller, this one in Inzai is HUGE. Anyway what we needed to get from Joyful Honda was just a small part for Bran's RC car. And some Biore body wash which was super cheap and on sale for 800 yen... for the monster sized one. And my face is so sensitive and dry in winter, which is weird since it's so combo in summer. But, it gets stripped so easy in winter time, so I needed to pick up a new face wash. After doing all our Joyful Honda stuff, we headed to Costco.

We decided that our "big" Christmas gift for the boys this year would be a TV for one of their bedrooms(it'll be going in Bran's room since he's older, sorry Noah-chan gomen gomen) and they will share it. That way they can play their Wii games. As it is right now, we have just 1 TV for the house, which is fine. However, many times when we are watching TV, the kids will ask to play the Wii. It's not too big of a problem but...this will be a nice addition for our family. A lot of my girlfriends back in America who have kids Bran's age, their kids already have TVs in their bedrooms for their xbox and whatnot. You know what I mean. : ) So, it's just something we decided that the boys will get a lot of usage out of. Price range wise. We all have different price ranges for our families since we all have different incomes, that shouldn't need saying. But we knew what ballpark we wanted to find the TV in. What we were looking for, a TV 19inch to 22inch. Noboru had been checking electronic shops for the past month and the Kakaku website. As we entered Costco, I knew Noboru wanted to check out the TV section, so I went with him. 99% of the TVs were huge giant TVs for living rooms. They had a small handful of smaller TVs. Noboru saw this TV and fell in love. He said the speaker system on this is amazeballs. The price was well in our price range. 

You can watch YouTube on here. And while I don't really understand all the bells and whistles about this TV. Noboru did. And he was like...this is so much better than the TV, I was planning to get for the boys. Also this TV is a 24 inch, so it is even bigger than the TV we were planning on. This TV just came out within the last 12 months. He looked online while at Costco and price compared and Noboru found even the cheapest was still higher/more expensive than the price at Costco. I said let's think about it...while we do our shopping and whatever YOU decide, I will agree with, because electronics wise and stuff, I leave that for Noboru to decide. : ) 

Green, orange or silver. We did all our shopping, which only took about 20 minutes. And Noboru know what...that's the best TV for the kids and next week the price will probably go up! It was on sale last week. So Noboru grabbed an orange one and we went and checked out. 

Lean ground beef, Christmas spiral ham, pancakes, huge whipped cream for all our Swiss Miss hot cocoa. Laundry soap and shower spray, I squirt this in the shower a few times a week and also in the cart... the TV down below the cart. Anyway, we paid, we loaded up the stuff inside Olive. That's my cars name. : ) And we hit the road back to our town. : ) We wrapped the TV and now it is sitting near the Christmas tree. 

Body wash for the whole family and some face wash for me on the right, Noah uses this with me since we both have dry and sensitive skin in winter, Bran uses this too, but he also uses Noboru's too, he can use both, hahaha. : ( And face wash on the left for Noboru, the men's face wash.

Anyway, that was what we were up to in our neck of the woods last Monday, nothing too earth shattering really. Just regular daily living type a stuff. : ) While I don't think the spiral hams would run out, I worried that they could, meaning it could have been a possibility... which is why we picked ours up December 8th. It's in the freezer now and now we can relax that Christmas dinner is not going to be a problem. We have the ham. : ) We will be having ham, cheesy gratin potatoes, salad and 2 pumpkin pies. I have been really having trouble deciding which dessert...should I make for Christmas? The family requested pumpkin pies for Christmas a few days ago and we already have the stuff, so it's going to be really easy/no problem. : )

Last week was like...just get through the week and complete the Christmas kai/party on Saturday Dec 13th and you're done girl!!! And all last week I just kept my eye on the prize. Get the ham and complete the Christmas party. And then after the ham, it was just...finish the Christmas party! And now it's done and I feel like...phew! I feel relief. I do have two yakuin meetings in January... but you know what...they're mid January, so no sense in dwelling about them now!!! : ) One will be about the final party and the other will be about voting in new people for the next term, which starts in April. My term ends in March. I can't believe I nearly finished my whole term. I really am proud of myself. All in Japanese, as a vice prez for the PTA, that's sorta really cool, I did that. A whole year...a whole year of meetings on my weekends/days off. The summer festival...the this...the that. I am nearly done and I finally do see the light at the end of the tunnel. I do have 2 meetings in January, like I said. But you know what...for now I am done for the year. So I really want to... not think about it for now. : )

And I am also proud of myself because last week our New Year's cards arrived at our house and they look so good you guys! It took me a whole afternoon a while back trying to make the cards and ordering them from the company. But you know...I did it. Between house cleaning and getting the kids to school and picked up. Between yakuin meetings and Christmas presents for the kids club...whatever! I did it and that in itself is something to be proud of. I managed to scrape an afternoon...and just do the cards, concentrate on only the cards. I made them/ordered them from a Japanese company, I usually buy them from an American company. Even though my computer has a translator that automatically translates languages into English for me. A lot of it wouldn't translate into English (where I made the cards from this year). I'd finish the card...only to get a..."sorry our websites loaded with people please come back again" @_@ And I'd be like...super freakin' frustrated and like arghhhhh! And want to scream like the hulk! But...I ganbatte-d! LOL. I kept going right back to the website...get finished all over again...and get the same dang message. All the pics would be vanished/erased and I'd upload all freaking over again. It was seriously quite the afternoon! They do have a save the photos button... but twice as I clicked the darn button their website logged me out. @_@ Then when I finally said..sorry you have taken longer than 60 minutes PLEASE start again! At that point I was so beyond aggravated! I had to go into the kitchen and have a hot chocolate and let the steam slowly pour out my ears. To be brutally took patience of a saint to finish these cards. And when I finally got them finished and ordered...I wanted to scream down the street..."I did it...I did it...OMG I did it!!! At last at last!" Again with my translator it said..would take about 4 -5 days to get to myself. Again with it being my first time ordering Japan. And knowing the trouble it took to actually order them. I was really wondering if my order went through...did the cards look okay? So yep...when they came...I was so nervous opening the package after Kuro Neko dropped them off. And they look great! Ordering from the American site is super easy...takes me zero time, I have zero trouble. The only problem is...they take forever to get to Japan and the international shipping is like $20-25 bucks... ouch. Granted we can pay it...*but* if I can get away with not paying the international outrageous shipping fee... that would be best. So that's why I tried. So when I say...I am so happy the New Year's cards came out so good this year. Please understand it took me **forever** in it took me ages to get them done. While I did have some almost rip your hair out moments while getting the cards done. I am glad I stood strong and kept trying to order them again and again. : ) Anyway...they are finished, they are here. They arrived and boy oh boy am I glad they are done and they look good. As always, I won't share what the card looks like until New Year's. : )  But yep..I feel such a relief knowing they are done and made. : )

This weeks stuff. Noah's marathon is tomorrow!!! : ) And the day after, is my movie date with my friend. Also our town grocery store is opening this week. I am so happy about this!!! We really need one. : )  This is the boys last regular week of school and next Monday is just the closing ceremony for Noah and Bran needs obento next Monday, his last official day of school. Gosh that sounds rather...olympic-y doesn't it...closing ceremony. LOL. : )

That Bill Cosby story is just sounding worse each day. : ( Now Beverly Johnson came forward. I know in murder there is no statute of limitations. However I think there is in rape. Meaning you have to come forward within a set number of years or the bad guy can't be prosecuted. So perhaps legal-wise, he can't be pursued. Again, I am no lawyer, but I don't think so. However I think morally and in the eyes of the public. He's a sinking ship. : ( I feel sad about the whole thing. Anyway that's enough from me for now ya'll. : )