Monday, December 01, 2014

In Honolulu, Hawaii right now...

Not me of course, but Noboru is. : ) I can't really get into too much specifics or details because back when I first started blogging, Noboru asked me/requested 3 things...#1 to never name the town we live in (I agree, I think that just protects us and our kids, can you imagine mentioning exact town you lived in and a crazed lunatic drives over and snatched your child, probably wouldn't happen but for that reason we both agreed to never name our town...for those of you in the US...consider Chiba like a saying I live in Colorado but not really getting much more specific than that and the border between Chiba and Ibaraki is as long as the border between 2 US's hella long) and #2, to never give out our last name (again I agreed because that's just safe) and finally #3, to not really discuss details of his job. I agree with that too, and while I do say the company he works for... that's really all I can mention. Anyway for Noboru's specific job he has.... he has to do periodical ratings and whatnot he needs to do. It is an American airline so the FAA and such need to make sure things are done by the book and headquarters are always going to be in the US. So sometimes when it was NWA before the merger they'd have to fly to Minneapolis Saint- Paul. Now it's other spots. this time he needed to head to Honolulu for what he needed this time. We knew a month beforehand and had planned for it. And it's just a few days trip. So, the day after my dad left, Noboru was at Narita airport with one of his male coworkers both ready to catch their flight and get their "stuff" that needed to get done, done immediately, so they'd have a bit of free time afterwards.  

He sent me this pic with a message that he loves us. I sent him a message back that said..."Don't worry, I can handle all the house stuff, the boys will dump the trash on Tuesday, I'll make sure they get off to school not worry about us here, I got this baby!!!" And then I said, "turn your phone to you on the other side." : ) 

Because Noboru left on a Sunday Japan time, he arrived Sunday morning like 7am-ish type early. @_@  He and his coworker were picked up by someone and they went and did their airline stuff and then they were done and free! I think he said by 10-11am they were done! Too tight a schedule to fly immediately back to Japan, given the last flight leaves around 10 or 11am. So they had rooms provided, same hotel. His coworker had some stuff he wanted to do too, he wanted to hit the mall for his family, hit Walmart and whatnot. The guys knew they'd have this "free' day like 3 weeks beforehand. Meanwhile, Noboru asked me back in October what I'd like for Christmas, I was debating between a camera or some beauty products, because I am a girl and I am into stuff like that. I know not all of us are into that sorta thing, but I am. : ) I know Sephora does ship to Japan and the shipping is only $10 or $15 US. So really reasonable, however the sucky thing about it is, they won't ship many brands to Japan, such as the good ones! Like Urban Decay, Nars. However...Too Face ships to Japan. But I think Benefit won't. Again, I don't work for Sephora so I don't know all brands that ship or won't ship. But yeah...a week before we knew he would be sent to Hawaii, Noboru asked me to place the order online and I did...well I tried and I ordered 9 things and like 5 or 6 wouldn't ship to Japan at all. That is super frustrating! Why ship to Japan when tons of things you sell... won't ship here. Just makes no sense at all! So, as luck would have it...and I swear we have the most amazing good luck. The following week, Noboru said, I have to go to Hawaii. He said, if you make your list since I'll have the time...I'll pick up the stuff. Just better than ordering online since half won't even ship here. I did a happy dance because I was excited. So....I made the list with pictures, he kept the file on his Nexus, how cute of my husband! And only after he finished his stuff first... did he walk into the Sephora on the main Waikiki street...a sales associate approached Noboru and he handed her his tablet and asked her..."Can you please find all this stuff for me, it's for my wife for Christmas? And she said, absolutely! : ) I know I say it often...but it is truly true...he is *such* a good guy, you guys! : ) He said, he was in and out of there within 20 minutes. He and she double confirmed the product names and stuff and he checked out. He also told me...she didn't pick the first product when choosing...he said..."you do that all the time too!!!" He asked, is that an American woman thing??? He asked me that while he was walking down the street. And he laughed. : ) See, when I grab something at Walmart or Target or even Sephora, I don't pick the first palette or first brownie package or whatever. I pick one from the middle. It's just my thing. What if the first one was dropped? Anyway he said the lady who helped him... did the same thing, I always do and apparently Noboru noticed that. lol! 

He went back to the hotel and dropped my Sephora package off, in his room. And put on his swim trunks and T shirt and beach towel and flip flops, but he walked around a tad first. He walked around and took pics. He Line messaged me these pics and I asked him, if I could share the pics. : )

He said he bought Burger King take out and went and sat along the beach and had lunch and enjoyed the sunshine and fresh air, he people watched. He said he ran into the water a few times, then after a few hours he got his flip flops on, rolled up his towel and went back to his hotel. He met up with his friend and they walked or took a trolley to Panda Express. They ate, Noboru and him purchased some snacks and drinks for their own rooms and his friend did the same, they walked back to the hotel. Said good night to one another and Noboru Line messaged me a a few pics of his room and his snacks for the night. I told him, I loved him. Good night and sweet dreams! I meanwhile, managed everything here. And Noah went and collected all mini trash cans around the house this morning before school, dumped those and Branden took the main big trash to the drop off area and I did check the fridge and freezer and tossed anything old out. : )  My sweets is now on his way home to us and I can't wait. I asked him what he'd like for supper tonight, he requested curry it is! : ) He said he'd message me as soon as he lands and I'll be picking him up from the train station in our town this evening. Many times if I don't share the pics... I get requests...what did you bring back or..." So, I'll share what he picked up from Sephora down below, if you are interested, fantastic. If not, then just end the reading here for today. : ) Either way no worries, truly. : )  
There are 3 Urban Decay Naked palettes out and 2 smaller basic palettes out too. I held off buying any for years. I held off because, I kept wondering I know they'll come out with another and what if those colors were better for me. I finally decided to get the original or I guess #1 Urban Decay Naked palette. It just matches my coloring best of the 3 bigger palettes. I am a fair skinned brunette with brown eyes. This palette has many browns and neutrals that compliment my coloring and hair color best. The 2nd palette is more grays and colors that would not suit me at all as a fair skinned brunette. And the 3rd Naked palette is more pinky...which could compliment me okay-ish. But the real bare bones of it...since I am fair skinned and a brunette with brown eyes this one works for me best. It just does. I am curious about the smaller Urban Decay Basics palettes but I hear the 2nd one from that that came out this Spring 2014... is very gray based and that wouldn't fly for my coloring at all. So, I will just wait on that for now. Urban Decay will not ship to Japan via Sephora, which sucks. : (
I also have been wanting the Too Faced Chocolate bar palette. The packaging, I love and I hear it smells like chocolate and I worried about the scent but everyone says it goes away after it's on your face. I loved Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory growing up and so this palette just fascinates the freaking heck out of me! : )

And again, I wouldn't have picked it, if the coloring didn't suit me...but again it's a neutral palette and this is going to be amazing! If you are a brunette these 2 palettes would work! I am so excited. Also...Too Faced products do ship to Japan. Something for me to keep in mind for Valentine's Day and stuff. Too faced, you are smart...I am sure many ladies will order from that we can! Urban Decay...hope ya'll starts shipping to us in Japan. And by the way, fwiw, I did email Sephora and say..I wish you'd ship Nars and Urban Decay to us ladies in Japan!!!
I love lipsticks that give me YLBB. That means...Your lips but better, basically it means a natural color lip. Not a brown concealer type of lipstick (yikes) nothing brown. But just a very natural lip color...a true YLBB color. I have a handful of drugstore brands that I love and will forever buy. And I also wanted some name brand ones. I also yahoo and google searched the word YLBB and searched on YouTube too. This gorgeous lady from Singapore had a picture of herself wearing Nars Cruising and she said it was her YLBB shade. I then searched Nars Cruising on the Sephora website and quite a few of other nationalities and coloring also mentioned Nars in Cruising. Will it work for me? I don't know, but I hope so, I think it will. The picture of that lady wearing it though...ahhhmazing! And Nars won't ship to Japan. Nars is available here, but I went to the names on their lipsticks here? They do their lippies by #'s? How in the freak can I find the color cruising if they use a # system. Just drove me bonkers. So, since Noboru was there...easier for them (he and the SA) to just find the color cruising. 

Bite will ship to Japan, via Sephora and Emily Noel rec'd the color in Pepper. I watched her try it on in the video. She is also a brunette... though she has hazel eyes. The color looked like it would match me.  

Too Faced will ship to Japan (from Sephora) Same as the chocolate bar palette above. And I picked this up in Spice Spice baby. The name cracks me up, because I can't help but think of Vanilla Ice and Ice Ice baby. So many people rec this color especially one of my favorite Korean American youtubers and she had a whole video dedicated to YLBB color and this was her #1. Many other people with different coloring also rec'd this. So, again I'll try it. I do know one thing...I don't like a strong bold red lip or dark lip. I also don't want concealer creepy tan lips. I just want a natural YLBB color. 

Nars eye liner in dark brown. Again with my coloring. Fair with brown hair and eyes. Black looks super harsh for my coloring. Brown looks softer and tons more natural.

Again Urban Decay won't ship to us in Japan, which is super frustrating. So, I lucked out to get these, I am getting this brand in 2 different colors, Naked and Fiend. Just a very natural color. These are fairly new, a year old only and really popular...the Too Faced lipsticks are super popular right now too, which I have one in Spice Spice baby arriving this evening, but I can't open until Christmas. : ) 

This is a holiday limited edition makeup bag. It says Travel Light. Live Big. Yes, I agree with that! Anyway that's it...that's all folks. : )  Now you know what will be sitting under the Christmas tree for me this year. : )