Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Christmas 2014

Hope everyone reading had themselves a lovely Christmas and ate many wonderful things, and spent it with their family and loved ones. We had an absolutely amazing Christmas. Christmas morning, we all woke up. Though I did wake up first and go downstairs and have myself a hot coffee. The kids unwrapped all their Christmas presents. They were pretty happy with all that they received. : ) Noboru and I were pretty happy with our Christmas gifts this year as well too. We all took many pictures and video of Christmas morning. Noboru went upstairs and got the boys TV set up. Meanwhile I made breakfast. We all relaxed the rest of the morning. After lunch, I started prepping for Christmas dinner. Noboru unfortunately had to work on Christmas, but he enjoyed some Christmas ham and side dishes, when he got home. : ) 
I baked the pumpkin pies the day before Christmas from scratch, with a nice sweet cream butter crust.

Also, both Branden and Noah decided to spend 3000 yen each on a Google play card. This was part of the Christmas money my dad had sent to them. They are saving their 7,000 yen each now, unless they decide they want something else. However the kids have money saved from years ago still, so they're good savers, so I have no worries. : )

I doubled the amount of cheesy gratin potatoes, I usually make.

I made a delicious brown sugar honey ham glaze, that I brushed on the spiral ham every 20 minutes. This made the ham taste so good, the cooler the glaze got, the thicker it became. I got the recipe for this from allrecipes.com. This is the 2nd time I have used this same recipe.

At our house, Christmas dinner has a lot less side dishes than Thanksgiving does. It's a lot easier, still delicious, don't get me wrong. Just not as labor intensive as Thanksgiving. However, I LOVE Thanksgiving, so I don't mind the work. It's just Christmas dinner is simpler. We had, a delicious brown sugar honey glazed ham. Cheesy gratin potatoes, a nice salad from Costco, hot buttered dinner rolls (also from Costco) just toasted and warmed in the toaster oven. Green beans, and 2 homemade pumpkin pies. We had sodas with dinner and whipped cream for the pumpkin pies. It was also nice knowing we could have leftovers the next couple days so that made meals a few days afterwards super easy too. : )

I love you kids to the moon and back and am so glad you had such a nice Christmas! : ) We were just about to start eating at this point. Oh and Noah was wearing his funny Elf shirt. You know...the movie Elf with Will Ferrell. : ) 

A quick pic taken right before I started to enjoy my meal. Anyway that was our Christmas 2014. As usual, we like to spend our holidays just really low key and relaxed. No stress, just very chill. It was really nice. : )