Wednesday, December 03, 2014

Bits from my dad's visit, like going to watch Branden and Noah at swim school and going out for lunch, etc...

My dad brought me 2 of my favorite American magazines. US Weekly and People. 

He stocked the boys up, once again with some more Pop Tarts for quick week day mornings!

My favorite chocolate bars and some treats for both Branden and Noah.


Good thing we have such a huge fridge/freezer. We easily fit the 20 frozen mac and cheese which he brought. Thank you dad! : )

I had been so looking forward to the Bath and Body Works order of goodies.

I also appreciated that they packed things so nice and tightly, so no jiggle room.

Some amazing scents...antibacterial hand soaps, and 3 hand creams. I can't open though and they are in their Bath and Body Works box until Christmas. : ) 

My superly gorgeous Noah with skin so pale, that he could be a Cullen from Twilight! LOL, but yes, seriously he could! : ) And no he isn’t wearing lipstick. When Noah is active like swimming or running his lips turn to a...I just ate a cherry popsicle type of color. LOL. Noah was swimming against 2 others from his swim club at the time of this picture. Meanwhile Branden was behind Noah chatting with his friends. He’s the captain of his lane, so he was hamming it up with his friends, having a really nice time. While he was waiting his turn. 
Both sons. First of the lane is Branden, 2nd of the lane is now Noah! Noah adores Branden, so he enjoys swimming with his big brother.
Branden you and your brother are such wicked swimmers! Gives me total peace of mind and now I can just sit back and watch you guys go back and forth. And go head to head with your swim classmates. For fun of course. : ) Branden has been swimming since age 4 and he's 13 years old now, so he has been swimming for 9 long years and it shows! Noah has been swimming since age 3, the month he turned 3 and he is now 9, so for 6 long years and it shows too! Proud of the both of you! My dad really enjoyed going to the swim school and watching the both of his grandsons swim! : )
Was it last year or the year before, I think it was the year before... that Japan had a butter shortage? I know I blogged about it, that year for sures! Anyway this year all my regular grocery stores have signs that yet again...there is a butter shortage and to just please buy 1. Limit 1 pack, per store visit. However...luckily for those of us with a Costco membership...we're A-okay! The last week back in late October (after observation day when I went to Costco for cheese for pizza for Halloween dinner) when the butter stuff was first back in the news, Costco had a sign saying... limit, 5 per person. Which geeze Louise... 5 is WAY more than we'd even use. Plus, I brought my own butter back from Guam anyways so, I didn't buy any in October. And I have since been to Costco many times and the sign that *used* to be there and say limit 5 or so, is gone. Which is why I took this picture. You can now buy as many big Costco sizes of butter at Costco Chiba New Town as you want. But again...I just don't need it, I have plenty at home already. 

So, I guess if you have a Costco membership the butter shortage is really a non issue. It's totally a non issue for our family.  But if you have to shop at the regular shops (which I do too for most of our food, but I also swing by Costco too though) might be a problem. : ( But then maybe not because...I think if you bought 1 a day, you'd have a good little stockpile in no time really, even if you bought 1 per day for a week, know what I mean.  So...I don't know...I take this butter shortage with a grain of salt.

What we bought a day or two before Thanksgiving. Dinner rolls, salad, eggs, huge size of Swiss Miss hot cocoa, provolone for turkey sammich. LOL. Laundry detergent and misc other stuff. : ) We then went and had lunch, the 3 of us, Noboru, my dad and I. 
We went and had Chinese food at the Ohsho. We also bought 2 large pizzas at Costco for supper that night. : )
About to make the pies for Thanksgiving. Thank you Oregon! Tillamook sweet cream butter! I only used half of 1 box for the pies, so I still have tons of sweet cream butter for Christmas cookies. Plus...I have a Costco membership and go there once every 2 weeks. : )  So getting my hands on butter is truly not even a thought or worry for me personally. 

I like how they measured it out, 1 of these sticks per each pie crust. 

Given, I only made 2 pies, I still have stuff to make 2 more. Just very reassuring knowing, if we want some pumpkin pie from scratch...we can have it! : ) 

Have 1 of these babies left so...just waiting. : )  I'm debating making a cheesecake or pumpkin pie for Christmas.  Hmm, maybe pumpkin pie for New Year's instead. Hmm, still thinking. : ) I have decided that we will have a spiral sliced ham for Christmas progress at least! I am getting things decided. : ) 

We had so many cold turkey sandwiches (which was pictured). So many hot turkey faced bread with mashed potatoes stuffing, turkey all smothered in gravy. We had turkey sandwiches so many different ways. We are now so officially turkey-ed out...we need to have ham for Christmas. Hahaha. : )