Thursday, December 11, 2014

Bits from last weekend...

Okay, so last Friday we had a parent and teacher conference at Branden's school. In June, the teacher came to every one's home, including ours and met with us. So this time around all JHS students had the conference at school. Last month, the teacher asked all of us which day of this week were we available. We picked Friday, last Friday, so that meeting was set up way... way in advance. Anyway, I had known dinner would be delayed which is why I made pizza dough in the day and, that way when we got home after the meeting, we just preheated the oven and rolled out our pizzas. : ) Easy dinner. So anyway...back to the meeting. Our time was at 4:20pm. And we arrived at the school... a handful of other parents were showing up going to their different floor and grade. : ) We arrived early. Branden's good friend, a guy we lovingly call (heart attack) only because he stresses out about EVERYTHING. When the JHS kids went to the mall nearest our town last June..the poor kid called our house 6 times the evening before...stressing out about train schedules and worrying himself hysterical about the meet up place. He's in the soccer club and a very good kid. But yep..we lovingly call him "heart attack", because he might end up having one if he's not careful... so he was in the private room with his mom. Saya-chan's mom was up next after "heart attack" and we were to be after Saya-chan's mom. We were 2nd to last and there was 1 other boy who would go after us and that was it for last Fridays conferences. : )  Heart attack goes into the room and comes out with his mom smiles at us, we greet and head bow his mom and she us. They were in and out in under 10 minutes. Then went Saya-chan's mom. Once again, in and out in about 8-11 minutes tops. Each family is allotted 10-15 minutes before the next family.  He said Branden is a fantastic student. He showed us how he is ranking in his subjects. He asked us if we had any questions or concerns. He seems like a very good teacher. After the meeting, we went home on Friday, preheated the oven, everyone quickly took turns showering, while I rolled out the pizza and put the toppings on and I was the last to take a fast shower while it baked, then we ate. It was nice to get the parent teacher conference over with and wonderful that Branden is doing well. Happy to eat pizza and have a soda and relax. Although we weren't exactly looking forward to waking up so super early the next day for soccer try outs... the next day. But yeah...a nice Friday, all in all. : ) 

Sunday, we went to the mall and I bought the gifts needed for the "Kids Club" Christmas party. Each one of us..are buying 7 gifts each, for which we will be reimbursed. I was to buy 4 for the boys and 3 for the girls. I am being reimbursed the money this coming Saturday the day of the party. We were each asked for the gift to be 500 yen or under. If the 15 yen difference in each cup means I don't get that back...that's okay. I just want to make sure the kids are happy. : )  They had some adorable Yokai Watch origami paper at the Daiso, that I saw last week that would make a perfect gift that any kid would enjoy getting... again doesn't have to cost a lot to get a good gift. And for what it's worth. Best gift my kids ever received from the Christmas party, was a Spongebob cup just like these cups and another year the other son got another cool cup. I had the boys help me decide on which characters or design because they are actual they know what kids like. : ) 

I also searched online to find what kids enjoy getting... hoping to find something decent and in the specified price range....a good one mentioned this year....that's popular at parties in Japan and this popped out. Make your own erasers. They are sold out at (95% of all places online, although not at Amazon but the price at Amazon was way higher) and many places in stores too. We tracked down the girl set...make your own bakery erasers (cakes and donuts etc)...they only had 1 set...otherwise I would have bought all the 3 girls those. Anyway we bought the Christmas party gifts. I made sure to save my receipt. Since I will be reimbursed back. 
Dinner Sunday night, we all went and had ramen for supper. I felt happy, that I managed to find some good presents. And the boys enjoyed helping me pick gifts for the kids club kids. : ) Gee, I hope the kids like the gifts. : ) 
This will be the gifts for the 4 boys. The gifts are given out randomly. We do not know which kid will receive which gift. They'll draw a number or something. : ) Being a mother of 2 boys, I do know...just because you are a boy it doesn't mean you want to receive... snakes and snails and puppy dogs tails. If you know what I mean? : ) You still want a nice gift too. A cute or good one. : ) I told Branden and Noah...find a cup you would think a boy would want..pick a gift that you would want to receive. The Mr. Potato Head one instantly caught my attention, I found it adorable! Especially since the Mr. Potato head popcorn bucket are pretty in right now at Tokyo Disneyland. So the boys picked 6...Noboru and I decided which would ultimately be the final 4. The question I asked myself was...what cup would I buy for my own son? What cup would I buy for Branden...which cup would I buy for Noah? That Mr. Potato head...and the Sakura Crayons. And the orange gum...adorable! And both the boys oddly enough grabbed the Calbi potato stick cup. Both of them instantly grabbed that one. So yeah...just because it is a gift for a boy...doesn't mean it can't be cute! I think the boys will enjoy least I hope they will! : ) Also...instead of just giving the boys an empty cup...I am filling their cups with Kits Kats and the other treat...Noboru insisted on those...he said...growing up here...he said...that is a well loved treat, the one in the purple package. So...each boy will receive one very cool cup with some Kit Kats and some treats inside. : ) I will wrap each gift this afternoon. : ) 

Girls...I was honestly looking for a Frozen cup. But I didn't find one. Noah and Noboru both like the Fujiya girl on the cup. And Branden said...all the girls in his class love the grandpa panda, lol! : )  And in the already wrapped box down below under the cups is the girls bakery eraser kit! Again I wish they had 3 eraser kits available. But...they only had 1. I will also be stuffing the heck out of their cups. The Kit Kats and treats, we bought with our own money and aren't asking reimbursement for that. And that's okay...I just want to make sure who ever receives my gifts....enjoys it. : ) I did put some thought into the gifts. And I truly with my whole heart, hope they enjoy and like the gift. : ) 

The reindeer antlers and ears that I will wear at the Christmas party tomorrow. I have Christmas wrapping paper here at home, I will wrap the gifts with. And then I will put the gifts in the bags. Also, it was mentioned at the meeting...we need to have a way for Santa (the kaicho/prez) to know if it is a girl or boy she hands the appropriate gift to each was decided we will put something on that is blue...or red. I purchased the bows in blue and red. This way it helps the prez know who she is passing out the gift to. : )

Any other bits to add in here? You know my 2 really good friends that I went to have lunch with a week ago? Was it a week ago or two weeks ago? of them can't make it to the upcoming movie we will go and see, because she has something else she has to do this time unfortunately... but two of friend and I are going to go to the movies next week. December 17th to see the Hobbit, I think that is the same day it comes out in America too.  So I'm pretty happy about going to the movie with my friend. It's always nice to hang out and we saw all the other Hobbit movies together us 3. So we 3 wanted to watch the last one together. I am sad one of us can't make it...but she really wanted us to go and see it anyway. And the movie will be just released here then, meaning we couldn't pick an earlier date. And plus with the kids about to go on Christmas break, this will be our only chance.

Oh also super important...if you are in Japan...the news and weather forecast says the weather is going to suddenly drop temp wise, so from tomorrow, it's supposed to be super freezing cold starting tomorrow, Saturday December 13th. So please stay warm you guys...stay cozy and if you need to... make sure you have enough fuel for your heaters and food and stuff. So stay toasty warm ya'll. : ) Our weekend plan this weekend? Nothing...just staying home and staying warm, Sunday we will be baking our Christmas cookies though. However...I do have to go to the Christmas party tomorrow, but I should be home by noon. : )

Tonight, I'm making spaghetti and meatballs for dinner. Man, I am so glad the weekend is almost here. Have a good weekend everyone. : )