Tuesday, December 02, 2014

Advent calendar...

Branden and Noah both started with their chocolate advent calendars on December 1st! It's just something they look forward to every year. They are easily available in November at Kaldi (a chain shop here in Japan that sells foreign/import food) The boys were looking at theirs in the pantry the last week of November, so they were ready! : )

Today I am going out for a lunch date with 2 of my really good friends from our kids yochien days. We will meet up at our favorite Indian restaurant at 11:30am today. I'm planning on having the kobocha curry set/combo, the lunch special with all the yummy sides like salad and naan and a drink and stuff. I love pumpkin curry! : ) I can't wait.  Anyway...Noboru got home last night, we had Japanese curry and rice last night. The kids are safely at school right now. And my laundry basket is pretty empty, I have 1 JHS dress shirt and 1 JHS gym shirt, that's it. So, I suppose I'll go and do a tiny load and go and hang it outside before I start to get ready for today.