Sunday, November 16, 2014

Town Undokai...

There are so many posts, I'd like to get up. Such as this town undokai one, Branden's first JHS Cultural Day post, observation day at both Branden and Noah's school already happened too. Plus the day to day stuff that happens on top of that. Will, I ever get the chance to get everything up? Honestly, I don't know. I will try my best though. Plus consider Thanksgiving is coming soon, 7 days from now, my dad will already be here (so happy about that) This week, I will be heading to Costco to find the biggest bird (turkey) I can find! : ) So without further's the town undokai post. : ) Town Undokai (sports day) is mandatory in our town... if you attend either of the 2 elementary schools or the 1 and only JHS in town, otherwise it's marked as an absent day. Usually we hope and pray for rain, so that town undokai is canceled. : ) However this year our family actually needed town undokai to happen. Because it would have meant the boys would miss 2 days from school when we went to Tokyo Disneyland, versus just the 1 day they took off. Town undokai happened October 12th. A Japanese holiday was on the 13th (Monday) which meant Tuesday was their official day off school for attending town undokai. And then Wednesday we just let them miss that day. However if town undokai didn't happen they'd have to be absent Tuesday and Wednesday and we really didn't want that. Because we do have other trips throughout the year, that we have in the works. Such as March we plan to head to Hakone. Long story short we don't want to take all the days off in 1 fell swoop. So this year...we really and truly needed town undokai to happen. : ) However honestly by the time town undokai rolls around... we're frankly undokai-ed out...sports day-ed out! We had Bran's and we already had Noah's. Anyway...I bought both the boys a handful of snacks (pictured). All kids that we know, usually take tons of snacks, and while I don't pack mass amounts, I do take them a small amount of snacks. Each child had cider gummys, 2 small pack of cookies and 1 small pack of chips, that type a thing. Because undokai for the kids starts early, Branden needed to be at school by 7:30am and he stayed until 4:30pm. Noah had to be there at 7:30am and could leave immediately after lunch/noon. Though we stayed for Branden's events and we left around 2:30pm. Branden had to stay with the rest of the JHS kids and watch the senior/older folks compete. Because they had to dismantle all the tents and whatnot around the field. 

I make a fantastic obento for Branden's undokai and for Noah's undokai. However, by the time town undokai rolls around, I'm kinda "over it" for the year undokai obento-wise. And so I keep it superly simple. I bought these all white meat chicken mini cutlets, no skin, so good actually. I threw them in the toaster oven the morning of the town undokai to sorta get crispy again. And I made simple chicken cutlet sammys. I brought a small bunch of bananas, to munch during town undokai. And I threw that salad in a dish for myself, picked up some "Crunky" (yep that's really the name of the chicken... not crunchy though it is also crunchy) chicken from Mini Stop their chicken is so good, all white meat, no fat and delicious, to add to my salad. 

At town undokai everyone *must* sit by where you live! For example see those tarps in this pic. That was specifically for our "housing community" Those 2 giant blue leisure sheets on the ground, the one on the right with backpacks was for all elementary kids who live in our housing community. You can see, Noah's red and blue Mario backpack in this pic. Meanwhile the tarp in front of that person standing was for all JHS kids who live in our specific house community. And all other housing communities had their own tents and sheets for their community of kids to lay their bags on. Also each housing community provides obento for the folks who live there.

Noah and some of his fellow 3rd graders. Also, see that kid far right bending down? His shirt has no blue ringer how the other 4 do...right? He attends the other shogakko/elementary school. This is the 1 time a year the 2 elementary kids see each other. : ) But the majority of kids attend our school, which is why there was only 1 of them running this particular race. : )

Yay Noah! : ) 

First place...proud of you Noah! : ) 

Remember last year when Noboru and I had to pass out the food? Hahaha. Anyway see those 3 sandwich variety packs in the center. You had a choice to pick sandwich or Japanese obento. Those were the choices given for our housing community. However I did make Branden and Noah sandwiches,  and myself a salad that morning. Like, I just said...I had a salad, a nice filling salad with chicken. And thousand island dressing. The Frozen water or green tea was free to each of us in our housing community (1 for each of us) I think our housing community did a great job with meals and drinks this year. Noboru had 1 of the variety sandwich packs and the other 2 packs he gave to his coworkers at work, later that evening. : ) Because we just had brought our own lunch, we always do at undokai. : ) Even if it is a simple one. : )

Noboru enjoyed his Japanese obento and then enjoyed one sandwich variety pack, though I already said that, hahaha. Noah meanwhile is eating a sandwich from home inside his dinosaur sandwich holder/box, which we bought in America years ago. 

My sweetie pie Branden, I packed him 2 whole sandwiches because he's a growing boy and he needs it... to stretch out! : )
They each got a choco banana with sprinkles. 

After lunch, before the undokai kicked back into gear, they played the Yokai Watch theme's a superly popular cartoon right now. And hoikuen/yochien age kids ran to the field to dance...elementary kids ran to dance the dance...there's set dance moves, that all the kids know. And what REALLY surprised that the JHS kids also *love* this show too. And so they stormed the field and got down and boogied and shook a tail feather to Yokai Watch! : ) Look at Noah smiling in this picture and chatting with his good friend K (the kids who went "trick or treating" with him)

I love this picture because I can see Noah's face and Branden's face in this picture! : ) Yes, apparently everyone knows this Yokai Watch dance! The 9th grade kids in the front row, and the younger JHS grades in the back, near where B was dancing and smiling and laughing. All in all, it turned out to be a pretty great town undokai. Plus that means we could go to Tokyo Disneyland and the kids would only have to miss 1 day of school (remember Tuesday we checked into the hotel, went to Kua'Aina Burger and brought Krispy Skreme donuts back to our hotel room, lol and the next day we went to Disney). So yeah...we were pretty happy to get town undokai under our belts for 2014 and that also meant we could go to Tokyo Disneyland and stuff with only missing 1 day of school. So we were pretty happy.! : )