Wednesday, November 26, 2014

The pumpkin pies are done...

The pumpkin pies were baked from scratch yesterday! With a a delicious real butter crust! Pie crusts made with sweet cream butter! Whole house smelled like pumpkin pies all day and night last night. : )  The boys are both at school right now. Today is Branden's huge end of term test! It's the BIG one today!!! @_@  As soon as I publish this, I am going to put the turkey in the oven and prep and decorate the dinner table and in a bit, I'll run to the bakery to get some fresh baked bread for left over turkey sammys. After we have our big meal first of course. : )  Noah gets out of school at 3pm today and Branden around the same time too, since he'll get out early because of it being huge test day...and we will let them, miss swimming school tonight because of Thanksgiving.

Tomorrow Noah needs to bring a lunch to school. I knew in advance 2 weeks ago, so he'll be taking turkey sandwich, and mashed potatoes and stuffing and whatnot tomorrow. : )

Saturday, my dad leaves. : (  And Saturday evening is my Christmas party for all 3rd grade mom's. It's going to be at an okonomiyaki restaurant. And we all need to bring a gift...wrapped and it can't cost more than 500 yen. So, I'll go and shop for that Friday. : ) And Monday morning is my morning...greeting of all shogakko/elementary kids in the morning. Hahaha. Me with huge yellow flag standing in the freezing cold saying "good morning" or "ohayo"...many many times over for me! : ) And December 13th is when I will be hosting the kids club Christmas party and I'll dress up like a reindeer. After that though...I am done for this year...hahaha. Oh I do have a fun lunch date next Wednesday...December 3rd with two of my really good friends from yochien (our kids went to the same yochien), we will go to an Indian restaurant that day, I can't wait! : )