Thursday, November 06, 2014

Random pics from this week...

Hi, just wanted to do a super quick post of stuff we've been doing this week. : ) First pic, is one Noboru took this Monday, when he and the rest of the Father's Club dad's went and decorated the area near the local train station. It's not going to be lit up at night/plugged in, until mid November but all the lights and decorations are all set, just waiting for the set date. I think they did a wonderful job! Good job dad's! : )

Meanwhile, I drove on Tuesday (Nov 4th) to Chiba New Town. I needed to go there for 3 reasons. Reason #1, Branden needed a little bolt or some sort of extra part for his radio control car, and they have an RC shop at the Big Hop (outlet in Inzai) Reason #2 was to pick up new undies for Bran and reason #3 was because I saw some pots and pans at Costco last week and I wanted to think about purchasing them and decided to purchase them this week... versus impulse buy, you know what I mean. : ) So I delayed a week and after deciding that...yes, my pans are terrible we all know they need replacing so I should go and get them. So since I had a few reasons to go there...I went first thing in the morning. This is a pic at the Big Hop (outlet)

RC shop upstairs, took the broken 150 yen piece inside that Bran needed replaced and found a replacement part. Even double checked with the man working there and he was kind enough to double check online and sure enough it was the right part. Paid and went downstairs for B's undies. Yay me, for finding the right part for Branden's RC car. : )

Paseos! I usually get all the kids socks and whatnots from this chain store. The prices are just really fair. Picked up 2 packs of undies and left...on my way to Costco. Always at the back of my mind...Tuesdays equals Noah gets out at 3:45pm, allow an hours drive back to my town so....I do shop.... but with keeping one eye on the clock. Hahaha. : ) You know what I mean. : ) 
All my pots and pans are worn out at the house. Like I said before, about 8-9 years ago, we bought a a really nice set from Costco. For about 16,000 yen and the pieces we got, stock pot, many frying/saute pans with lids it was a great price and the quality was fantastic and it was well worth it. Anyway...I haven't seen any I liked all this past year until last week (and I check every time I'm there). They had this pan I loved, but they also had a 8 or 9 piece set and I didn't want to buy last week...I wanted to think about it for a bit first. After talking it over with Noboru, he also said I should totally go back and buy both sets of the pans, since we need them. However the 8-9 piece set was SOLD OUT...totally gone. It was just there last week...and they had a ton! OMG! : (  All I can tell you is I was extremely really upset. Granted I am glad I didn't just buy the first thing I saw and I am glad I just didn't impulse buy something. But I was also upset that maybe I should have bought them last week? You they say though...hindsight's 20/20. Anybody can say after the fact...shoulda coulda woulda. *sigh* Oh well. It was a huge bummer. I will keep checking Costco Chiba New Town weekly and who knows...they might come back. Also..the boys have a dentist appointment next week and I'll be near another Costco for that and so I will make a point of going in there to check for the 8-9 pot and pan set. Doesn't hurt to look right? : ) The bright side is this...they did however have this deep dish frying/saute pan. I had one similar and I loved it and so I wanted this! And given the other set was gone...I wasn't gonna let this one get away from me! There were only 4 of these particular pans left from the entire Chiba New Town Costco store. And the price was perfect.

I wanted the dark gray or black color not the red color. I went to Costco for 2 pan sets...this deep dish set and the 8-9 piece...however I am happy at least I got 1 of the 2. So that's the silver lining. And the other silver lining is Costco Chiba New Town finally restocked the big ol' jug of popcorn kernels. 

Two items, 1 pan (3 piece set, splatter screen, lid and pan) and the popcorn kernels. Popcorn for the Fall and Winter is set now for sures. : )
Undies for B.

Three JHS dress shirts bought from Cecile. They have the best prices, quality is fantastic. And a name tag holder on the shirts, which I love. It's better than getting tons of holes in his dress shirt and it end up looking like swiss cheese with all the holes, I really like the name holder on these shirts a lot. 

And sure enough, the slip-on sneakers I ordered came in size 24.5. And yep, absurdly too big on my feet. I went and exchanged for a 24cm online yesterday. And the mailman came and picked up the size 24.5cm shoes this morning and the 24cm shoes should be getting here any day. I honestly have no explanation what's happening with my feet ya'll. Maybe just after 13 years they are going back to their original size. If it weren't happening to my own feet...I would almost not be believing this. Feet shrinking thing. I have not gained or lost any weight this past month, also my height is the exact same. My feet did expand during pregnancy like I said (length wise) and not just with water retention either, they literally expanded length wise. They just never went back to the smaller size. My only wonder is why now and why all of a sudden? But you know what...for whatever reason it is...I don't care even anymore. It just is... what it is. I'm a little worried though that if I were to try on all my shoes in my shoe closet because umm, what if they are all suddenly way too big. I guess I'd just have to find someone to give all my 25cm to, but of course I will wait a few months to decide if my feet really and sincerely did switch size...I'm not just about to jump the gun either though, ykwim? Also would that mean I need all new shoes from scratch? @-@ Good grief! Keep in mind for the last 13 years I have been buying size 9's/25cm. Anyway, I really don't know. Isn't this so bizarre though really?@-@ Also and this is the last thing I will say about this subject for the day. If you look at my if Noboru or I look at my feet seriously not kidding...they look tinier/smaller now. Weird, right! @_@

Cute shoes, just way too big. Noboru suggested I exchange the 24.5 with 23.5. I said let's just take this slow and start with the next size smaller..we don't wanna start getting too ahead of ourselves here. : )  Anyway...waiting on the 24cm ones now, hopefully they'll be at my house by this coming Saturday. 
Branden and his fellow 7th graders during school with their teachers went and picked/dug sweet potatoes from the JHS's field (they have quite a few fields), they each brought a huge amount of sweet potatoes home. Yumm. : )
If you're in Japan, have you tried this yet? Oh holy goodness, this is so good, if you are in Japan you may wanna try this one. It's so yummy! The coating is delicious and the blueberry cheesecake ice cream is perfect and the flavor is spot on! I hope these stick around for the whole Fall and Winter..hope these aren't limited time only types. Dad, when you're here for Thanksgiving be sure to try one! They're worth trying, for sure!

Anything else to add? Noah has a class field trip tomorrow/Friday, and he'll need a packed lunch/obento. So the 3rd grade class will be gone from school the entire day tomorrow, they'll meet at school then hop on a big bus! Noah's really looking forward to tomorrow. : ) I meanwhile have all the obento things prepped, chicken cut and marinating in the karaage liquid. I'm all set. I even baked a yellow cake and frosted it with chocolate frosting today, so he could take a slice for his dessert along with some diced apple for dessert as well. : )

The boys are at swim school right now. Tonight one of my fave shows comes on, American Horror Story Freak Show. This weekends plan? Just stay home, stay toasty warm, watch good shows on cable and I'll probably watch the DVD, "Mom's Night Out" and that's about it really. Our weekend plan? Rest and relax and recharge our batteries so to speak! : )

Meals for this weekend...I have all the fixins' for 2 different meals left, since I buy the bulk of my shopping in 1 weekly shop. And what's left is...buffalo wings baked in the oven (with that buffalo wing powder bought in Guam). We have ranch dressing and sides to go with that (either baked potato skins or twice baked potatoes) and we also have stuff/ingredients for pork green chili and a pot of pinto beans and I have a ton of tortillas from Costco and a big hunk of colby cheese. So either tomorrow we'll have chili and beans and tortillas toasted on a griddle all nice and warm....perfect for the cooler evenings... a nice pot of that sounds yumm! Or maybe buffalo wings. Hmmm. Whatever we don't have tomorrow we'll have the following day or Sunday depending if we have leftovers or not. So either way is good. Right now, I'm sorta leaning towards wanting to make a big pot of pork green chili and beans tomorrow, since it's Friday and we'll have leftover cake and stuff too. Sunday I'm baking either chocolate chip banana bread or chocolate chip pecan cookies. : ) Anyway if I blog over the weekend fantastic...but if I don't because I'm enjoying the family time and that is super important too though : )..then I'll just talk to you guys on Monday. Either way...have a great weekend. : )