Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Pics from this week...

Alrighty ya'll this post is going to have to be short and sweet, because I have an apple crisp baking in the oven that is about ready to come out! : )  Each week something fun is going on in Noah's class. Either a walk around their school collecting pine cones and leaves. Or a field trip to the grocery store as a class. or something...but always something fun! : ) This Monday Noah needed to bring "shiny origami paper" and beading or other small things to be used. What are the kids making? Each child is apparently making a small globe/earth scale model. The minute it said earth and they needed origami paper, I tried my best to find blue colored paper. I think I did a pretty decent job...thanks to the Daiso/100 yen having it in stock. : ) I picked up 1 pack of "shiny" lol origami paper and made sure blue was in there. I actually really love this color of blue and think it will be perfect. Noah and I together went to Daiso to pick out the small decorations that he'd like to use, again keeping with the whole "earth" theme we tried to pick predominately blue beads and whatnot. I did write his name on the paper and used a name sticker for his bead box, the bead box... I also picked up at the Daiso/100 yen. : ) And last night Noah mentioned he'd like to take some tin foil from home and use that too. To fill in his round earth shape? Or I don't know...we'll see. : ) So what's Noah up to this week? Noah's busy on an art project at school along with the rest of his class. What's Branden doing this week? Studying his brains out! His final for this semester is next week. So he will be major/huge test free... until way after New Year's, so he has been studying his ever lovin' brains out since they first gave them their study syllabus last week. They give you a set study syllabus and give you 2 weeks to prepare. So imagine Branden at the kitchen table studying with book in hand. Imagine Branden laying on his bed with a science book in his hand. Or on the couch with a social studies book  in hand. At his study desk in his room with his English text book. So until his exams are over...there's just not much time to play or enjoy. Only 1 week left! Then he can be ready..take the tests and feel relief that he did it...and a job well done! But for now...he's studying really hard this week you guys. : ) Ganbatte can do it kiddo! So anyways that's the weekly blurb on the kiddos. : ) 

A close-up of Noah's beads that he took to school, this Monday.
Tuesday, we went and bought our turkey! We went through every turkey inside this freezing cold door/area until we found the biggest one of the bunch. Considering we'll have my dad here and we do love the leftover turkey sammys, we'd like a big one, if possible. A turkey that feeds 5 with plenty of leftovers. : ) 

Noboru and I went to lunch right after we hit Costco. We went to the Ohsho. 
Didn't buy too much. Just toilet cleaner. We had the roasted chicken last night with side dishes too.

The turkey, Butterball Premium. And some tortillas. 

7.24kg, which means 15 or so pounds. And the price was super fair for Japan, 3548yen about $33 US give or take considering the daily exchange rate, and the yen is weaker now and the US dollar stronger so yeah for right is about $32-33 US for the turkey we bought. : ) Not a bad price at all, for Japan. : )

TV Talk: The Black List ended for the season last week. OMG, it was so good. So good! American Horror Story Freak Show is getting *so* good too. Also a new season of 90 Day Fiance has started and I like it and I have been watching every week.  Blackish, is a good show, that I watch sometimes too and it's funny.  The Mysteries of Laura (starring Debra Messing from Will &Grace) this show is so good too.  I also enjoy Law and Order SVU, the new ones. I have watched  2 episodes of Gotham and I am still undecided, if I like it or not yet.

What else is up and in the news, as of late? Did any of you see the pics of Kim Kardashian on that magazine cover. That was all in the news this past week. Then some said, she was going to break the Internet with her butt pics. LOL. Then some were mad and didn't want to see the pics. Then some gotta see those pics. Some said the internet would break right down. And yep all week...all I heard was... she was gonna break the internet with her naked butt pics. LOL. Then as if that wasn't shocking enough the next day they showed the naked frontal pics? @_@ Hahaha. What do I think about this? Well, I being nosy...I did go and see the backside butt pics. Hey...I'm just keepin' it real ya'll. I thought it was an okay pic, artsy (I mean if she has the confidence for a pic like that, more power to her, I'm not going to criticize). Granted, I would not like to see the front pics, that is just way too TMI for me personally. @_@;;;  : ) Hahaha. And I am thankful to have perhaps the internet is safe for us all for now. : )  Then apparently the girl from Glee, oh what's her name...hold on let me go and google her name real quick... brb....Oh yes...Naya Rivera. Apparently she threw some SERIOUS shade at Kim regarding the butt pics. And Kim's best friend went to town on Naya! He put her on blast! Sharing like 4 pics Of Naya next to a Kim pic... wearing almost identical looks/outfits.... where he says Naya is trying to rip Kim's looks off all the time. And boy oh boy he/Jonathan Cheban went on the attack. And I think she just didn't have anymore to say after all that. Because the next day she said...something about she "got into trouble" @_@  Perhaps she better be a little more careful who she throws shade at! @_@  Anyway... : )

The boys swim tonight. This coming, Saturday I have an evening meeting for the kids club Christmas party. Get this...I'm going to dress up as a reindeer. @_@ The prez is going to be Santa and my fellow VP is going to be Mrs. Claus. When someone suggested we dress up...the prez wanted to be Santa. Both of us were asked to be Mrs. Claus. I politely said I'd not like to be Mrs. Claus. White/gray wig, itchy red and white suit. Yeah...not really. So the other VP said she'd be Mrs. Claus. They asked if I could be a reindeer. I think that's totally doable. The reindeer headband I can buy affordably at Daiso. And I can either paint my nose red or find a red nose. I might wear a brown shirt or I may not. It's just for a few hours, so I don't want to spend tons of an outfit I'd wear only once in my life. But yeah...reindeer for me. : ) And I also have to buy about 5 gifts for the kids club, and I'll be reimbursed the money. Each of us yakuin is buying a set # of the gifts for all the kids.

Okay the oven is beeping, I better end this. Talk to you all soon. : )