Saturday, November 22, 2014

Noah's observation day at the local elementary school...

Thursday, October 30th, was Noah's observation day! This was all day type of observation day, meaning you could go anytime you wanted. However the note said for 3rd grade parents you were needed for the last 2 classes of the day, because the activity would be dancing and dodgeball, parents with kids. And of course you don't want your kid dancing alone with no partner, so...that's why they asked for us all to be there... the last 2 classes, meanwhile the rest of the school could be at the school anytime. Anyway, I arrived about 15 minutes early and given Noboru's work schedule that day, he could also attend Noah's observation day. Sometimes his work schedule works out so he can attend and sometimes it doesn't. Lucky for us this time...he could enjoy watching Branden's the day before and Noah's that day. : ) So anyway Noboru and I arrived 15 minutes early and we watched the kids all playing outside during recess. There's short recess and long recess, this was a long recess and kids play with their grade and teacher. I spotted Noah and his class way way in the back near the colorful tires. 

Being a really western looking hafu means that I can spot Noah superly easy! I spotted him immediately with red hat way in the back on that big tube looking thing, he was standing way at the back. Also the downside of being the lone western mom means, that I am really *noticeable* very Noah noticed me, immediately. I wanted to watch without anyone knowing. Oh well. : ) 

The kids were taking turns jumping over the colored tires. Doing a rock paper scissors in the middle of the game... and if you won you got to pass and if not, you had to start again. I really enjoyed watching Noah play with his friends and classmates. Noah was doing rock paper scissors in this picture. 

Then the 3rd grade teacher took the 3rd graders to the swing area and they did that until the bell rang. All of the grades went to their classes, except for the 3rd graders...they went to the gym. 

The entire 3rd grade population in our school. Biggest class of the whole school. The teacher told the kids run to your parents and Noah ran to the both of us! 

Every parent there sitting with their child. 

Noah and Lily! They get along like peas and carrots! Or peas in a pod! Noah told me the other day..."Lily-chan always goes into my desk!" I asked, "why... for what?" : ) Noah said..."because she goes into my desk and cleans out my desk, rearranges everything PLUS she sharpens all my pencils mama!!!!" I told Noah...what a good little girl Lily-chan is! "You are so lucky she is your best friend Noah!!!" I thought that was so cute when I heard that. Sounds like she takes very good care of Noah, while he's at school! Hahaha. Sharpens all his pencils for him! Probably the funniest thing, that I have heard all month! Totally cracks me up, just thinking about it! LOL! : )

I love this picture of Noah, such a good picture!

Such a happy child! : )  The first thing we did was we danced. We were all in a line, but it wasn't an old song or a typical square was a new-ish song and dance. I did the I danced with Noah! We did really good! The mom in plaid or checkered shirt to the right of Noah is K's mom, the one who has 2 sons who are same age/grade as my 2 sons. : ) So we know each other really well and we exchange New Year's cards every year so... we both danced next to each other while dancing with Noah and K. We had a great time and Noah and K are great friends. Remember they went "trick or treating" the next day together. : )  Next was dodge ball. I'm sorry but I really hate/dislike dodgeball. I have disliked dodgeball ever since I was a kid myself. So, I let Noboru take over and be Noah's partner for that! I stood along the sidelines and chatted with 2 mom's who also didn't want any part of the dodgeball part. : ) 

This round was mixed with parents and kids mixed together. The last game was kids versus their parents! See the lady nearest my camera with blue long shirt, long hair and black and white checkered leggings. She is so funny and so nice! During this round...she...don't ask me how it is possible but she...jumped away from the ball trying to avoid being hit and she fell and I mean she fell freakin' hard! She laid on the floor for 1 minute which sounds short... but in reality it was really long...she was still smiling so she seemed okay or not badly injured. The next round...parents versus kids...same mom..she accidentally kicked her own son super hard...again it was on accident...she was just really moving and jumping around (like the matrix!!!)... her son was out of the game standing along the sidelines since he was hit with the ball already. Anyway she kicked him so hard he started crying...everyone knew it was totally an accident, she apologized and he cried for most of the game. And he really was kick super hard so I am sure he was genuinely in pain. Her best friend was laughing at her so hard...telling her..."you have been so hurt/damaged today and now your son!" She was laughing. By the time we left she/the mom was limping down the hill. K's mom was sweating and had to take a break on the sidelines. This game was wild...those balls were a flying all over the place. People were jumping and leaping, trying to dodge the ball... everywhere. It was so funny to watch. And everyone was in such good spirits. The little boy eventually stopped crying. and he rejoined the game. Oh and this is the funniest or worst part, you will not believe this @_@...Noboru likes to throw...psyche balls at people. Meaning he looks like he's throwing the ball forward but he instead throws it right or to the left. Therefore hitting someone who wasn't expecting the ball. So anyway...there was 1 mom. She has a daughter in Branden's grade and a son in Noah's grade. Again so we know that family doubly well. Noboru throws one of his...psyche balls...and on total accident he hits that mom and she's out! Hitting her and making her out is part of the that's not the bad part....the bad part is Noboru accidentally hit her right dead center in the freaking face with the ball. OMG, you guys my mouth was on the floor! I was like...@_@ Holy freakin' crap...please don't say you just hit H's mom... right square in the face. @_@ Given her expression..(eeek)  I don't think she was all too happy about Noboru for that day! I told Noboru...please go over there and apologize. He said..."No, it's just a game and it was an accident."... (okay I would have apologized, but then that's just me personally) Noboru thinks I'm a worry wart...which yes I am but...omg, you guys! was a great day...minus the mom kicking her son (on 100% accident) and Noboru hitting Branden and Noah's classmate's mom dead square in the face (also 100% accident) @_@ It was right in the middle of the I couldn't just jump in the middle of an active game either and say sorry....and I was then going to say something afterwards...however when we all left, we were not in the genkan area at the gym at the same time...or I would have apologized.  And now so much time has would be creepy weird to even mention it now. So...sigh. yes I do worry too much! Now we know where Noah gets his worry wart tendencies from. : )

However, all us 3rd grade mom's are planning to have an end of the year party, get together. Just for us 3rd grade mom's. I think it's going to be a blast! : )