Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Noah's class field trip to the Narita Aeon mall last Friday...

This whole past month, Noah's class has been studying about grocery shopping. Branden did this when he was in the 3rd grade too. Noah brought home a set of 3 questions to ask the head grocery shopper of the house (me) some questions a couple weeks back. Some of the questions asked of me, were "What is the most important thing you look for in a grocery store or when buying your groceries?" My answer was honest...I look for quality, freshness of food and #1, I look for the best price...value is tremendously important to me. He asked me a few more questions and I answered. He brought his answers to class and the kids all shared their answers and compared with their class. I told Noah, I have a specific store I buy my drinks from and that's because that store has the cheapest drinks around. I also have a specific meat store, I buy my meat at again...because the meat is freshest there's actually a few butchers in the back who constantly refill meat and whatnot plus their prices are rock bottom for our area. I have a specific veggie store and then I have 1 grocery store that everything else tends to fall under. Noah's eyes were huge with wonder and deep thoughts about my food shopping habits for our family @-@ ..."wow mama how often do you go to each store?" he asked...I explained and said Noah...you have been with me, to all the stores many many times..."you know the drink store, that's where Bran's classmates mom works", and such and such store. He nodded his head. : ) So anyway these past 30 days have been deep thinking about grocery shopping habits and whatnots. In Branden's day years ago, his class went on a grocery shopping expedition to the local 1 and only grocery store in our town. Now since our 1 and only grocery store is no longer in existence in our town, lol. The kids this year had to take a big huge bus to Narita city and do their shopping at the Aeon grocery store. They interviewed the staff, the vegetable worker, the baker, and I heard the milk and freezer person let the whole 3rd grade class walk back there and see just how freezing cold that area was!!! : ) It was to be an entire day spent in Narita city. So, I packed him up a lunch, which was pictured here. I did bake a yellow bundt cake, the day before and frosted it with chocolate frosting and even  colorful choco sprinkles on top. Packed Noah his thermos with lots of ice and some tea. Last Friday morning the 3rd graders were so excited, they had questions written down to ask, they had kids in sets of 3...their groups to shop with at the store. They were ready! : ) 

Also this is the most important thing to add, that I want to share with you this morning. Usually on field trips or excursions kids are allowed to bring 300 yen worth of snacks (candy and treats and many treats cost 5 yen 10 yen around 5 cents 10 cents) however the note said, since the kids were studying about price and whatnot...to please give each child 300 yen versus give them the actual 300 yen worth of snacks. She wanted the kids to purchase them there. So, I gave Noah 300 yen inside his Adidas wallet (wallets were on the list of what to bring) and I told Noah be sure to buy yourself something good and fun! Dropped him off at school and waved him good-bye. At 3:45pm last Friday when I went and picked up my kiddo along with the other parents waiting for the huge bus to arrive...all the kids had a bag of candy and chocolates, gum and whatnot. And here came Noah with the biggest smile you ever did see with this (pictured) in hand. All other mothers and 2 grandmothers were surprised and so was I. You see, Noah came down the hill with the others but while everyone else was carrying sacks of candy...Noah was carrying this pack of Kleenex/tissue. He told me in English very happily "mama, I knew we only had 1 box of tissue left and so I thought it was better to buy tissues than candy" (awww)...the other mom's looked and said..."what a kind and considerate child Noah was." The sensei was there as well...and said...she tried to talk Noah into buying some treats, but he insisted on the multi pack of tissues. She said..."he is such a good boy!"...I thanked them and felt my face was quite red at that moment, because my cheeks were very hot. : ) I hugged my son and we went in the car and drove home. And clearly we can most definitely buy... another pack of tissue ourselves, hahaha, but...he's honestly just that type a kid. I am just so very proud of my child. I love you so very much Noah! You have always been the same... even when you were a wee tiny toddler...always considering others before yourself...almost to the point of a fault. You are truly a good hearted kid and I am *so* proud you're my kid! : ) I did phone Noboru last Friday and the first thing he asked after asking if the kids were okay...was...what did Noah buy? I said hang up and I'll send you a picture! I sent this one. Noboru called me back immediately and said..."that's so *typical* Noah!" I said, "I know right!" And you know what...that's a pretty good thing. : ) Anyway that was Noah's field trip story that took place last Friday. November 7th. : )