Monday, November 24, 2014

My dad’s arrival to Japan on Sunday...

Christmas decorations at the International Arrivals at Narita Airport! I especially liked the 2 trees with Christmas ornaments on each side. : ) 
So happy you guys! : ) My dad arrived safely Sunday, November 23rd around 6pm-ish. We were all waiting and excited. The kids kept looking..."is the next person going to be grandpa???" know...meaning the next person coming out of the arrival doors. And there he came, with great big happy smile and his hand is a bit blurry in this picture, but that's only because he was waving at both Branden and Noah! : ) I luckily prepped dinner beforehand. Dinner that night was to be chicken parmesan and pasta. A very filling and hearty dinner. I did skillet fry the chicken breasts beforehand and so when we got home, all I had to do was, place in a baking dish on top of some sauce for about 30 minutes, boil some pasta and dinner was served! : ) Plus it gave a few of us time to shower while it baked. : ) My dad has brought goodies for us and my Bath and Body Works order. And so far we have just been visiting and enjoying every one's company.

Yesterday was yet another holiday here in Japan and so the boys were off school. Yesterday around 2pm-ish I made curry for supper, turned off the stove after it was made. I even bought 2 baguettes from the bakery, sliced them and buttered them to go as a side with curry since my dad's here and eating bread with a meal is pretty standard. : ) So, I did all that. And then the boys took the swimming bus last evening to swim school. But they knew we were going to show up and Noboru and my dad and I showed up and watched them swim upstairs, I took pics and then the 5 of us drove back to our town. And we then ate our curry dinner after swimming.

Anyway, Thanksgiving update. The turkey has been in the fridge thawing since Sunday night. I am flipping him over once a day to make sure he is thawing evenly. Today my dad and I are going to go and buy 5kg of potatoes for mashed potatoes. Don't think I'll make all 5kg worth of course, but it is nice to know we'll have extra or plenty if we need to. I have a few shops we will be cruising to today. You know me...I'm a little cruiser. : )  Just hop in the car and I'm off, hahaha. : )

Weather-wise. It's chilly today. And this afternoon rain is expected and it is expected to rain all day long tomorrow. So rides to and from... for both the boys today and tomorrow. Good thing I have my eyes on the weather every morning. : )

Anything else to add? (thinking thinking thinking) Nagano seems to be having some earthquakes lately. Be safe ladies living in Nagano. Please you guys. : ) Yes, I'm worrying. : ) Of course. : )

Also, that whole Bill Cosby thing in the news? Sigh! You know what...I think it's hard on a lot of us Americans. His character on the Cosby Show...such a beloved character. He was like "everyone's TV dad somehow" Do you know what I mean? A trusted character, a trusted guy. And those Jello commercials. It's like saying Mister Rogers did this or Leave It To Beaver's dad! It's just like unthinkable...unfathomable. Shocking. Do, I believe it? Sadly...yes I do! I could see it if it was just 1 or 2 people coming out of the woodwork (I still could believe it but it would be more of a he said, she said). But my gosh...Janice Dickinson. And the lady from Law and Order SVU...and so many others. They said they just didn't want to say anything bad about the guy because they knew they wouldn't be believed. But they all seem to pill and blacking out. It's probably his M. O. Just super sad...all of it. And now that man has come out (Ex-NBC employee) and said he helped pay off a lot of the women for Cosby. @.@ I don't's just like the story is getting worse and worse by the day. Anyway...that's enough for me for now. I just wanted to touch bases with you all real quick. And I better go get some jeans on and go and put my makeup on, so I can go and run my errands and prep for gobble gobble gobble...turkey day! : )