Tuesday, November 18, 2014

It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas...

I'm sure many of you have already started your Christmas shopping! Although, I enjoy all 4 seasons, I would have to say my most favorite season is the Fall. Because it just seems so cozy, homemade soups or roasted meats in the oven. Nabe and another family favorite is deliciously sweet roasted sweet potatoes. Freshly baked cookies and apple crisps baking in the oven! Leaves changing colors to beautiful yellow golds and shades of red, the sound of crunch crunch crunch when you walk along the street. Halloween and Thanksgiving! Oh how I love Thanksgiving! A day to stop and be thankful for all that we have... for our family and the delicious meal! To me...the Fall is just a very family centered time of year.  And with thoughts of winter not too far away. And with Christmas and Black Friday as well. Sure presents shouldn't be the main focal point about Christmas...but be serious though... when you have kids in the house, it is a hope of theirs! : ) So I'm gonna share with you what's already on it's way to our house. Let's have a quick fun little catch up, okay, nothing too serious. : ) Was it a month ago? I placed a fairly large order at Amazon.com and while somethings that were already released have shipped to me immediately in October. Yet some other things ordered... haven't been released in America yet, so they will ship them as soon as possible. Things I pre-ordered.  Both Branden and Noah saw Guardians of the Galaxy this summer in Guam and absolutely loved it!!! In fact Noah still often says..."I am Groot!!!" lol. So, this DVD I knew was something both the boys would really love, so it was ordered in October and as soon as it's released in America (in December, I think) is as quickly as they'll ship it out to me, here in Japan. Also the great thing about Amazon, is if the price drops before it's shipped... whatever was the lowest price. So for example if this should go for $7 bucks for example for Black Friday, they'd charge us only that amount too. As long as it was ordered beforehand and hadn't shipped yet.

Maleficent, not quite sure why Frozen was so hyped because it was really just a standard Disney cartoon/movie though... we do own it and it was good, don't get me wrong...just wasn't in the same league as Beauty and the Beast for example. However Maleficent was MAGNIFICENT...no joke! Such an amazing movie.  We 4 all loved this and this one is already at my house. It shipped immediately from the states to me here, as soon as it was released. This is also hiding in the closet as a present for the kids. : ) 
This one and the next one are for me. I mean, if we're ordering for the kids might as well toss a movie or two for me as well. You know my sense of humor, I like to laugh I loved Bridesmaids, Family Guy type of humor. And I already own and love 21 Jump Street (with Jonah Hill) and I wanted this new one. I got an email this morning in fact saying this and the DVD below shipped yesterday from the US to me here. 

This was shipped along with 22 Jump Street and I can't wait! This yet again, was a book. A popular one too and made into a movie. It looks good and I can't wait to see it. 
Yikes what a scary picture of that little devil doll, lol! Sorry. : ) Anyway if you saw the Conjuring you saw a glimpse of this doll and this movie is all about the doll. Looks so good and scary to watch after the boys go to sleep. It isn't released on DVD in America yet. But it was pre-ordered in the 1 order...it just saves on shipping is why. So whenever it gets to my house, I think they said end of January first week of February. So we will see. Oh and according to what I read online last month the real possessed devil doll...the real Annabelle doll was a Raggedy Ann doll. @-@ Anyway, that's it on the DVD front...remember we already have The Amazing Spiderman 2 and the new Transformers for the boys and a Tamodachi Life for Noah, already hiding in the closet, gee I am sure hiding presents in there, lol.
What else, I placed an order at the Bath and Body Works. I love the Bath and Body Works. One of my all time favorite American bath and body type shops. Their seasonal stuff is out of this world! When I lived in Denver, I used to go to the Bath and Body Works often and their prices are so beyond fair! Anyway, I picked up their 6 for $24 deal. 6 delicious smelling seasonal hand soaps for only $24 US. Granted now they have a deal that's better 7 for $24. @_@ Aw well. Wish I could have got the deal of 7 for $24. But you know what...I'm just really happy with the deal I got anyways so. : ) Plus I'll probably order another order around Valentine's Day.  Oh here are the scents I picked up. Pumpkin Pecan Waffles. OMG! Sounds so good! Especially because Americans love everything pumpkin flavored and scented, hahaha!

Sweet Cinnamon Pumpkin! Yes please! This sounds amazeballs! Can't wait. 

Fresh Sparkling Snow sounds fresh and clean too. Perfect for winter. 

Gingerbread, yumm! 

Merry Cookie. The Japanese have their Christmas cake tradition and Americans bake cookies for Christmas! : )  This will be a perfect hand wash for the season!

And last, but not least...Cherry Almond Shortbread. I love the smell of almonds which is why I picked this up. And love the Christmas bow picture on the bottle. 
Also purchased 3 small tubes of hand cream, you know how my hands get awfully dry in winter and how I always keep a tube of hand cream in my bag, no matter what. So, I picked Sweet Cinnamon Pumpkin hand cream.

Iced Gingerbread hand cream. These hand creams all have shea butter and vitamins in them.

And last, but not least, Fresh Sparkling Snow hand cream. Sounds fresh and clean. 
Not sure if you can see the red it does indeed say 6 for $24. Such a great deal really!

Also on top of that already good deal...I went online and used an online coupon and got $10 off my order and as you can see, they shipped my order to Guam for free. So even more savings. The Bath and Body Works stuff arrived at my dad's condo yesterday and he will be bringing this Bath and Body Works package with him in his suitcase, when he gets to our house this coming week. So yeah little things here and there, but yes, we are definitely underway with Christmas presents and with getting ready. For now though, I am focusing on Thanksgiving at the moment and my dad's upcoming arrival. I will be keeping my eye on Amazon.com and the likes for Black Friday sales though, which always happens the day after Thanksgiving. : )  Hope everyone is doing well and is happy! Stay warm ya'll. : ) Except you dad, you live on a gorgeous tropical island, so I think it's better for me to say...stay cool, nice and breezy dad, see you this coming week. Hahaha. : )