Friday, October 31, 2014

Happy Halloween!!! Jack-o' lantern carving and freshly roasted pumpkin seeds! Trick or treating fun! Pumpkin muffins and homemade pizza from scratch and a fun family movie night! Our Halloween 2014!

Our Jack-o' lantern this year and freshly roasted pumpkin seeds!: )
Wednesday, October 29th, our family carved our Halloween pumpkin! As you know, we look forward to carving one every single year and have since the kids were babies. This year, the fam decided to make a Jack Skellington one from the Nightmare Before Christmas! : )

Everyone as usual chips in to help!Noah nicely took out all the pumpkin "guts" and seeds and whatnots! And I in turn cleaned all the seeds, preheat the oven and lightly salted the seeds and baked the pumpkin seeds. : )

Noboru did the mouth of "Jack the Pumpkin King" and Branden did the eyes and nose!

I think it came out really cool this year! And we all did our part and we all enjoyed it! : )
It was super chilly outside (actually downright cold!) so we just ran outside real quick snapped about 3 pics and went right back inside the comfort of a warm toasty house. : )  A lot of our neighbors enjoy our yearly carved Jack-o' lantern that sits nicely lit for a few days on the front porch before Halloween. : ) 
We had a really stuffed Jack-o'lantern bucket with delicious American Halloween treats inside!

And even extra...

Friday, October 31st! Halloween day, I baked these lovely but simple pumpkin spice muffins, in festive Spider/Halloween cupcakes liners. So the pumpkin muffins were ready and rarin' to go for the boys to get home from school, Friday afternoon! I also meanwhile made the pizza dough Friday around 11am-ish too. So again, I had everything  ready, bell peppers sliced. I was ready and eager for school to finish Friday! The plan was just a simple quiet dinner for Branden and Noah and myself, since Noboru was at work. However when I picked up Noah, Branden actually got out earlier and so he hopped in my car at the plaza. Then Noah came in my car about 5 mins later and Noah surprised me because he said...."mommy, K and I are going "trick or treating" this evening." I was like. @_@ Say whatttt? @_@  I was feeling pretty iffy about it all. But, I went and pulled out Noah's costume he wore when he went trick or treating in Guam 2 years back. And had Noah put it on "just in case" And as we were finishing up...the doorbell rang. I had 2 trick or treaters at *my* front door! What in the heck....was there a new world order in effect that...I was clearly not aware of? What's happening? Seriously I'm a VP of the kids club for our area so ummm if anything is happening I would be the one to know and I didn't. Apparently...just a small handful of kids wanted to trick or treat. And so that's what they did. I did not initiate this...instigate this in any way, shape or form. Again you all reading know the was pizza and muffins and a quiet night at home. I had zero makeup on and my hair was in a sloppy pony tail. To be blunt, I looked like crapola! Clearly I was JUST as surprised as anyone. So where was I...oh yes 2 trick or treaters at my door. The kids told me..."trick or treat!" So, I said in English.."oh what great costumes's one for you and one for you." While putting a treat in each of their bags. And as they left they turned and said "Happy Halloween." I said..."And a Happy Halloween to you too" Seriously ya'll where did this idea come from? So, Noah is now putting his shoes on and Branden is standing on the porch with me just as shocked as I just passed out treats to 2 trick or treaters, my first in a couple years. @.@ By now Noah's 2 pals come by on their bikes. And in costume and they said is Noah ready? Noah came and I told Branden we have to walk with them. Because #1, I was really unsure about this all...this is Japan, this isn't it really okay? I was worried. So Branden and I followed/shadowed 3 third graders around our housing community. I also did worry...I *really* hope nobody thinks *I* put the kids up to this! I am an American true and obviously... but please don't blame this all on me for Pete's sake! We did not come up with this plan!

Noah and the 2 K's went and rang all their fellow 3rd grade friends houses in our housing community. First starting with the boy and girl twins house. This was on zoom, Branden and I stood way way back. 

Noah and K, 2 super sweet kids. These 2 are such good friends (he's the kiddo with a 7th grade brother too)! It turned out that a lot of their friends were waiting with treats at the houses they knocked! Again though, what in the heck? : ) This whole thing just really caught me by surprise, is all.  K's mom had her camera out and snapped pics of K and Noah. 2 grandma's from two totally different houses came out of their homes to say how cute Noah was. A gaggle of JHS girls stopped Noah and said...Noah-chan kawaii, they swarmed him even. : ) And as if this wasn't weird enough already...there was another cluster of kids also dressed up, but they were all 2nd graders, about 5 boys all dressed up as Dracula. No I am not kidding these 5 kids all had the same exact costume (not that it matters but it was just noticable to see 5 draculas all together if that makes sense. Hahaha. In made me realize that while I do know that they trick or treat in certain housing communities in Inzai, I know because I have a couple friends who live there. I realized that there is REAL want or wish to start something up in my actual housing community. And I realize that perhaps I should maybe do something next year. I just never really bothered to create anything or host anything because I thought nobody would be interested, but now I realize that yes the kids are interested...then perhaps next year I can kick start something! : )  

And home! Noah managed to collect a small amount of Japanese treats. He was happy! Plus we had a huge bucket filled with American Halloween treats anyways, so we were already set! : ) 

Koala cookies, Pumpkin flavored Pocky and a bag of treats from the lovely K's mom. 

I sent Noah upstairs to shower, while I turned on the oven and rolled out the dough and started baking the pizza. We usually eat dinner at the dinner table 98% of the time, but the kids and I were just having pizza, so we went and ate in the living room and we watched the movie Bicentennial Man with Robin Williams. The kids loved it, they had never seen it before. Not the most Halloweeny type a movie granted, but we had already watched tons of Halloween movies all October on the slingbox, We watched It's the Great pumpkin Charlie Brown (though we own this on DVD), we watched ParaNorman (own this on DVD too), Beetlejuice, Hocus Pocus (my fave for Halloween) so we were sorta just Halloween movied the DVD Bicentennial Man was perfect!  Anyway it was a lovely Halloween week and Halloween evening. I was not expecting the trick or treating part at all, as you know lol. But ehhh, I rolled with it! Hahaha. ; ) Hope you all had, a very lovely and safe Halloween as well. : )