Thursday, November 27, 2014

Gobble gobble gobble, Happy Thanksgiving from our family here in Chiba, Japan!

Happy Thanksgiving my fellow Americans, no matter where you live or where you are reading this from! : )  I hope you had a wonderful day surrounded by family and much love! We had a really nice quiet Thanksgiving here at the house. I like tradition and know how important it is especially when raising kids so... for both Branden and Noah, we always do Thanksgiving here every single year no matter what. So they understand just how important and just how special today is for us! : ) We have the Charlie Brown Thanksgiving DVD and enjoyed it a few times this November! They know as everyone knows... we will go round the table from person to person... about what we are each grateful for. And that's probably my favorite thing going from person to person and it changes from year to year, so it's always interesting to see what each person felt what they were most thankful for this year. Branden's this year was...he was most thankful his *huge* test was over with and now he can relax for December... of course regular homework and stuff he will still have, but no huge test will be looming. : ) So yep that's what Bran was most grateful about, as of last evening. : )  Here is our table, and it just has regular traditional American Thanksgiving food. Turkey, mashed potatoes, gravy, stuffing, black olives, green beans, huge mixed salad, croutons next to the pilgrim girl on the table. Hot dinner rolls with melted butter, cranberries on the left of the pilgrim boy on the table. : ) We had soda and  2 homemade from scratch pumpkin pies. We still have 1 whole one and about 2 slices of the first one in the fridge. : ) That's Kraft Thousand Island dressing next to the salad. 

Some people eat their turkey feast on fine China and I think that's super okay! But that's just not how we roll here at my house! Do you have any idea how many dishes it takes to make a Thanksgiving feast? A ton! Luckily I have a huge normal sized American dishwasher. But I do 2 loads on this day! So, I find cute paper plates for us...a perfect match!!! They're cute and useful, no extra added dishes and can toss after use! Perfect for us! No added dishes!

Mashed potatoes, stuffing and turkey all drizzled with gravy and green beans and some black olives. I also had a dinner roll and some cranberries. And I had a slice of pumpkin pie with whipped cream for dessert. 

Again, I know some folks dress up and if ya do, that's totally fine. Again, it's just not how we roll around here! It's a gratitude..being thankful type a holiday, being with family and also...yes it's a stuffing your face holiday too. : ) Thank goodness for my daily morning walks and weekly exercise and stuff, so this is a day not to feel guilt... it's a day to just enjoy! And I find I can eat a lot more food and feel a whole lot more comfortable wearing comfy yoga pants then constricting skinny jeans. For me it's just a no brainer. The boys were wearing sweatpants too. My dad was wearing a nice sweater and slacks. : ) But he's switched to sweatpants too after dinner. The kids and I smartly switched before dinner hahaha. : )  Also, sadly Noboru had to work yesterday evening, so he missed eating with us. He could have requested and got off yesterday. But he requested another day off instead...Noah's marathon day in December. Also Noboru is leaving Japan in less than a week for a couple days training somewhere in the US. I won't say where just yet. But yep...he couldn't be here on Thanksgiving because he had work, but that's okay, he can feast today. : ) 

Best part about Thanksgiving is the leftovers! Especially the sammys. And with a sandwich goes chips! 3 bags of Lay's potato chips will ensure enough chips for the sandwiches. : )

I went to 2 different bakeries. I *really* like both. I bought 2 loaves from 1 place and 1 loaf from the other bakery. On Saturday/tomorrow after we take my dad to the airport I'll be sure to buy some more bread, because I'm sure we'll run out by then. : )  Which makes me happy because I want people to eat! Have another sandwich...have another slice of pie..put some olives on your fingers and munch on those funfunfun...would you like some more mashed potatoes? How about a bit more gravy? I am the...stuffer! You come here...I will surely stuff you! : ) Hahaha. : )  See and that's why you'd need to bring your sweatpants or yoga pants. We dress for comfort around need for airs around here. Slap your hair in a pony tail and dig right in! Hahaha, I'm smiling... : ) 

All white meat is sliced and put on this plate and in the fridge and we have another plate with all dark meat sliced. I made a sandwich for a family member last night while we were all watching TV. : )  Anyway, to those of you who celebrate it...I hope you had a lovely Thanksgiving. : )  Today here is Friday. I will be enjoying my last day and evening with my dad. The kids are at school but today is Friday so the weekend will be starting for them as soon as they get out of school. 3 guesses what we'll be eating for tonight's dinner and tomorrow nights dinner. : ) Turkey, mashed potatoes, stuffing and gravy dinner or sandwich and chips. You can go either way. : ) 

Side note, I did find the perfect Christmas gift for Saturday/tomorrow night's mothers' Christmas party for the 3rd grade class mom's only. Remember everyone must buy/bring a gift 500 yen or under. I found one for 500 yen, plus tax...a really cool one, at a really nice shop, ladies shop at the local mall yesterday morning while I was out buying bakery bread. I walked by hoping to find something. It has bath bombs, bath gels and nice stuff in a snowman package, very Christmasy! And I also paid an extra 200 yen for them to wrap the gift and they wrapped the gift so nice! It's a really pretty package and it has actually really nice stuff inside. Not Daiso or cheap type stuff. Just really nice ladies stuff and the box has the name of the shop, which everyone around our area knows that shop. So...I think whoever gets my gift, will totally enjoy it! I am happy about it, because I was worried, if I could find a good gift or not and I did. So....phew! No worries for me about that now. : )