Thursday, November 13, 2014

Big Hero 6/Baymax movie tickets already purchased...

We have already purchased our movie tickets to see Big Hero 6. As you can see by the tickets, the opening day for us that it comes out/starts in Japan is December 20th. See on the right hand side of this ticket it says 12/20. : ) In America this movie is already out, but for us in Japan we still have over a month to wait. Which is fine. : ) Also in America, the title of this movie is Big Hero 6, however in Japan it's called Baymax.  Both Branden and Noah really want to see this movie because we have seen previews to this a lot and it cracks them up, each time they see the commercials for this. Also, on a personal note...the hero of the story, the little boy is hafu, according to a lot of what I read online (Japanese/American). His dad is Japanese and his mom is American (white/western) in this (gee, I hope she's not dead like a lot of moms in Disney movies are) but they (dad and son) live with the aunt. To see a Disney movie with a beautiful gorgeous...hybrid Japanese/white (western) child makes me so happy because it gives a lot of us with kids like this (hafu) someone like them to watch on the big screen, how exciting and right on Disney!!! Thank you for making a character my kids can have a little something, in common with. *Amazing*...especially since my children are also half Japanese and half western/ American too...a character they can relate to. : ) So anyway...the hero (little boy) of this story sounds like he rocks! And the story sounds fun! I think it sounds like a movie perfect for my family. : ) Will the movie be good or suck?...Eh, who knows. But we are looking forward to watching it anyway. And it'll be a great way to spend a couple hours, enjoying this movie. : ) Also, sorry one more funny thing... they live in a hybrid city San Francisco mixed with Tokyo and it's called...San Fransokyo!!! Hahaha. Gosh this movie sounds fun! : )

Now for the hard part. Kids movies in Japan...are for the most part like 98% of the time Japanese dubbed. Meaning Japanese voices over a Disney movie. I'd like to see the movie in it's original English. Remember how we had to drive over an hour and a half... the last time we tried to take the boys to see Toy Story 3 in Japan. And 1 full hour and a half back home. @-@ Granted, we were happy to see the movie, but my gosh it was such a trek just to see a kids movie in English. Hahaha. :  ) So here is the plan....we are 99.9% sure Ikspiari will have this in English, they *always* do...which is perfect for English speaking/ and understanding kids/ and family like mine. And you know we get those free night stays at the hotel near Disney/Ikspiari, right? Well considering the kids school schedule...Noboru's days off from work and the winter holiday schedule and doesn't even come out until a couple days before Christmas. Anyway...we booked 1 night at the hotel already...we jumped on it. And so the plan is during Christmas/New years break...after new years though...we will go and spend 1 fun night at the hotel we dinner at Kua'Aina again and go and see this movie that we are really excited about seeing. And probably bring home some Kirspy Kreme donuts too. So that is the plan...anyway can't wait to see this movie! : )