Wednesday, November 12, 2014

A cozy weekend at home and two yummy delicious dinners...

Last Friday after the boys both came home from school, we were more than ready to start the weekend. Noah back from his field trip and Branden back from school. I made buffalo wings for Friday's supper. While I was getting dinner finished, the kids were watching Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory on cable. 

Baked buffalo wings, buttery baked potatoes with grated and melted colby cheese on top and green beans and leftover yummy yellow cake with chocolate frosting (there was still over half a cake left), we had ranch for dunking our chicken in and lemonade with ice to drink. Dinner was fantastic and very filling! : ) The boys both took the first bath of the season Friday night. After they showered, they enjoyed a nice soak and into jammies and back to the couch to enjoy watching good Friday night TV and movies on cable. Last Friday was nice and quiet around here. : )

Saturday, I decided to make pork green chili, beans and spanish rice. It just worked better to cook this on Saturday versus Friday. I had nothing to do Saturday except relax and so making this was no problem Saturday. I pan fried 2 pork loins/roasts in a little oil just lightly on the outside then wrapped this pan in tin foil and slowly baked the pork for a good hour and a half. 

It was tender, and I lightly salted it and covered until I needed it.

With green chili you have to make a roux...just for the flavor, it tastes off without it.

It was so nice to enjoy a nice bowl of this Saturday night. Beans, spanish rice, some pork green chili and some cheese, I think you see some tortillas in the bottom left a tad. A nice hot piping bowl of chili and beans and rice on a cold Fall evening really hit the spot! Though the house is always toasty warm, thanks to central heating and floor heating. Which is why we never want to leave our house in winter, hahaha. Anyway it was a nice quiet weekend and given we had big huge pots of chili and beans and rice, we enjoyed this meal again on Sunday night too. : )  Also important to note, we've been big into Uno card playing again lately and we have been playing 2 rounds of it almost every night. : )