Sunday, October 05, 2014

Typhoon Phanfone a.k.a. Typhoon #18 hitting Japan today...

Most of us in Japan have been expecting this particular typhoon. I received an “be on alert” email from the US Embassy (I love the US Embassy so much, they so rock!) Telling us to be prepared for this specific one, that it was going to be a big one! On Friday, Noah came home from school with a note saying...the typhoon was huge blah blah blah and the school board was expecting it to hit our specific town Monday morning and they were pretty much expecting school to be canceled Monday, but to wait for the school email. Branden’s JHS made no note about the typhoon...perhaps because they’re older? @.@ Or I don’t know. However yesterday/Sunday around 1pm we got an email from Noah’s school saying...basically the same stuff. The typhoon was indeed heading straight for our tiny town this time and should hit Monday morning and continue to hit all Monday so they decided school for the elementary was to be canceled. Noah did his happy wahoo dance. : ) And we waited for Branden’s email to come. Around 3pm yesterday/Sunday, the JHS emailed all of us parents and said the same thing...the local JHS was to be canceled Monday...however with the big test coming up October 8th make sure they use their day wisely...studying, lol. : ) Branden did a happy wahoo dance too. : ) So...long story short we all sort of knew school was to be canceled today since yesterday.

It lightly rained yesterday. Yesterday, I baked a couple dozen oatmeal raisin cookies (my 2nd batch of the season because I also baked some for Noah’s undokai) We have plenty of food, freezer full of meat, bin full of veggies, drinks and stuff in the house. A couple dozen oatmeal cookies. As of right now, Noah’s just sorta kicking back. Branden’s going to study for 2 hours this morning, take a break enjoy his afternoon (poor kid studied all weekend) and probably study an extra 3 hours this evening. Noboru’s home and he said the typhoon should be hovering over our town and sorta slam our town all day basically pretty much. : ) We’re not leaving the house...we have the blinds open wide at the two big patio windows into the backyard and we can watch the rain. It sounds crazy town outside. You can hear the winds outside...extremely high winds. I’m glad our home is not as low as river level or right next to a river that would freak me out worrying about possible flooding...I’m also glad our house isn’t built in a place we’d worry about landslides either, days like this we are glad we built our house exactly where we built it. Anyway if you’re in Japan, please stay safe and stay home if you can. : )

I’ve got a load in the dryer. I’ve got not a dot of makeup on and don’t need any today. My comfy clothes are on. I’m gonna swoosh both toilets and vacuum the downstairs but I’m just gonna take the day off cleaning today and enjoy today with everyone being home. I’m gonna go get my 2nd and last cup of coffee and an oatmeal cookie as soon as I publish this little diddy and then I’m going to play a round or two of Uno with Noah and if anyone else wants to join in....they can here at the house. : )  Take care everyone. : )

Ohhh. I almost forgot received the Fault in Our Stars on DVD this weekend,  loved this movie so much, such an excellent movie, omg! Oh what else, we are going to Disney (as you know, I already told you about it, I forget when specifically but I remember mentioning it) anyway somewhere between now and October 20th, so somewhere between there... we will go and we are getting so excited. We have had our hotel reservation for ages, we have the specific date on the calendar marked already. Just sorta keeping it on the down low, but yep we’re pretty stoked for it!!! : ) Holy crap...I got on here to talk about the typhoon that’s it and now I’m starting to blabber about other stuff, so before this sucker gets extremely over long, I must end this here. Take care everyone, yep I must have surely said that like 5 times already by now, but I mean it, please take care. : )